5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Sosua

Last updated: October 27th, 2023 | in Caribbean | Dominican Republic | Hotels | Latin America | Sosua

Sexy Girl in SosuaAny guys familiar with visiting the Dominican Republic know that most consider Sosua to be the top mongering destination in the country. There are a lot of reasons that add up to this, but it mainly has to do with the abundance of girls, how concentrated the area is, and of course the value as well.

It’s true, Sosua is a hotspot for sure. It’s not hard to set up shop for a week or two and have some very memorable adventures – and get a little relaxation in as well. It’s the DR after all.

Anyway, with any trip abroad, the accommodations are always the primary expense you’ll have after airfare. Not only that, but since your accommodations are your temporary home away from home, making sure you end up at a good spot is of the utmost importance. This is even more true when you plan on bringing girls back to your room.

Most South American and Caribbean-area countries tend to have restrictions on who you can bring back to the room, which can really put a damper on your evening when you’ve got a girl in tow. Sosua is a little more lax, but you’ll still need to do some planning to make sure you end up at a chica-friendly hotel and avoid the dreaded turn away from security or the front desk.

Fortunately, I’m here to help. Below are 5 of the best girl-friendly hotels in Sosua, which span different price ranges and amenities. There’s something for every guy for sure, but all of them have one thing in common: no hassles. At the end of the day on a mongering trip, that’s all that matters, right?

How I Chose These Hotels

When looking for girl-friendly hotels in any city, you have some different criteria from a standard trip, and also some of the same ones. Here’s what I look for:

Girl-Friendly, No Hassles – This one is obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing. Each of these hotels has a reputation for no hassles from staff or ownership in terms of girls and sex. No worrying about tipping a security guard or any of that bullshit, all you need to do in most cases is to show the ID card of your girl at the front desk.

Location – Most of the time, it helps to have a hotel that is at least somewhat close to all the action, whether that’s the streets where you’ll find working girls, or the clubs and bars. Being near to points of interest and convenient shopping locations is a good thing too, but the main objective here is to not have to take a 20 minute cab ride each way. The closer to the girls, the better.

Amenities – While the girl-friendly aspect is the most important, it’s not like you want to stay in a shithole. Amenities like flat screen TVs, minibars, free breakfast, bars and restaurants on premises, swimming pools, etc are all nice to have as well.

Value – The affordability of Sosua is a big selling point for many, and you can certainly save a lot of money when you’re here when compared to other places. When considering value in this case, I not only looked for rooms with economical prices, but rooms that meet or exceed expectations for what you’re paying, whether that’s $75 a night, or $30 a night.

Don Andres Hotel

Guest Friendly Hotel in Sosua

Ask any savvy Dominican traveler what the best value in Sosua is, and they’ll likely mention Don Andres. This Dutch-owned hotel has one of the lowest prices you’ll come across, while still ensuring quality service, solid rooms, nice staff, and the always appreciated onsite restaurant.

Located 350m (5 mins walk) from the nightlife action of Pedro Clisante, Don Andres is about a half mile to Alicia Beach as well. The restaurant is actually very good, serving both Dominican and European food. The bar is fully stocked as well, so you can stick around and have a good time if you’d like. The pool area is small, but still very comfortable and relaxed.

Rooms are not the most modern and luxurious, but still perfectly fine, and very charming in their own way. You get the standard bed+TV+private shower combo, and full functioning A/C as well. A safety deposit box, refrigerator and extra fan are provided as well.

Most of the time, you can get a room at Don Andres for about $45-$50 a night, which is an awesome value. If you’re trying to cut costs a bit (or spend more money on the girls instead), but not skimp on overall quality and comfort, Don Andres should be your first option.

Hotel Sea Breeze

Lady Friendly Hotel in SosuaThe Sea Breeze is a famous hotel among Sosua mongers, and one night here will show you why. Considered mid-tier price wise (about $65 per night), Sea Breeze is a great place to meet up and network with fellow mongers, and also enjoy the local ladies without any fuss at all. Plenty of parties have started and/or ended at the Sea Breeze.

