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Bali NightlifeBali is a small paradise – for couples enjoying the romantic and delicious beach restaurants, for families having an awesome day at the waterpark, and of course also for single guys looking for some fun with the local Indonesian ladies.

It’s a matter of fact that Bali has, along with Jakarta, the highest number of young and attractive girls coming from all around the country to find work, and maybe also a foreign boyfriend.

The difference, though, is that while in Jakarta most girls are too busy and too stressed for romances, in Bali it’s more or less all about tourism, means the ladies are a lot more open-minded and also more confident talking to you because their English skills are generally better.

However, since Bali is quite a big island it’s really important to know where you should be staying (or going) if it’s your goal to meet some nice girls here.

Denpasar, for example, may be the biggest city on the island, but would be the worst place in terms of nightlife and girls (well, except for some massage parlors and KTVs where you’ll get overcharged as a foreigner, which I will get to in a moment).

So welcome to my ultimate guide to Bali for single guys – I will show you all the different types of places to meet Indo women here. But before I get to that, let me give you a quick overview of the nightlife areas by city/beach:

Bali Nightlife Overview

Kuta has by far the wildest, loudest, longest and most diverse nightlife on whole Bali. And by “diverse” I mean lots of different types of venues, from relaxed beer bars and ultra-modern nightclubs to naughty massage salons, as well as different types of girls, from bar girls and freelancers working in the bars and clubs, to massage girls, street hookers and more. Jalan Legian is the center of the action in Kuta.

Number 2 is Seminyak, which is located right next to Kuta further up north, and has been on the rise for several years already. It was long known as the prime spot for families and couples due to the huge range of boutique hotels, romantic restaurants and stylish bars along  Jalan Camplung Tanduk and Jalan Kayu Aya, but with tourist numbers in Bali going up every year and Kuta running out of space, now attracts also more and more Indonesian (working) girls and single guys – this is most obvious in La Favela, a hugely popular mix of bar and nightclub.

Canggu is the third most popular beach town in Bali, but the nightlife is much more quiet with mostly chilled bars and seafood restaurants frequented by families staying in the resorts there. As a sex tourist, you may completely ignore Canggu as there’s nothing of interest really (apart from a bunch of massage salons, which can be found everywhere though).

Denpasar is the capital of Bali. It’s a big city with about 1 million citizens and terrible traffic from very early to very late. The clubs, massage parlors and KTVs here are mainly frequented by the local Indonesians, and not that fun as a foreigner as you’ll not be treated as nicely (and fairly price-wise) as in the beach towns. Sanur is an exception here though – in this eastern part of Denpasar you’ll find lots of cheap brothels (the infamous “X-Houses”) as well as street prostitutes.

And for the sake of completion, Ubud is a town in the interior of the island which you have probably heard of as well – but rather because of its big expat community, co-working spaces, yoga and cooking classes and vegetarian restaurants, and not so much because of young and sexy Indonesian girls.

To sum that all up: I would highly recommend you to book your hotel either in Kuta or Seminyak, where you are in the center of the nightlife and red light area of Bali, and you can always rent a motorbike (about 50-80k per day) to take short trips elsewhere.

And now to the different types of nightlife venues and girls in Bali:

Girly Bars in Bali

Girly Bar in Bali

The highest concentration of girly bars in Bali is along Jalan Legian in Kuta. Just don’t expect anything similar to places like Bangkok, Pattaya or Angeles. There are just a small number of these bars on this street, and that’s probably because the officials want to preserve a clean image of their town.

If you walk into such a bar, you can order a beer and check out the Indonesian girls working there. If you like someone, you can buy her a lady drink, play pool with her or just relax and have a chat. Not all girls in these bars are available for take out by paying a “bar fine”, so you will have to ask them what rules they have. If not, you can always wait until the bar closes (as late as 4am), or take her phone contact and meet her the next day before she starts work.

  • Prices: Very reasonable beer prices in the girly bars in Bali – in Crusoe’s Island (picture) for example, they charge 30k for a small Bintang (or 55k for a large one), 40k for Heineken, 60-90k for spirits and 120k for a glass of wine (Indonesia has high import taxes on alcohol). A lady drink costs 60k, which is usually a glass of whiskey coke.
    Unfortunately, most of the girls in those bars have horrendous price expectations – don’t be surprised if they quote you 2 million. Of course you can still negotiate, but it’s unlikely that they join you for less than 1 million. There are way better options if you ask me.

