Sex Holiday in Indonesia – Planning, Advice & Costs

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Jakarta GirlsThere are so many reasons to choose Indonesia for your next holiday: Exploring the new and trendy sky bars all around Jakarta, enjoying yummy and romantic dinners in the restaurants of Bali, bathing in the paradise-like white sand beaches on the Gili islands or setting out on a 2 day hike to the summit of mighty Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

Oh wait, maybe I forgot something?

Well of course – the girls. No matter where you go in Indonesia, you’ll always find more than enough places to enjoy a cool Bintang beer and all sorts of opportunities to get in touch with sexy and friendly Indonesian ladies.

Indonesia has long been in the shade of more famous sex holiday destinations in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines, but this has changed quite a lot during the past few years: There are more and more single guys doing the popular Jakarta – Bali – Lombok trip than ever before, and in this guide I’ll give you all the information you need to plan a perfect and memorable trip.

This is what I’m going to cover in this guide:

It’s very hard to find other countries that offer a similar value in terms of overall fun, hotel prices, nightlife costs and girl/sex prices. And apart from that, you’re probably also happy to hear that Indonesia has a huge online dating scene – remember this is a Muslim country after all, so there are countless of nice and attractive girls who would happily meet a Bule for dinner, but you just won’t see them in the bars. The dating sites are the place to meet them. More on that in the section on Where to Meet Girls (see the link above).

Okay, so let’s get right into it. I’ll start with the topic you are probably most interested in right now – how much you can expect a sex holiday in Indonesia to cost you:

Cost of a Sex Holiday in Indonesia

Sex Holiday in Indonesia

I will quote the prices in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah, k = 1,000), except for the hotel prices as you probably want to book them in advance on a site like And if you are unsure what’s the current exchange rate in your local currency, you can use to convert any amount.

  • Hotel: One of the most amazing things about spending a (sex) holiday in Indonesia are the fantastic hotel prices. For like 40-50 USD you will get a very nice 3 star, sometimes even 4 star hotel including buffet breakfast and usually also a swimming pool. Even in Bali, which is by far the most touristic place in all of Indonesia, the hotels are really cheap (just take the Astagina Resort as an example – their Deluxe Double Rooms are only 44 USD per night, pretty amazing for this kind of new and super modern hotel).
    So let’s calculate with 45 USD per night for your hotel – yes, you can also get it cheaper or treat yourself with some luxury like in the Sofitel, but that’s exactly the price range where you’ll get the best value for money.
  • Food and Drinks: Here it gets a little tricky – if we talk about the main tourist islands of Bali, Gili and Lombok, you can find so many great restaurants there – and the prices are more than reasonable because the competition is so high. Even in a beautiful beach restaurant in Kuta, you can have a nice dinner for less than 200k. But of course you can also go to a local Indonesian (but still tourist-oriented) restaurant and get a meal for less than 100k. In the not so touristic cities like Jakarta or Bandung you will either eat extremely cheap local food (less than 50k for some sort of rice or noodle dish) or a little expensive (but still good value, like the buffet dinner at the Le Meriden for 295k++ is my favorite in the capital). As for drinks, those are usually cheap everywhere, like 15-20k for a water or coke, or 20-30k for a fresh fruit juice.
    I assume that you go for a healthy mix of local and foreign food and thus will need about 300k per day for food and drinks.
  • Transportation: Taxis in Indonesia are very cheap: The flag fall is 6,500k and then it increases by 3,500k per km. Tip: Use the new so called Blue Bird taxis, they have the nicest cars and the drivers are officially registered. What I also like to do is to use Grab motorbikes. Especially in Jakarta with all the bad traffic that’s a much more efficient way to get around. And the fares are incredibly cheap: For example, you can get from Blok M in South Jakarta to Malioboro Entertainment in North Jakarta for just like 25k. Check it out. Oh, and if you rent a motorbike in Bali that’s also really cheap – the standard rental price per day is around 60k, and you can get it even cheaper if you rent for several days.
    If you plan with 80k per day for transportation costs, then you are surely on the safe side.
  • Entertainment: So now to the interesting part. I think you probably don’t want to relax and read books on the beach all day long, but also get a nice massage and oily hand job from a young and busty girl sometimes. And I also think you don’t want to spend your evenings watching movies in your hotel room, but be out in the bars and meet some hot chicks that you can bang doggy style all night long in your hotel room.
    But first things first: If you go out to a bar or club, you can order a beer and that will cost you about 40-50k for a bottle of Bintang. Spirits are a little bit expensive in Indonesia because of the high alcohol taxes, so you can expect to pay around 80k for your standard Gordon’s Gin and Tonic. And also note that the night clubs all over Indonesia charge quite high entrance fees – in Sky Garden (Bali’s most popular club with hundreds of hookers every night) it’s 250k on the weekends (including 1 drink). In most other places it’s more like 100k.
    So now to the sex prices. A freelancer in the bar or club will usually cost you 500k for short time (never agree on their first offer which is often 1 or even 2 million). If you go for a massage and your lady is willing to give you a happy ending, then the common tip for a hand job would be 300k. If you go to a massage parlor where sex is included in the package you can pay as little as 350k in places like Classic Hotel in Jakarta and as much as 1.2 million at places like Riverview Spa in Bali (which has really nice jacuzzis though). The typical price of a street hooker is about 500k (Jalan Legian in Kuta or Blok M in Jakarta). Escort girls offering their services online on sites like Cracker are not really recommended as their price tag is quite high (usually 1 million plus) and they often look not nearly as hot as in their pictures. If you really want to go the online route, better use the dating site which allows you also to meet “normal” ladies (= no prostitutes).
    So let’s say you have a few drinks every night and alternate between a happy ending massage, taking home freelancers as well as meeting girls for free on the dating site, then you’ll spend on average around 500k per day for all the entertainment combined.

