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Jakarta GirlJakarta may not be the most popular destination for couples and women to visit during their trip to Indonesia, but for single foreign men that looks very different:

Indonesia’s capital is by far the best place to meet and enjoy yourself with some really nice and attractive Indonesian girls.

The nightlife options in Jakarta couldn’t be more diverse: You have these kind of girly bars with ladies employed for the enjoyment of “Bules” (white foreigners, they are often even owned and run by foreigners) which are so hard to find in other cities of Indonesia.

As well as the nicest and best visited nightclubs where you can meet both “regular” girls as well as freelancers who will be easier to pick up (but expect some payment of course).

And there are even more places where you can meet girls in Jakarta’s nightlife (and also during the day): The infamous strip clubs with attached massage parlors, the smaller happy ending massage salons, countless of street freelancers in the red light districts, escort girls who are just a phone call away as well as normal and “Bule-friendly” girls you can meet on the dating site.

I know that can be all quite overwhelming if it’s your first visit here, not only because there are so many different types of places with girls here, but also because Jakarta is such a huge city.

So welcome to my ultimate nightlife guide to Jakarta – as always, we’ll start with a general overview of the nightlife areas, before going into more detail to each type of venue:

Jakarta Nightlife Overview

The nightlife in Jakarta is basically divided into 2 parts: South Jakarta Nightlife and North Jakarta Nightlife.

South Jakarta is the newer part of the city, the business district with most of the big and modern office buildings, condominiums, hotels and restaurants – as well as the bars and clubs popular among the wealthier Indonesians. However, this area is also home to 2 of the 3 main red light areas of Jakarta: Jalan Falatehan 1 (foreigner oriented girly bars) and Melawai (“Little Tokyo”, massage parlors and Japanese style karaoke bars). They are both located in the broader district called Blok M, and just a few hundred meters away from each other.

North Jakarta is the older part of the city, you will notice how the buildings, streets and people get dirtier and poorer the closer you come to the harbor. But that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore North Jakarta, because most of the sex massage parlors are located there, and there is also the 3rd red light area on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta (a horseshoe-shaped street with about a dozen of entertainment buildings of the category “Bar, Massage & KTV”). As well as some night clubs and lots of street prostitutes (check the descriptions below for more info).

So I would recommend you to book your hotel right in between the Southern and Northern part of the city, ideally in the area around the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall. Like this you will minimize your travel time to both areas (and you have close access to the best malls with okay restaurants and food courts, which aren’t always easy to find here).

Okay, so now onto the juicy stuff:

Girly Bars in Jakarta

Jakarta Girly Bar

The girly bars on Jalan Falatehan 1 are the most popular place for both tourists as well as expats in Jakarta to hang out, meet and greet, play pool, watch live sports on the TVs – and have some fun with the friendly Indonesian girls working there. These “bar girls” are not only employed to take your order, but also for your entertainment:

Some of them dance on the stage, others play pool or just sit and drink with you (you have to buy them a lady drink). The atmosphere in these bars is great, and not as pushing as in the strip clubs or other “One Stop Entertainments” in Jakarta, where the girls try to squeeze you out of money by buying them shots, and not really giving much back in return.

The most popular bars on Jalan Falatehan 1 (it’s located in Blok M, South Jakarta, see map below) are D’s Place (picture) and Moon Rider next door.

  • Prices: There is no entrance fee to any of these bars of course – just buy a drink and you are fine. A beer will cost about 45k (Bintang) or 55k (Heineken). Spirits like gin tonic are pricer, around 85k (big import tax on alcohol in Indonesia). If you want one of the ladies to hang out with you, you can buy her a lady drink for around 50-60k.
    Note that unlike in Thailand, there is no “bar fine system” in the bars here, so you cannot take the girls out to your hotel to have sex – in that case you will either have to wait until the bar closes (usually in the early morning around 4am), or you just take her phone contact and meet her the next day before her shift starts.

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Nightclubs in Jakarta

Jakarta Night Club

The next excellent place to meet girls in Jakarta’s nightlife are the nightclubs. There are literally dozens of clubs spread all around the city, and you shouldn’t make the mistake by just following the ratings on Google or TripAdvisor:

What you should be looking out for are not clubs that get hundreds or thousands of positive reviews by the local Indonesians – because that doesn’t necessarily mean they are great for picking up girls.

Club 36 (picture) for example hasn’t that many reviews on Google compared to other clubs, but it’s one of the best venues to hook up with some really hot Jakarta girls. They even got a KTV section in the back part of the club (not that recommended though, they always tend to overcharge foreigners).

X2 is overall the best club in Jakarta, it has 3 different floors and all sorts of people (local girls including freelancers, couples, tourists and expats). And for a more local experience, you can check out Sun City, there are not many foreigners so you will get a lot more attention from the ladies here.

  • Prices: One thing that really sucks about the nightclubs in Jakarta (and Bali as well) is that they usually charge very expensive entrance fees: Expect to pay between 100-150k, sometimes including one drink, sometimes not. Beer prices are in the 60-70k range, spirits, wine and cocktails in the 80-120k range (plus service charge, plus VAT).

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Happy Ending Massage in Jakarta

Happy Ending Massage in JakartaThere are several so called “Pijat Plus Plus” Massages in Jakarta – in other words spas that offer happy endings (usually hand jobs, but sometimes also blow jobs or full sex).

It’s a little bit strange though, because a lot of the renowned places will tell you “no happy ending”, when you inquire about it at the lobby. Delta Spa (picture) is a good example for that – they charge 830k for their Reflexology Stone Massage. Including happy ending? No, mister. Hand job? No answer. Well, I think if you look at the picture you can make up your own opinion.

