Southeast Asia vs Latin America: Nightlife & Girls

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Southeast Asia vs Latin America

When it comes to traveling abroad for a guys holiday, I think it’s safe to say that Southeast Asia and Latin America are probably the two most popular destinations. Because of this fact, it’s common for guys to spend some time trying to decide between the two when planning a future trip.

So, which part of the world is better in regards to nightlife and options to meet local ladies?

All things are subjective, so tastes and preferences definitely vary depending on who you talk to. With that said, there are still a number of factors you can use to compare these two places, most notably the nightlife scenes, the girls themselves, and of course the prices you should expect to pay.

Let’s take a look at how each region stacks up in terms of the most notable aspects, and examine their respective advantages to get a better idea.


Southeast Asia

The countries in SEA are all quite different in several ways, but all of them offer some unique nightlife experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. Some countries are much livelier than others, but all of them are alluring in their own ways, it really just depends on what you’re looking for.

Thailand probably has the edge in this region, with a ton of incredibly fun and well-run bars and clubs. Cities like Bangkok are full of nightlife options, with a ton of places that attract ideal crowds on a nightly basis. There’s also plenty of spots conducive to meeting lots of working girls (happy ending massages, blow job bars, street girls etc.) if that’s what you’re there for.

The Philippines is just behind Thailand in regards to nightlife, although there aren’t as many options, and they generally aren’t as nice as Thailand. Still, when in large cities like Manila, the sex paradise of Angeles, or in beach getaways like Boracay, there are plenty of places to choose from, whether you’re looking for dance clubs, or sports and hostess bars.

Indonesia and Vietnam are a bit more reserved. You’ll still find lots of good spots and districts, but they are not often on the level of places like in Thailand. That said, you’ll find the working ladies mostly in the massage parlors in these countries.

Latin America

People in Latin America love to party for the most part, and as you may imagine, this means lots of great opportunities for enjoying the atmosphere when going out at night.

Mexico is about as diverse as it gets for a country, with everything from tourist destinations, to sprawling urban meccas like Mexico City. You can definitely have a good time in places like Cancun and such, but that’s just a byproduct of being a tropical getaway. If you want to experience some top tier nightlife, Mexico City is where it’s at. You’ll find some huge clubs full of patrons on a nightly basis, and also a great selection of bars that are always hopping.

Colombia is an underrated country for enjoying Latin American nightlife. Medellin and Bogota have some great clubs that keep things going to the wee hours of the morning, and typically full of outgoing Colombian girls who would love to dance (and more) with a foreign guy in town for a few weeks. Argentina may be a little more relaxed and cosmopolitan, but their clubs are world renown for keeping things going until the sun comes up.

And of course there’s Brazil, which is basically the party capital of the world.

  • Southeast Asia has some fun and unique districts in certain cities, but as a whole, Latin America definitely has the edge here. The combination of a more party-like atmosphere and less reserved culture as a whole has resulted in not only more options per capita, but also better action for the most part. You’re bound to have a better time at a club in Rio than you are in Manila, and I don’t see that ever changing.

Girls & Sex

Southeast Asia

The girl landscape in Southeast Asia is very diverse depending on where you are. The cultures here all have different basis and origins, so not only are the girls going to look a little different from country to country, they are going to have different attitudes as well.

For instance, girls in Thailand are often reserved, and don’t like to show too much emotion when out in public. This can also apply to sex, as you are likely to encounter some girls who are perfectly content to just lie there and barely participate. This isn’t always the case, but you’ll encounter that here every so often. The same goes for Indonesia and Vietnam. Their cultures are more conservative, and it certainly carries over to dating and sex.

The Philippines is the exception. Since the country has a massive Catholic/Spanish influence, the women here are a lot more outgoing, and much more enthusiastic when it comes to sex — a big part of the allure for guys who travel here for holidays, or even make the permanent move.

In terms of looks, there is some variance among the countries, but women in Thailand and Vietnam tend to be fair-skinned and thin, while women in Indonesia and the Philippines tend to be curvier and slightly darker.

Latin America

The girls in Latin American countries all have a lot of similarities, regardless of where you are. Of course there’s always a little variance, but for the most part, if you know how to deal with women in a place like Buenos Aires, you’ll do just as well in somewhere like Bogota.

Latina chicas are very outgoing, proud, and definitely emotional. I’m sure this isn’t new to you. They are also quite sexual and passionate, which is definitely part of the allure for most guys. Although you will encounter some who seem a little shy at first, once you get to know a girl over the course of a few dates, that will change. The same goes for if you manage to be welcomed in by her social circle — a key thing in any Latin American country.

Latinas as a whole tend to have similar looks from far away, but closer examination reveals some differences. Women in Colombia are a little shorter and more voluptuous, and also more likely to have had some work done. Brazilian women are sensual and outgoing, but sometimes a bit superficial. Argentina women are more laid back in terms of wardrobe and overall looks, while Mexican women in larger urban areas go out of their way to look their best on a daily basis. Overall, if you’re into Latinas in general, it probably doesn’t matter where you go.

  • This is definitely a taste thing, but if I had to pick, I’d go with SEA women, as most other guys likely would. This doesn’t really have to do as much with looks as it does with attitudes. Southeast Asian women are easier to deal with in general, and involve less drama as well. In short: They make you feel like a man.


Southeast Asia

This region of the world is known for offering everything from amazing beach vacations to wild urban holidays, and all without breaking the bank. Some countries are cheaper than others, but you’re going to experience some great values wherever you go.

The Philippines is likely the cheapest country to visit out of them all, mainly due to being a bit behind in terms of infrastructure and general economy, and also off the beaten path. This is being offset by low prices for pretty much everything; hotels, food, even the ladies — all of it is cheap in comparison to other places. Vietnam is relatively cheap as well.

Thailand and Indonesia are a little more expensive, but still known for offering incredible values in addition to great accommodations. As far as prices for sex, you can have a good time with hot girls on a daily basis and not spend a lot of money, which is definitely a big reason as to why guys love this region.

Latin America

The prices in Latin America have a lot of variance depending on where you are.

The Dominican Republic is one of the cheapest island destinations in terms of both women and overall costs. Places like Brazil and Argentina are a lot more expensive. Mexico is all over the place, but if you’re looking to spend a low amount of money, while having a massive city at your disposal, Mexico City is probably the best value in the world. Colombia is a little on the more affordable side of things, but you can certainly spend a lot of money in a place like Medellin if you’re not careful.

  • Even though there are some budget-friendly locations in Latin America, it’s hard to beat the values found in all of the countries in Southeast Asia. The Philippines may offer more bang for the buck than anywhere on earth, and Thailand remains surprisingly affordable, despite having first-class cities like Bangkok.


As I’ve said before, this is really just a matter of preference. However, if I had to base it all off of how easy the girls are to deal with, and the price your trip will cost in the end, I’d say Southeast Asia has the edge here. I’m sure some would disagree with me though.

The only real way to know for sure is to just visit both regions and figure it out for yourself. Feel free to read my different guides and articles on this site to get a better idea on where to go, and what to do when you get there.

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