Girly Bars and Bar Girls in Kuta, Bali

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It’s no secret that Bali is the best place for nightlife in Indonesia, and of course this doesn’t only include beach bars and night clubs: If you are a single man looking for some fun with the local Indonesian ladies here, then you’ll have lots of different options.

I’ve already put all these places together in my Bali Nightlife Guide, and today I will cover one type of these places in more detail: The girly bars.

Kuta Bar Girl

If this is your first time in Indonesia (or Asia at all), and you are not quite sure what they really mean by “girly bars”, let me give you a quick introduction:

They look more or less like any other bar, with the main difference that they have young Indonesian girls employed to “entertain” the male guests, means they would sit with you, have a chat, play pool and just have a good time. To compensate them for their time and “effort”, you can buy them a lady drink.

You can compare these types of bars with the beer bars in Thailand, hostess bars in Cambodia and sports bars in the Philippines. They don’t really have a common name here in Bali, that’s why I just call them what they are: Girly bars.

And you are probably also wondering if you can have sex with these bar girls – well, that depends. Most bars don’t allow their girls to leave with a customer before they close (which is usually quite late – around 4am), but some do have a sort of “bar fine system”, means you pay some fixed amount on top of your bill to compensate the bar for taking the girl with you. I know a couple of places on Jalan Legian that charge 100k per hour. And on top of that obviously comes the sex price for the lady – they tend to ask for a ridiculous 2 million these days. Yes, you can still bargain from there, but many girls won’t go for less than 1 million. Is that worth it given the other options to meet girls here? I’ll let you make up your own opinion.

So the best idea if you have a good time with a bar girl in Bali and you really like her is that you just ask her what the rules are in her bar – if she can’t go right away you can always take her contact (phone number, WhatsApp, Facebook) and meet her the next day, or you simply wait until she finishes work.

The Hot Spot with Girly Bars in Bali

Girly Bar in Bali

Most of the girly bars in Bali are located on Jalan Legian in Kuta. And since this is quite a long street, a little more precisely: In the area between the Ground Zero Monument and the intersection with Jalan Benesari.

Girly Bar in KutaOn this 500m long strip you’ll find more than 20 different bars, and while the majority of them are “normal” places where mostly couples like to hang out, some of these bars do have young and sexy bar girls working – it’s usually quite obvious as the ladies stand in front of the entrance and try to bring in customers (just look at my picture above).

So you can just walk inside, order a beer and watch the scene. Sooner or later one of the girls will come over and try to start a small talk with you (“how are you, what’s your name, where you from, you first time in Bali, how long you stay” etc), hoping that you like her and buy her a drink. But of course you don’t have to, you can as well just sit and relax, or simply request another girl you like.

Bali Bar Girls

Location of Girly Bars in Bali

Prices in Bali’s Girly Bars

Now that you know where to find the bar girls in Kuta and “how it works” inside, you are probably also interested in the typical price ranges you can expect there.

Well, let’s start with the beers – if you get a Bintang first like 80% of the guys, then that’ll cost 30-40k. Sometimes they also have large bottles for about 60k. Imported beers like Heineken or San Mig Light are slightly pricier at about 40-50k.

The same goes for spirits, cocktails and wine – since the import tax on alcohol is so high in Indonesia, you’ll usually spend at least 70-80k for a decent drink. Note that some bars have cheaper prices, but then your Gin Tonic would not consist of Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire, but some sort of cheap local replacement. You get what you pay for.

And the standard price for lady drinks is 60k – which is either a glass of whiskey coke, or a bottle of beer. If you want to save a few bucks, you could buy your girl a beer as it will take her much longer to finish it compared to those small glasses with lots of ice.

Here is the full drink menu of Crusoe’s Island:

Bali Girly Bar Prices

Video of Girly Bar in Bali