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Girls in Bali NightclubNightclubs in Bali

By far the best and most popular nightclub in Bali is Sky Garden in Kuta (photo). There are six sections with different DJs, dance floors, sexy coyote dancers and an outdoor rooftop. But of course it’s the girls you come here for: There are dozens, if not hundreds of young and sexy “freelancing” ladies in Sky Garden every night.

The other famous club in Legian is the stylish La Favela in Seminyak. They have a similar legendary status as Sky Garden, but quite a different setup and concept: This place is more like a mix of bar and restaurant in the evening, before it turns into a loud and packed club from about 11pm. Lots of “open-minded” Bali girls looking to meet a nice foreigner for the night as well.

  • Prices: Most of the night clubs in Bali have an entrance fee: Sky Garden is the most expensive one at 200k (weekdays) / 250k (weekends) including 2 beers or 1 spirit. Most other clubs are more reasonably priced at around 100-150k. Beers are in the 50-70k range and sprits cost about 80-100k for a glass or 2-2.5 million for a bottle.

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Soapy Massage Parlors in Bali

Best Sex Massage Parlor in Bali

The soapy massage parlors are different to the small happy ending salons: These are usually big buildings with nice and modern rooms, equipped with a proper bed and bathtub. And most of these parlors offer full sex service.

Some of the most popular soapy massage parlors in Bali with the hottest girls include Riverview Spa (picture), Royal Palace and Maharani Spa.

  • Prices: There are huge price differences from parlor to parlor – anywhere from 350k for a hand job happy ending to 1.5 million for a sex happy ending. Check out my guide below for a more detailed summary:

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Street Hooker in BaliStreet Hookers in Bali

Jalan Legian in Kuta (picture), Puputan Badung Park in Denpasar and Sanur are the main hot spots for street hookers in Bali (late at night from around midnight). They usually aren’t as attractive as the massage girls, but of course there are always exceptions and you may see a hot chick who is waiting for her friend to go to the club (or just pretending to do so).

  • Prices: About 500k for short time (negotiable).

X House Brothel in BaliBrothels in Bali

Sanur is the red light area for the local Indonesians. There are a few KTVs, massage spas, street hookers – and X-Houses. If you are wondering what that is – well, basically apartments where local girls offer sexual services. They are marked with a big “X” next to the house number (e.g. “808 X” – picture). I don’t recommend you to go there – it feels a little sketchy and unsafe.

  • Prices: Not sure, but from what I’ve heard about 300k.

Escort Girls in Bali

The next type of working girls in Bali are the escorts. There are several providers as a quick search on Google will reveal.

  • Prices: Sex with an escort in Bali costs between 500k – 2 million. Yes, that’s a ridiculous big price range, but it just depends on her age and attractiveness, as well as how long you want to book her and how many shots you want.

Ladyboy in BaliLadyboys in Bali

I know that’s not for everyone, but if you want to try something different, then of course you can also meet a ladyboy in Bali’s nightlife. In this case, Kuta is surprisingly not the best place to go (even though if you are lucky you may see a ladyboy in a bar – picture, Jalan Legian).

The hot spot full of ladyboys (and gays as well) is Jalan Camplung Tanduk in Seminyak. There are a few bars such as Bali Joe and Mixwell Bar that have not only sexy shemales coming to drink, party and enjoy, but also a few cabaret performances on the stage.

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Beach Boys & White Girls in Bali

Beach Boys in Bali

Just to “warn” you: It’s not just us guys who spend a sex holiday in Indonesia.

So don’t be surprised when you see lots of white girls hanging out with local Indonesian guys, the so called “beach boys”. Nowhere else in Asia there are more Asian guy – foreign girl couples than in Indonesia, and especially here in Bali there are so many white women coming to have fun with these guys.

Dating & Food in Bali

Bali Food

Of course you don’t always need to pay money to enjoy yourself with some nice girls in Bali.

One of the best things here are the atmospheric and delicious beach restaurants. So what I usually do when I’m here is I hit up a girl from the dating site and meet her for dinner in Azul Beach Club in Legian (my favorite restaurant here – try their yummy Cajun Wagyu Marbled Beef Kebab, left picture).

But it doesn’t really matter where you go – as long as you found a nice lady (and the dating site is great for that) you could as well head out to Jalan Double Six in Seminyak, where you’ll find the highest concentration of more than 10 romantic beach bars – perfect for a date in everyone’s paradise Bali.

Map of Nightlife in Bali

Video of Nightlife in Bali