Sex Holiday in the Dom Rep – Planning, Advice, & Costs

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Dominican Sex WorkersThe Dominican Republic is not exactly an under-the-radar location for engaging in some quality mongering and meeting of girls on a sex holiday, but it’s also not one of the most famous places either. For me, that puts it right in the sweet spot for an ideal place to visit at least once a year for a few weeks, and have a great time in the process.

There are many reasons to want to visit the DR, but for many, those reasons center on the women here. Anyone that’s been to the Dominican knows what I’m talking about. Dominican women are in a class of their own, with plenty of variety to go around.

And while the types of women on this island are already a big draw, the money factor plays a large role as well. For the most part, the DR is very cheap, and you can stay here for awhile without digging too hard into your bank account. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but I won’t go over them here.

So, with that said, if you’ve been wondering how much it’d cost you to take an extended trip to the Dominican for a sex holiday, I’ve got you covered. This guide will go over all the essential costs for a multi-week trip, and determine some expected figures you can ponder when trying to plan your own trip down here.

Welcome to my ultimate sex holiday guide to the Dominican Republic.

One quick note: The Dominican does have some awesome adult resorts you can stay at that let you pick from a staff of on-hand escorts to spend time with, but I’ll be focusing on conventional trips to major cities and towns that involve the basic hotel stay + usual expenses.

Cost of a Sex Holiday in the Dominican Republic

For me, the best way to determine a budget for trips like these is to go through a typical day, add up all the expenses you expect to incur, round up as much as possible, and then add it up into a week for a more representative figure. This includes everything from where you stay, to any food and drinks, and obviously the costs for any girls you pay.

Girls in the Dominican Republic

Some latin countries will let you use western currencies like the U.S. dollar, and the DR certainly does, but I think it’s better to use the local currency, which is the Dominican Peso. By using the DOP, you can be more exact with what you pay, and be more familiar with the usual going rates here, and thus avoid getting ripped off by girls.

When booking hotels, you will generally use your native currency, but when you are actually in the DR, you will need pesos. These come in notes of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 DOP. For a good rule of thumb, the current going rate for 1 U.S. dollar is 50 DOP. So, something that is $10 in the U.S. would be 500 in Dominican pesos. You can always check current exchange rates on sites like

As always, don’t exchange your money on the street with some local hustler, always use ATMs and windows in banks and hotels.

Oh, and a quick note: I don’t ever recommend trying to do a sex vacation on some kind of overly restrictive budget. While this doesn’t mean you should just show up and start throwing money all over the place, I think it’s best to save yourself the stress of trying to watch every last cent and focus more on having a good time.

Because of this, consider all of the info below to include a sort of mid-range cost experience that involves being frugal at times, but also being willing to spend a little more without thinking about it.

The typical daily costs during your trip:


Accommodations in the DR can be relatively cheap, and you’ll still end up getting a place many would consider on the nicer end of things. I know some are getting more into the Airbnb thing, or even renting apartments, but I’ll keep it more traditional and stay with hotels for this.

More often than not, you can find good hotels pretty close to all the action in terms of bars, nightlife, girls, and all that. It’s also easy to find hotels right up on the beach that aren’t resorts.

Hotel costs vary obviously, but you can find good 3 star hotels for around $45 USD a night. Getting into the $60 range makes a big difference in terms of quality, as does getting near the $100 range.

So, I’ll make it a rough average of the three, and say $65 a night, although you can easily go cheaper and still have a nice place to stay. As I said earlier, booking hotels in western currency is normal, but for conversion purposes, the local currency amount would be about 3,300 DOP per night.

Food & Drinks

The Dominican has some great food, but nobody is going to be eating at waiter service restaurants every time they leave their room. And if you’re hanging out at the beach, things get even more unpredictable, as you can purchase food from vendors, or go to a nearby bar & grill. Either way, it’s going to be fairly cheap. And if you like fresh seafood, this is the place to really get after it for little cost.

If you’re going the fast food route for a meal, expect to pay about 325 DOP. A nicer lunch at a pub would be around 420 DOP. If you want to have a nicer dinner, expect to pay about 800 DOP for a full meal. Want to add a beer? Throw on another 150 DOP. A good cocktail will be about 300 DOP.

If you stop by a coffee shop during the day, you’ll spend about 130 DOP on a cappuccino or latte.

For an example scenario, let’s say you have a free breakfast at your hotel, stop by a fast food place for lunch, and have a dinner at a pub later on with a few drinks. That total would be around 1,500 DOP for the day.


Getting around the DR can be an adventure, especially within a larger, busier city like Santo Domingo. You have all the basic options, like taxis and buses, but you can also go the Uber route in most places too. There’s also the option to rent a motorcycle, but I don’t recommend that.