Then there is the spa in the basement of the Classic Hotel – it’s 350k for a 1 hour full body massage. If you want extra service you will have to talk to your masseuse and negotiate a tip separately. I don’t see a point of going there though, as you can simply go to the sex club on the 2nd floor and get full service for 365k – and get about 100 hot girls to choose from.

Aquarius Massage down in Blok M is great. They have about 6-7 young and really sexy girls, a very friendly manager and the prices are 315k for a naked erotic massage including BJ, or 530k including full service. In terms of happy ending massages, that’s the place I recommend the most. The girls even have decent massage skills, so you get relaxation as well as eroticism.

Other popular happy ending massage salons in Jakarta include Fortune, My Place and B’Fashion Spa.

Soapy Massage Parlors in Jakarta

Soapy Massage Parlor in Jakarta

The infamous “One Stop Entertainment” venues in Jakarta – they often call them “hotels”, but of course no one is sleeping there. These places are mostly famous for having several dozen young and attractive Indonesian girls working. They are usually sitting on different couches. You can order a beer first and watch, or tell the manager which girl you want to have sex with right away (inquire the price first).

The most famous sex club in Jakarta is Malio Hotel, and they also own Emporium (picture). These are the most expensive parlors though, means their girls are priced at least 1 million. Malio even has foreign girls, including Vietnamese, Chinese and Uzbekistan. And there is also a spa area with pool, sauna and steam room where you can relax first before going up to the girls on the 2nd floor.

Much better deals give Hotel Travel and Classic Hotel, where you can get one girl for about 380k (1 shot), or two girls for about 500-600k (2 shots).

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Strip Clubs in Jakarta

Strip Club in Jakarta

Many of the soapy massage parlors also have dance shows going on every night. The most famous one is in Malio Hotel (picture). They have two floors with girls dancing  – on the 2nd floor where you can also choose a lady to go to the room with, as well as on the 1st floor (called Malio Club) where the girls get full nude (naked).

Other popular strip clubs in Jakarta include Tease Club (inside Emporium Hotel), King Cross, Golden Crown and Classic Hotel (2nd floor).

  • Prices: The girls usually walk around and ask you to buy them shots for 50k so you can touch their boobs and ass. They’ll be gone after 30 seconds though, unless you really open your pocket and agree to buy at least 5 shots. These girls are usually also available for short time.

Street Hookers in Jakarta

Street Hooker in Jakarta

I don’t really see a point in picking up a street hooker if you can get a girl including room for just like 50k more in the sex clubs (see above).

But well, if you are out in the bars and don’t want to get on another long taxi ride to one of these parlors, then it could make sense to just take the service of one of these women.

You can find plenty of street hookers in and around Jalan Falatehan 1 (picture) as well as around Lokasari Square in North Jakarta (there are also some naughty spas in that area).

  • Prices: About 300k for a short time (negotiable).

Escort Girls in Jakarta

If you didn’t know it – online prostitution is booming in Indonesia, and Jakarta is obviously the biggest hotspot for “freelancing girls” who are just a phone call away and willing to come visit you at your hotel for 2 hours or so if you agree to give them some money afterwards.

Most of them are self-employed and offer their services on online classifieds sites, while others work for an escort agency.

  • Prices: If you contact a freelance escort, you may get one for as cheap as 200-300k (the competition is huge). However, the prettier ones will ask for 500k and up (especially those working at the escort agencies).

Jakarta LadyboyLadyboys in Jakarta

Jakarta is, along with Bali, the best place to try out something “new” and have some fun with a ladyboy.

While it’s quite rare that you see some ladyboys in the nightclubs (X2 and Colosseum will be your best options), there are always a few shemales working in the foreigner-owned bars on Jalan Falatehan 1. And then of course there are also several street hookers in that area, too.

But really a better (and safer) way to meet ladyboys in Jakarta is to use My Ladyboy Date – lots of genuine transgenders who are just as excited to have sex with a foreigner as you are the other way around.

  • Prices: 300-500k if she’s a hooker. Free if you meet them on the dating site.

Sky Bars in Jakarta

Jakarta Nightlife

A great place to start your adventurous night out in Jakarta is SKYE Bar on the 56th floor of the BCA Tower, Grand Indonesia.

This place is pretty amazing – you are right in between South and North Jakarta – so you get the best possible (over)views of both parts of the city, and see the huge contrast in how developed each part is. Make sure to check out my video of that bar below.

I recommend you to go there at around 5pm – so you get to experience the views during the daytime, sunset as well as nighttime.

Popular alternative sky bars are Cloud Lounge (49th floor of the Plaza Office Tower) and La Vue Rooftop Bar (9th floor of The Hermitage).

  • Prices: No entrance fees, you just need to buy a drink to stay and watch (e.g. cocktails at SKYE are in the 90-120k++ range).

Shopping Malls in Jakarta

Jakarta Shopping Mall

The shopping malls are not only a great place to go if you don’t know where to eat (and to escape the heat for a while), but also to have a coffee or eat some ice cream with your date.

The currently 3 biggest, most modern and most popular malls in Jakarta are Plaza Indonesia (picture), Grand Indonesia (right opposite) and Plaza Senayan.

Alright, and that’s it. What a guide! You are now perfectly equipped with everything you need to know to experience everything Jakarta’s nightlife has to offer for single guys.

As always, you can click on the links under each category that will take you to my even more detailed guides to each place to meet girls (the best girly bars, nightclubs, massage parlors etc.).

Have fun in Indonesia’s most exciting city (for guys, for everyone else it’s Bali of course). I’ll make sure to update this guide every few months (just check right at the top of the page under the title when I made the last update).

Map of Nightlife in Jakarta

Videos of Nightlife in Jakarta