Located in the heart of the El Batey area, Sea Breeze is definitely more of a smash-and-crash kind of place, but well within walking distance to the vibrant Sosua nightlife. While the rooms themselves have minimum amenities, the premises itself has an awesome BBQ restaurant, and an atmospheric bar by the street that stays open all day long. They are also famous for their breakfast, which often draws in people from nearby.

Like I said, the rooms are pretty basic, but good enough. Access is easy, and you have all you need inside. Plus, the managers here love helping out mongers with their needs, and are always willing to do you a favor or two, and often steer you in the right direction. They’ll also have your back if your chica decides to be argumentative for whatever reason. They get the game here.

D’Piero Hotel

Hotel for Girls in SosuaThe D’Piero Hotel is popular amongst mongers and regular guests alike. It’s not luxurious by any means, but it’s definitely clean, quiet, and staffed with friendly attendants that are always happy to help with whatever you need. They make it a point to go out of their way to treat everyone as politely as possible, and you’ll notice it.

Located in the Vilas Ana Maria area, the D’Piero is walking distance to practically everything you need, whether it’s groceries, a pharmacy, and also plenty of bars and restaurants. And since it’s Sosua, that means there’s always working girls at the bars, so you won’t have to go far to find any.

Rooms vary depending on what you want, with the smallest, most basic rooms having slightly outdated decor, a small television, and sizable showers. Upgrades to larger rooms include updated furnishings and possibly a balcony. There’s also a pool on the property.

Breakfast is free every morning too, which is always a good thing if you’re trying to save money, or just favor convenience.

Room rates start anywhere from $40-75 a night, depending on the time of year, and availability. You can usually find a double room for around $50 a night, which is a good deal for what you’re getting. Plenty of guys that stay here end up making it their go-to hotel each time they’re in town.

Terra Linda

Hotel for Sex in SosuaLike the D’Piero, the Terra Linda is another very popular Sosua hotel that you’ll hear being recommended quite a bit, and it’s for a lot of reasons. Although billed as a “resort”, the Terra Linda is really just a nice hotel with a few different bar and dining options, and a giant swimming pool in the middle.

The hotel is just steps away from Sosua’s main nightlife scene, and just a few minutes from the beach, so it’s definitely one of the best locations you can find. You can have a great time on the premises without even having to leave, so there’s a lot of versatility here. It’s awesome for sure.

Overall the place is fairly modern, and has that upscale hotel feel to it for the most part. Modern decor, mini fountains, all that stuff. The rooms are very nice too, and come with all the usual amenities you’d expect in a nicer hotel, and also a fully stocked mini bar, which can come in handy when you bring a lady back.

Most of the time, you can secure a standard room for about $125 per night, but sometimes even cheaper. While that may seem like a lot for Sosua, remember that you’re saving on transportation costs by having everything so close, and also just the convenience in general. You can’t go wrong here.

New Garden Hotel

Girl Friendly Hotel in SosuaThe New Garden Hotel is a favorite among mongers, and has been for a long time. It combines location and value to create one of the more ideal spots to stay during a sex holiday in Sosua. Think of it as a slightly less-nice version of the Terra Linda.

In fact, New Garden is right next to Terra Linda, so you have the same central location that’s walking distance to both the beach, and all the shopping and nightlife. And like the Terra Linda, you also have some on-site dining options, and a very nice pool area, albeit a little small.

Rooms are a mix of modern and a bit outdated, but it’s fine. Regardless of the room level you choose, you’ll still get a nice bed, private shower, television, and usually a balcony as well. Room upgrades have an apartment feel to them, if that’s something you’d like instead. Security is tight (but of course let the local girls in if they are accompanied by you), and the staff is friendly.

Rooms tend to start around $80 per night, but you can sometimes get basic rooms for as little as $65. Upgrading to a larger room really isn’t all that much more either, sometimes around $15 more to be exact. A good value any way you look at it.