The 3 Red Light Districts in Jakarta

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Indonesia | Indonesian Girls | Jakarta

It’s no secret that a lot of guys are not primarily coming to Jakarta to enjoy the views on top of the Sky Bars or to eat authentic Indonesian food, but to have fun with some really hot and sexy local girls. To do so, you can either visit one of the many sex clubs (so called “One Stop Entertainments”) which are spread all around the city – or you go to one of the main red light districts where you can find several different types of working girls all in one area.

Since prostitution is illegal by law in Indonesia (but still tolerated in various forms), the authorities are regularly raiding, shutting down and sometimes even demolishing red light areas which are known for a dense concentration of brothels and prostitutes. Kalijodo is the most recent case – it was the oldest and biggest red light district in Jakarta for centuries, until in 2016 the authorities sent bulldozers to tear down the buildings and turn it into a public family park.

As of today, there are 3 main red light districts left in Jakarta:

You will find that not only the type of people frequenting each of these areas are quite different (white foreigners, Asian men, local Indonesians), but also the types of venues – one area is good if you want relaxed beer bars with pool tables and friendly bar girls, one is good for karaoke bars and yet another one is good for drinking and “massages” all in one place. Just continue reading, I’ll tell you where that all is.

This is the ultimate overview guide to the red light districts of Indonesia’s capital: I will give you a short description to each area including information on prices for drinks and “entertainment”, as well as ratings, my own pictures and a video.

Jalan Falatehan I (Blok M)

Jakarta Red Light District

If you are a white foreigner (well, if you read my website you probably are) then I’m sure the place in Jakarta’s nightlife you will have most fun in is Jalan Falatehan I – on this 300m long street in so called Blok M (South Jakarta) you will find about 10 foreigner-oriented girly bars.

You may know these type of places from Bangkok or Pattaya – so called “beer bars” with pool tables, TVs with live sports and lots of friendly local girls who will make sure you have a great time (and just expect you to buy them lady drinks for about 60-70k). My favorite bar on this street is Moon Rider (picture) where they have girls dancing and a great pool table. D’s Place right next to it is hugely popular too, but it gets (almost too) busy at around 11pm.

Apart from girly bars, you will also see plenty of street hookers on Jalan Falatehan I and the streets surrounding it.

  • Girls Quantity: 6/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 7/10
  • Entertainment: 9/10
  • Prices: $$$$$

Melawai (Blok M)

Blok M Jakarta

Also known as “Little Tokyo” and located just a few hundred meters south of Jalan Falatehan I (see above) in Blok M, Melawai is the second red light district in Jakarta. It’s mainly popular among Asian men who pick a girl or two in the Japanese-style karaoke bars and “sing a few songs” with them in the private VIP rooms.

However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore Melawai as a Bule (western guy) as they have a few really good massage parlors. Aquaris for example has some very young and attractive girls working (most of them are from Sulawesi and East Java). They charge 315k for an erotic massage (naked) with blow job happy ending or 530k for sex.

Most of the places here are located on Jalan Melawai VI, VIII and IX (see map below).

  • Girls Quantity: 7/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 7/10
  • Prices: $$$$$ (karaoke bars), $$$$$ (massages)

Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta (North Jakarta)

Jakarta Red Light Area

Bar, Massage & KTV” is the slogan of most of the 12 different entertainment venues on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta, the red light district of North Jakarta. Some of these places have pole dancers, others a fishbowl which is packed with ladies to choose for short time (the right picture is inside Starmoon Bar) which costs just 330k for girls with the green label and 380k for girls with the red label.

Of course you can also just sit on a table and have a few drinks with the girls, but of course that’s not what most people come here for – sooner or later they escape with a lady to the room in the back part to have sex.

This red light area is oriented mainly towards local Indonesians (it’s also located in quite a poor area in North Jakarta), but of course you are very much welcome to visit there as a foreigner as well.

  • Girls Quantity: 8/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10
  • Entertainment: 7/10
  • Prices: $$$$$

Overview Map of Red Light Districts in Jakarta

Overview Video of Red Light Districts in Jakarta

How much for Drinks & Girls in Red Light Jakarta?

There is no entrance fee to any of the male entertainment venues in Jakarta’s red light districts (well, except for the massage parlors which have a spa area with pool and sauna, but even there they will waive the fee if you take a girl).

So if you want to visit any of the above mentioned girly bars or karaoke bars, you can just walk inside, order a beer and relax first. They usually charge 40-50k for local beers, or about 60k for imported beers – which are prices like in every other, “normal” bar. The same goes for spirits and wines – about 70-80k per glass.

As for the lady drinks, I already mentioned the typical prices in the bars on Jalan Falatehan I (50-60k per glass of coke, or sometimes they just add 10-20k on top of the regular menu price).

And regarding the prices for girls – well, unfortunately you cannot pay a bar fine in the girly bars, it’s not allowed for them to go with customers before their shift ends. So just wait until they close or meet her the next day before work. In that case, you will probably have to negotiate a price with her. They tend to ask for 500k for short time, which has been the norm for many years now.