A monthly public transit pass can be had for about 2,400 DOP, giving you quick access to buses and such. A 5 mile taxi ride will cost you about 200 DOP, and an Uber ride a little more. Taxis often charge a flat rate.

So, let’s say you just skip the public transport for comfort, and then take three taxis a day. The total would be around 600 DOP per day.


This section entails everything from going to movies and local attractions, to going out to the bars and clubs as well.

A lot of the tourist stuff is fairly cheap, and if you do pay for any kind of entry anywhere, you won’t pay more than 300 DOP for the most part. If you feel like seeing a movie, one ticket will cost about the same.

When going out to bars and clubs, there’s rarely an entry fee. Drinks are decently priced, with beers ranging from 150 to 300 DOP, and spirits and cocktails ranging from 250 to 400 DOP. A bottle of wine is around 700 to 900 DOP.

So if you’re going out for the night, and only buying drinks for yourself, plan on spending around 1,500 DOP per day if you’re really trying to party. If you’re buying drinks for your lady friends, double it.

Sex Costs

Now for the good stuff. If you’ve read my other guides to the Dominican, you’ve noticed that prices here are a bit cheaper than you’d expect, with zero drop off in terms of quality. Prices will vary a little bit among cities and towns, but the figures I’m providing here are more of an average between them all.

Street prostitutes are the norm in the DR, which makes the country different from others where you’d normally want to avoid them. A majority of women in tourist areas are for sale, whether they make it obvious or not. Walking the streets of any main area in a Dominican city will get you propositioned by a ton of girls, especially at night. So with that said, the average price here is about 1,000 to 2,000 DOP for a 30-45 minute sex session, depending on the quality (and desperation) of the girl. If you’re a good looking dude with good Spanish skills, you can talk her down even more.

Bars and clubs (and the few strip clubs) are the other main spots to pick up girls in the Dom Rep. Most ladies you see at night will be freelancers. You may have to buy them a drink or two during the conversation, but don’t expect to make a night of it, you can often get them to leave quickly after agreeing on a transaction. These prices are about the same as street hookers, maybe a bit more. So, expect around 1,500 and up to 3,000 DOP for a short time, and 4,000 DOP for overnight.

Brothels aren’t really a big thing here anymore (most of them got raided and shut down), but escorts surely are. As usual, this will cost you the most. Expect to pay anywhere from 2,500 to up to 5,000 DOP for a 1 hour session, and negotiable rates for overnight stays.

So, for a broad estimate of a typical week, we’ll say you have one escort session, two bar girls, and four street girls. That’d run around 10,000 DOP on the low end, and maybe about 18,000 DOP on the higher end. Let’s calculate with the average of 14,000 DOP per week, or 2,000 DOP per day.

Grand Total

Now it’s time to add it all up. I’m going to convert it to two weeks, as I think a two week stay anywhere for a sex holiday is ideal. Might as well make the most of that flight, after all (oh, and I’m not including flight costs here, as it’s different depending on where you live in the world).

3,300 DOP (hotel) + 1,500 DOP (food & drinks) + 600 DOP (transportation) + 1,500 DOP (entertainment) + 2,000 DOP (sex) = 8,900 DOP per day.

So, for a two week stay where you go out almost every night, take a taxi every day, eat relatively well, and stay at a solid hotel, with girls and sex every night – that’s about 125,000 DOP for the entire trip. This can seem a little expensive to some, but remember, I’m over estimating here, and you can trim costs by being picky about food, haggling with girls, and getting a cheaper hotel within walking distance to all the stuff you want to do.

You could easily pull off a 100,000 DOP trip, or even cheaper, especially when you meet girls on the dating site.

If you want to live it up more, stay at a nicer place, and have the hottest escort girls, shoot for around 150,000 DOP. For two full weeks of non-stop action while eating whatever you want, and staying at a very nice hotel, that’s not bad at all.

The Best Place for a Sex Holiday in the Dom Rep?

Sex Holiday in the Dom Rep

The most popular cities with tons of options on nightlife and hookers are the capital Santo Domingo, as well as the beach towns of Sosua and Boca Chica.

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Tips on Choosing Hotels

It’s not only about the location and being close to the nightlife areas: Not every hotel in the Dom Rep is “guest friendly”.

So since I get asked this quite a lot, I have put together a few guides on girl friendly hotels in the main tourist cities:

In Closing

A sex holiday in the Dom Rep is whatever you want to make it, and that’s why so many mongers love it so much. You can go back and forth from relaxing by the beaches, to going out at night and picking up working girls at clubs, dating regular girls, to spending time ziplining and snorkeling – whatever you want to do.

Regardless of your style, the opportunity for a very memorable trip for economical prices is always there, and of course getting to sample the amazing variety of gorgeous local chicas as well. It’s all up to you, so do your research, take some chances, and by all means, have an awesome time.