5 Best Sex Massage Parlors in Jakarta

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Indonesia | Indonesian Girls | Jakarta

Girls in Jakarta Sex Massage Parlor

If you want to have quick and easy sex in Jakarta, the “massage parlors” are the best and most discrete place to go.

I’m using quotation marks (“) because guys are obviously not going there for a proper body massage – in most places that part doesn’t even exist, it really works more like that way: You walk into the parlor, pick a girl, pay a fixed amount upfront, follow her to the room, take a shower, have sex, take a shower again, and leave.

Often referred to as One Stop Entertainments, a lot of these venues have more to offer than just short time with the girls: Almost all of the big and renowned places have a spa area, means you can take a bath, relax and even go to the sauna or steam room before heading up to the 2nd floor where all the girls are.

Spa Area in Jakarta Massage Parlor

Sometimes they even have some sort of sexy coyote shows going on at night – Malio Hotel is the best example for that with their popular “Malio Club”, a big and super modern go go bar with about 50 girls going full nude (and yes, they are also available for “short time”).

I don’t know exactly how many of these sex clubs there are in Jakarta, but believe me there are literally dozens of them spread all over this huge city. So for this guide I’ve picked the currently 5 best parlors, means those that have not only the hottest girls on average but also the best overall entertainment and facilities, as well as a few with a great value for money.

Malio Hotel

Best Sex Massage Parlor in Jakarta

Malio Hotel is the most famous, but also the most expensive “one stop entertainment” in Jakarta. It’s super modern, and they don’t only have girls for short time available, but also a very nice spa area (including lockers), a strip club and even karaoke rooms.

There are more than 100 girls working in Malio – most of them are Indonesian (3 different categories: 800k/1,100k/1,600k), but they also have a few Chinese (2,000k/2,200k), Vietnamese (1,600k/1,800k) and even Uzbek girls (2,300k). They are pretty damn hot and light skinned for the most part, so if you leave that place without having banged someone here, you either can’t afford the prices, or you are gay.

The main action is going on in the main hall on the 2nd floor – plenty of couches with countless of girls sitting and waiting to get picked. You can have some drinks here and even order food, and they also got sexy dance shows every night from 8pm. Busty girls will walk around and ask you to buy them a shot for 50k so you can put your face between their boobs.

They also got more average looking massage girls in the room next to it (it’s a bar with live music where the girls sit on the sofas). They cost 420k or 620k including body to body massage.

The entrance fee of 100k to the spa area is included if you take the service of one of the girls.

  • Girls Selection: 10/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 10/10

Hotel Travel

Travel Hotel Jakarta

Hotel Travel is that “one of a kind” type of place, a favorite among many sex tourists here in Jakarta. It may not have a spa area and the facilities aren’t as new and modern as other parlors (old air cons etc), but the prices in here are really incredible:

They only charge 350k for one girl (1 shot, means you can have sex once) or 450k for two girls (2 shots, means you can have sex twice).

Yes, that’s right you can get a threesome here, for a price that’s pretty much impossible to find anywhere else in Southeast Asia. And it’s not like that the ladies here are ugly moms in their early 30s – no, the girls are mostly in their early 20s and very, very attractive. It’s well possible that you visit there once, and then don’t even bother about going to another place just because you can’t get a better value for money elsewhere.

  • Girls Selection: 8/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10

Classic Hotel

Jakarta Sex Club

The Classic Hotel offers a similar great value like the Hotel Travel (see above), and they’ve also got around 100 girls working there (all Indonesian, mostly from East Java and Sulawesi).

Important: The parlor is located on the 2nd floor – so don’t make the mistake and walk downstairs where they’ve got another spa which offers massage only (no sex). When you walk into the main room, one of the five mamasans will try to get your attention (each of them takes care of a different group of 15-20 ladies). Don’t let them pressure you – you can as well just sit down somewhere and order a beer first (a big Bintang costs 70k) and take your time to check out all the girls.

The current prices are 365k for one girl and 555k for two girls.

They have live music here every night from 9pm, which is terribly loud though in my opinion. Better come before that, and they also have nice pool tables in the back.

  • Girls Selection: 8/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10

Emporium Hotel

Soapy Massage Parlor in Jakarta

Like all other parlors on this list, the Emporium Hotel is located in North Jakarta. It’s owned by the same people who also run Malio Hotel (see above) and that means it has a similar nice and modern style and some of the hottest women you can imagine – but also a painfully high price tag:

Their girls are divided into 2 categories (depending on their age and attractiveness: 1,065k and 1,265k). The price includes the usage of the spa area.

There are mostly local (and rich) Indonesian men visiting Emporium, while most of the Bules (white men) are preferring Hotel Travel and Classic Hotel.

  • Girls Selection: 6/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 9/10

Starmoon Bar

Jakarta Erotic Massage

A place only few foreigners know about is Starmoon Bar in the local red light area on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta. There are about a dozen of these “Bar, Massage & KTV” type of places here, but Starmoon is well known for its huge selection of girls (I counted 55).

They have a typical “fishbowl” here, means the girls are all sitting closely together behind a glass front and eagerly smiling at you, hoping that you choose them.

The sex prices here are as follows: 330k for the girls with the green label and 380k for the girls with the red label.

  • Girls Selection: 8/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 7/10

Map of the Best Massage Parlors in Jakarta

The Procedure in Jakarta’s Sex Massage Parlors

If you’ve never been to such a “massage parlor” before, then let me give you a quick rundown on how it usually “works” in these places:

You walk into the parlor and the lady at the reception will give you a locker key, which has 2 functions: First obviously to lock your valuables if you go to the spa area, and also to save all your purchases during your visit (drinks, food, girls).

After you have taken a relaxed bath and/or sauna session, you walk to the areas where the girls are hanging out (usually upstairs). There will be either a male or female manager (papasan/mamasan) who takes care of the ladies as well as the male customers. He will tell you the different types and prices of girls and you can also ask him some questions (e.g. does that girl have children yet, how old is she, which girls you recommend).

After you have picked a girl, you pay the full amount upfront to the manager (in Travel Hotel and Classic Hotel, different for the high-end parlors like Malio where you have to sign an invoice and they’ll add it to your locker key so you pay when you leave – they call that “Check Out”) and follow the girl to the private room. Don’t expect any much of nice small talk from the girls – it’s pretty business oriented in the sex clubs of Jakarta, some guys prefer the kind of GFE in Thailand’s soapy massages over the “fuck & go” kind of procedure here in Jakarta – but then, at these prices you can’t really complain.

You will take a shower with the girl before and after the sex. They provide condoms. Some girls don’t allow kissing on the mouth or certain positions (I even heard guys complaining their girl wouldn’t do doggy style). The whole procedure takes about 30-45 minutes, unless you do a threesome then it can be over 1 hour.

Jakarta Sex Clubs vs Girly Bars

The sex clubs may offer a great value, but they are more like a good place for some “quick relief” and not really something nice to remember: You barely speak to the girls and it will all be over in less than one hour.

Different to the girly bars, especially those on Jalan Falatehan I in Blok M (South Jakarta), where it can be a lot of fun to chat with the ladies (unlike their colleagues in the massage parlors they speak decent English), have some drinks, play some pool, maybe even get to know other expats and tourists, and just have a good time for several hours before making “a move” with your girl. It’s really a matter of taste, but it’s always nice to have options.

Video of Massage Parlors in Jakarta