Complete Guide to Girly Bars in Jakarta

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Indonesia | Indonesian Girls | Jakarta

There are lots of different ways to have fun with the local ladies here in Jakarta, and the girly bars are certainly one of the most popular among them. They are just an easy place to hang out, have a few drinks and be sure to have some nice company.

There are 3 different types of girly bars in Jakarta:

  • Beer Bars
  • Strip Clubs
  • Karaoke Bars

In this overview guide I’ll go through each type of bar, tell you what to expect when visiting them, how it “works” in terms of bringing girls back to your place, as well as infos on the prices. Here we go:

Beer Bars in Jakarta

Jakarta Girly Bar

If you are looking for beer bars similar to places like Bangkok – you can find them in Jalan Falatehan I in South Jakarta (see map below). Friendly and sexy Indonesian girls, pool tables, sometimes live music, TVs with YouTube songs and live sports, expats, tourists – it’s that really nice and diverse mix that makes these bars so popular.

The best visited bar on this street is D’s Place (picture above). They even have some girls dancing on the stage every night, and more walking around or just sitting at different spots in the bar. You can buy them a drink if you want, so they will hang out with you.

Other popular bars I recommend you to check out in this street are Moon Rider (picture below) and Top Gun. Just note that unlike in Thailand, you cannot “barfine” the girls out of these bars, but of course you can also ask them for their phone contact, or just wait until the bar closes. Sometimes you will also see some freelancers in the bars who will happily join you to your hotel for sex right away.

Jakarta Bar Girls

  • Prices: Standard bar prices in these places, means local beers for about 40-50k, imported beers for about 50-60k, and all sorts of spirits by the glass or wines are in the 70-100k range. Lady drinks will cost like 50-70k.

Strip Clubs in Jakarta

Strip Club in Jakarta

The next type of girly bar in Indonesia’s capital are the strip clubs. They are somewhat comparable to the go go bars in Thailand – all these venues have sexy and usually very light skinned girls dancing on the stage, and some of them even go full nude, means you’ll get to see some nipples and pussies.

Malio Club (photo) is probably the most well known place in this category. There are also girls going around the room and asking the guys to buy them shots for 50k – and by doing so you can touch their boobs (often they will even put your head towards their melons and squeeze them). And of course you can also invite one (or two, or three) girls to sit and drink with you.

Some of these places even have short time rooms on site where you can have sex with the girls.

Other strip clubs in Jakarta are Tease Club (Emporium Hotel), Diamond, Classic Hotel (2nd Floor), Golden Crown and King Cross.

  • Prices: The drink prices in these girly bars are more pricey, like in Malio Club they charge 58k for a San Miguel Light, 180k for a Red Label Coke and 175k for a Caipirinha. Lady drinks are reasonably priced at 50k (shots), however the girls usually ask for several shots right away. Note that these prices are exclusive of tax – means you’ll have to add like another 20% for service charge and VAT.

Karaoke Bars in Jakarta

Karaoke Bar in Jakarta

The most expensive type of girly bar are the karaoke bars, often also called “KTVs”. Even though the ladies in there are usually pretty damn hot and light skinned, I really wouldn’t bother with these places as they are mainly oriented towards rich business people who don’t care about money at all.

  • Prices:

In some of the high-end karaoke clubs such as Sun City, Malio Karaoke and Grand Paragon, you’ll spend somewhere between 2 and 5 million if you add up all the expenses for the room, the girls and the drinks. That obviously doesn’t include any “real” fun (blow jobs or sex).

Other, more reasonably priced karaokes are Club 36 (it’s more a night club, but they’ve got lots of sexy girls available to go to a private karaoke room with you) and V2 (picture). I inquired at Club 36 and they quoted me 3 million for 2 girls including all drinks until the club closes at 5am. But really, I don’t see a point in doing that, maybe if you really want to sing and party, but not really if you want to make love with someone – for that price you could get like 8 girls in Travel Hotel for short time.

Overview Map of Girly Bars in Jakarta

I have marked the beer bars with the beer pin, the strip clubs with the purple pin and the karaoke bars with the music pin.

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