5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Jakarta

Last updated: October 23rd, 2023 | in Asia | Hotels | Indonesia | Jakarta

Girls in Jakarta Hotel

If you’re planning a trip to Jakarta, then you’re probably also planning on having some fun with the local Indonesian ladies here – and that obviously also means inviting some of them to your hotel at some point.

You need to be really careful when booking your hotel room though, and I’m not talking about security aspects here like her stealing from you (even though I do recommend you put your most important valuables in the safe, since you won’t be able to see what your cute girl is doing while you take a shower), but much more about the “guest friendly” aspect.

If you are wondering what the hell I mean with that since the basic idea of every hotel is to welcome guests – well, things look a little different in Southeast Asia and especially here in Jakarta that’s known for attracting sex tourists from all over the world who want to take (bar) girls to their rooms to have sex with them.

And because there were just so many guys in the past who mostly walked in hand in hand with prostitutes, a lot of hotel owners in Jakarta have started to forbid girl guests in their rooms to avoid all sorts of problems that may occur during their visits. Don’t worry though, if you know what you are doing and have a close eye on your girl (assuming she’s a hooker), then you should be totally fine.

So what you should be looking for when booking your hotel is that it’s guest friendly, as well as that it has a good location.

Now, what is a good location for single guys in Jakarta?

Since the best foreigner-oriented girly bars are located in Blok M in South Jakarta and most of the sex massage parlors in North Jakarta, I usually recommend my friends to stay in the area right between both parts of the city near the Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.

Here is my updated list of recommended hotels in Jakarta that are both guest friendly as well as located strategically well, means you’ll minimize your travel time to the various nightlife hotspots:

Clay Hotel Jakarta

Jakarta Sex HotelThat’s where I stayed during my recent trip to Jakarta. The location of the Clay Hotel couldn’t be better: It’s situated in Central Jakarta near the bridge that connects the northern with the southern part of the city, just 1km from the Grand Indonesia Mall so you can go there every day for lunch. Their Deluxe Rooms cost only 23 USD per night, but I really recommend you to get a Business Room for just 2 USD more which are more spacious and located on the upper floors where it’s more quiet. Breakfast is also included in the room price (it’s average). The only thing that really annoyed me at this hotel is that they smoked everywhere in the lobby, including the smoke free areas – the staff didn’t really care.

Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta

Guest Friendly Hotel in JakartaWell, I probably don’t have to tell you that the Shangri-la Hotel in Central Jakarta is one of the best hotels in town, and if you add to that the fact that they are girl-friendly as well, you might have a very good reason to treat yourself with some luxury during your stay here. With room rates starting at 156 USD per night for their Deluxe Rooms, this might not be within everyone’s budget, but if you compare that to 5 star hotels in western countries, then that’s a pretty good deal actually. Needless to say that all rooms are super modern with fantastic mattresses (your girl will love it) and they’ve probably also got the nicest swimming pool in the capital. You can find more pics and infos here:

Red Planet Jakarta

Hotel for Girls in JakartaIf you want to stay close to all the sex massage parlors in North Jakarta, then the Red Planet would be a good choice. The rooms there have exceptional value at just 24 USD per night (Double Room), and like you can see in the picture, they are bright, modern and well equipped (even with fairly new air cons). I think the reason why they can offer such low room rates is because they are located in North Jakarta, which is, well, not really the nicest part of the city. All the “new” money and property development goes into South Jakarta these days, but if you are a guy looking for girls and sex – it’s a great place to be based. And you are also within short walking distance to the National Monument (2.3km), which is really the only real sight you shouldn’t miss here.

Amaris Hotel La Codefin

Amaris Hotel La CodefinStaying at a franchise hotel chain such as Amaris is always a good idea so you can be sure to get a certain standard of quality. This hotel is one of your best choices if you want to stay in hip and modern South Jakarta, as it offers room rates for just 28 USD per night (Smart Room), which is very hard to find in this part of the city for a similar standard. If you read through the reviews on Agoda you will see that most people like the location in the subarea called Keman, which is just a short taxi ride to the girly bars in Blok M.

Ibis Jakarta Harmoni

Girl Friendly Hotel in JakartaI thought about which hotel to recommend you as the fifth option, and I think the ibis Jakarta fits just fine into this list as it’s also located in Central Jakarta and that’s really the best area to stay in my opinion. Just like with the Amaris, you kind of know what to expect when booking a hotel like this, which is always good when traveling to an Asian country so you’ll have more time to spend on other things, like reading my guide on the best places to meet girls in Jakarta.

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