5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Santo Domingo

Last updated: December 12th, 2023 | in Caribbean | Dominican Republic | Hotels | Latin America | Santo Domingo

Girl in Santo Domingo HotelAnyone familiar with setting up shop in a latin country knows how there isn’t always a guarantee when it comes to getting a girl back to your hotel room without any trouble.

Although Santo Domingo is a little more relaxed about these things, it’s still something you’ll encounter.

Nothing is worse than closing the deal with a working girl, or picking up a girl from the bar, club or dating site, only to be turned away last minute by security because she’s not technically a guest.

If you’d like to avoid such a situation, here are 5 girl and sex friendly hotels in Santo Domingo that you can book with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be avoiding bullshit like that.

Some will merely make you “register” a girl upon entry (make sure she has a valid ID), while others won’t make you do anything at all. Either way, you’re good to go.

I tried to include a wide range of budgets and hotel types, so there should be something here for everyone. Location and overall quality of the room and amenities have been figured into the equation as well.

Embassy Suites by Hilton

Guest Friendly Hotel in Santo Domingo

Let’s start off with the hotel I stayed at myself during my latest trip to Santo Domingo. Located in the heart of the modern business district of the capital, you’ll have no trouble getting back and forth between the most happening parts of the city at night, and definitely no trouble getting girls back to your place. Want to get to the historic city center? That’s just a 10-15 minute Uber ride.

The rooms here are pretty awesome (Hilton standard) and especially spacious, in fact that’s their signature characteristic as all rooms here are suites. Check out my video down below to get an impression on how great it feels to stay here with the fantastic views of the city through the huge glass fronts.

As for the prices, expect to pay about $120 per night at the Embassy Suites. Great value really, that’s why the hotel is so popular, and this price includes a big buffet breakfast as well as 2 free drinks every evening at the hotel bar (yes, even beer or wine).

Update: I recently heard of guys who have been charged a $30 guest fee.

Jaragua Hotel & Casino

Best Hotel for Girls in Santo DomingoThe Jaragua, whose full official name is the Renaissance Santo Domingo Jaragua Hotel & Casino, is probably the nicest hotel on this list. Actually, not probably, it truly is. The Jaragua is more of a getaway hotel, offering more than just a decent place to crash at the end of the day.

Located right at the Caibbean waterfront, the Jaragua has a ton of amenities, and some very impressive rooms as well. Its location is a bit more out of the way from being able to walk the streets and pick up a girl, but it’s still relatively close to all the action. Besides, the casinos in this area are full of working girls, so that’s always an option too.

Bottom line, this is the best option for a girl-friendly hotel in Santo Domingo where you can relax and hang out on the premises throughout your stay, whether that means in your room, at the pool, at the casino, or at the bar and restaurant. Plenty of ladies will be around each night, and of course you’ll have no trouble bringing a girl to your room.

Prices vary throughout the year, but $140 a night is the average price. Expensive in comparison to other options, yes, but definitely worth it.

Hotel Shakey

Girl Friendly Hotel in Santo DomingoA favorite among frequent mongers, Hotel Shakey falls a bit more towards the luxurious side of things, but not as much as the Jaragua. This is the ideal hotel for guys who want to be as close to the action as possible, while still staying at a nicer hotel that has all the amenities.

Located directly on the oceanfront promenade, Hotel Shakey is walking distance to all the best bars and restaurants, so you’ll have no trouble walking back after finding a girl when you go out. The location is very hard to beat, and will definitely make your stay a lot easier in regards to traveling.

Rooms are very nice, some even come with sea views, and include private bathrooms, wifi, free parking, and satellite television. Average prices tend to stay around $85, which is not bad at all considering where you are.

Hotel Villa Colonial

Santo Domingo Hotel without Joiner FeeAnother favorite hotel among sex tourists, the Villa Colonial is on the higher end of things, but with a very reasonable price when considering all you’re getting with it. You’ll be pleased to know that the Villa Colonial is just 300m from the Caribbean waterfront, and also not very far from the main commercial area of Santo Domingo. You get the best of both.

The rooms here are some of the nicest you’ll come across, and the overall quality of the hotel has a nice resort feel to it, but without being a resort. They’re also big on massages here. You also get a pool, a bar, and a great restaurant on the terrace as well. Your girl will definitely be happy to know that you stay here.

$86 per night is the usual going rate here (including breakfast for 2), but you may be able to get a room for a bit cheaper during the summer, or when they are trying to fill unused rooms, so check back a few times.

TAU Casa Conde

Santo Domingo Sex HotelFor those that are a little more budget-minded, but don’t want to skimp on their location, the TAU Casa Conde is a great option, and of course you’ll have no trouble getting a girl to your room either. The hotel is right opposite of Parque Independencia, and just a 30 minute drive to Boca Chica beach if you feel like adventuring out there.

The rooms are adequate, with free wifi and free breakfast included. There are higher tier rooms that have more amenities. There’s also a good on-site restaurant, a reading area, and a furnished terrace to hang out on when you need some relaxation time.

Prices at TAU Casa Conde tend to hover around the $56 per night rate when booking basic room types.