5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Bali

Last updated: October 13th, 2023 | in Asia | Bali | Hotels | Indonesia

Bali Girl in Hotel

The worst thing that could possibly happen during your stay in Bali is that you’ve met a nice lady on your night out in the bars or clubs (or even right on the street at the Ground Zero Monument in Kuta), and while enthusiastically walking into your hotel with her hand in hand you suddenly get held back by the receptionist.

“Excuse me, mister”, is how it usually starts. You look at her in surprise, wondering what the hell she wants from you now while your dick was getting harder by every meter you came closer to your room. Still, you try to calm down and say: “Yes?”.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t allow Indonesian lady guests. It’s our hotel policy.” You immediately feel how all the blood that was concentrated towards the area between your legs suddenly pushes up all the way to your head, making you think: “No way.”

If you’ve already been to some other Asian countries like Thailand or Vietnam before, you might be well aware of scenarios like this one – sometimes their excuses sound a little different like “sorry mister, your room is for one person only”. Or they might even try to charge you a “joiner fee” of 200 or 300k.

That’s why it’s so important that you don’t only look out for a good location (close to the best nightlife spots) and value-for-money when booking your hotel, but also make sure that it’s guest-friendly.

In other words: Your hotel won’t deny your Indonesian lady guest entry to your room or charge money – the only thing they may (or should) do is to take a copy of her ID Card for everyone’s security (or even better: keep that ID Card at the reception while she’s in your room and only give it back when they got your confirmation that she leaves – you can usually talk to the receptionist about that).

And because you cannot see on a hotel booking site like Agoda.com whether a hotel is girl-friendly or not, I’ve put together the following list of the 5 best hotels for single guys – 3 of them are in Kuta (the best nightlife area in Bali) and 2 in Seminyak (which is right next to Kuta and up and rising, with more and more bars and local girls every year):

Best Hotels in Kuta

Harper Kuta Hotel

Best Hotel for Girls in Bali

This is the hotel I usually recommend my friends who are vacationing in Bali. The Harper Kuta Hotel has the perfect location right in the center of Kuta – it’s situated on Jalan Legain, which is the best nightlife strip on the island, and Sky Garden (the best night club with hundreds of freelancing girls) is less than 100m down the street. As well as dozens of bars, restaurants, massage salons and shops all around (make sure to check out the Ground Zero Monument as well, lots of street girls there).

The hotel itself offers a great value, you can get a Superior Room including breakfast for only 45 USD per night. The buffet breakfast is huge by the way, and super delicious (they also have a chef cooking eggs and omelettes in front of your table). Nice swimming pool and seating area (good for relaxing and drinking a beer) and the rooms are modern and equipped with super comfy mattresses – great not just for sleeping, but also for having good sex.

Citadines Kuta Bali Aparthotel

Bali Hotel for SexThe Citadines Aparthotel has not only one of the nicest rooftop swimming pools in Kuta, it’s also one of the few hotels that allow Indonesian girls to join the foreigners into the rooms (like all other hotels on this list). Given that this is a 4 star hotel, it’s quite amazing that you can get a Studio Double Room here for only 47 USD per night, or 52 USD including breakfast. It’s located right at the beach, which is a good thing of course if that’s a priority for you, but in terms of proximity to the nightlife area on Jalan Legian the Harper Kuta Hotel (see above) is much better situated – but still, it’s 650m to that street, and on that corner you can also find Mama’s Restaurant, a very popular German Restaurant (try their yummy Cordon Bleu with mashed potatoes and vegetables).

Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel

Guest Friendly Hotel in BaliIf you want to treat yourself with some luxury on your sex holiday, then the Kuta Heritage Hotel would be an excellent choice. It’s one of these top-notch hotels that combine traditional Balinese architecture and design with ultra-modern facilities and top quality. For about 75 USD per night, you can get a Superior King Room here (picture) – your girl will probably be very impressed when you tell her that you stay there, which makes it easier to convince her joining you “to watch a movie” in your room. It’s located right at the beach front, just a 7-8 minute walk to the Beachwalk Shopping Center and about 13 minutes to the bars on Jalan Legian.

Best Hotels in Seminyak

Amadea Resort & Villas

Hotel for Single Men in BaliLocated up in trendy Seminyak, Amadea Resort and Villas has received several awards on Agoda and more than 2,000 positive reviews on the site (click on the link below to read them). The average rating is 8.5 and it’s not difficult to understand why: First, the pool area looks and feels super idyllic and romantic, which is perfect if you want to have a relaxed drink or two with your girl. Second, with room rates of about 65 USD per night including breakfast, that’s quite an awesome deal for a popular 4 star hotel like this one. And thirdly, they are guest friendly of course, means no problems bringing ladies in here – they might only ask for her ID Card to show upon entering.

Artemis Villa & Hotel

Girl Friendly Hotel in BaliLocated right off Jalan Camplung Tanduk – which is one of the two main nightlife areas in Seminyak, the other one is Jalan Kayu Aya further up north – the Artemis Villa & Hotel is another excellent choice if you are a single guy coming to Bali to invite some sexy Indonesian girls to your room. The hotel itself is actually located inside a small alley away from the main street – means it’s very quiet and relaxing there, but at the same time you are only 100m away from the hustle and bustle with dozens of bars and restaurants on Jalan Camplung Tanduk.

Now you are probably wondering if it’s better to stay in Kuta or Seminyak.

Well, I’d say if you like the nightlife and want to try to pick up girls in the bars and clubs, then you should definitely stay in Kuta – it has by far the highest number of nightlife spots and working ladies. But if you are rather looking to meet “regular” girls and have some dates in romantic restaurants and stylish bars – then Seminyak would be a much better choice.

I’ll go into much more detail on this topic in this guide:

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