Alight, let’s add that all up:

620k (45 USD, hotel) + 300k (food & drinks) + 80k (transportation) + 500k (entertainment) = 1,500k per day. That’s about 110 USD, not bad at all for all costs including girls and sex, isn’t it?

Of course you will also have to add the prices for the flight tickets, visa fees (most western nationalities receive a free 30 day visa stamp on arrival), as well as health insurance and any potential souvenirs and gifts you buy for your friends at home (or your new Indonesian girlfriend?).

And of course, you can also get it even cheaper than that, either by staying at a cheaper hotel, like 25-30 USD per night (you’ll easily find very fine, modern and clean hotels in that price category) and even more by not paying for hookers on most nights, but by simply using the dating site to meet “normal” girls:

Where to Meet Girls on Your Sex Holiday?

Indonesian Bar Girl

That depends if you want to pay a prostitute for sex or rather try to meet and sleep with girls for free.

I have already discussed the different types and costs of prostitutes in the previous section under “entertainment”: So no matter if you decide to get yourself a club freelancer, massage girl, brothel girl, street hooker or escort girl – you would usually pay between 500k and 1 million. And while it might be okay to go for this option for the sake of convenience, the expenses will add up quite quickly and so if you are here for more than just a few days, you should really look into the other way to have fun with the ladies here:

The dating site is the best way to meet regular girls who are simply looking to date a nice foreigner, and probably also more than that. I’ve already mentioned before that online dating is huge in this country, and if you don’t really want to believe that or can’t imagine what I mean by that – just take a look at that site and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of girls in all major cities – and they are all there for one reason.

Best Place for a Sex Holiday in Indonesia?

The short answer: Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. The long answer you can find here:

Choosing a Hotel for Your Sex Holiday

Location may be a very important criteria when booking a hotel – it should be within walking distance to the best nightlife spots (like close to Jalan Legian in Kuta Bali, Blok M in Jakarta or on Senggigi Beach in Lombok) – but it’s not the only thing you should look out for!

You might have the nicest hotel in a top location for an amazing price – but there’s always the possibility that the hotel is not “guest friendly“, means they will either charge you a “joiner fee” for every girl you bring home during your sex trip, or simply don’t allow any Indonesian women in the rooms at all (who are accompanied by foreigners at night, of course it’s different if you check in with your Indo girlfriend right from the beginning).

Well guess what, no matter which hotel booking site you use – Agoda,, Hotels Combined – there is no info in the hotel listings on which type of guest policies they have for sex tourists. The only way to be sure is to contact them by email and specifically ask them like “Hello! Before I book a room at your hotel, do you mind if I bring some young ladies to my room?”.

So, in order for you to avoid bad surprises, I’ve put together these 2 hotel lists for Jakarta and Bali:

Sex Holiday in Indonesia vs Thailand

Girls for Sex in Indonesia

Since you probably want to know – the picture you can see above is in a “massage parlor” in Jakarta. And this type of establishment is one of the main reasons why there are more and more guys deciding to spend their sex holiday in Indonesia instead of Thailand.

Sure, you can find these kind of “soapy massages” with fishbowls in Thailand as well, but the prices here in Jakarta are just so much cheaper: If you go to any of the standard places you can get a girl for about 300-400k, and even better: 2 girls (and 2 shots!) for like 400-500k. That’s impossible to get in Thailand and even one girl will cost you more than in Jakarta – if you want a really young, thin and hot girl you would easily pay 3,000 Baht.

However, when it comes to beer bars with bar girls, then you will probably be a little disappointed in Indonesia. Jalan Falatehan 1 in Jakarta is the only street with a good number (about 10) of such girly bars with pool tables and many friendly ladies among the white guys, but if you go to Bali, well, the last time I’ve been there last month, I saw only 2 (!) proper girly bars on Jalan Legian in Kuta. Different to all major tourist cities in Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket where you can easily find more than 100 (!) beer bars in each place. The situation in Indonesia is probably not going to change anytime soon, since the authorities are rather cracking down on the red light areas than allowing business licenses to be renewed.

But as for now, there are still more than enough places to meet some really nice girls on your holiday – and if you are in Bali for like 4 or 5 days, then it’s probably just fine if you go to the same one or two bars every night.

Final Words

No matter if you plan to visit Jakarta, Bali, Lombok or the Gilis on your sex vacation in Indonesia (or all of them), if you take a look at my guides on each place, you will surely have a lot of fun, every day and no matter whether that’s the happy ending massage in the afternoon, meeting some nice girls while playing pool in the bar in the evening, or getting to know more sophisticated ladies on the dating site.

Indonesia is a huge country full of beautiful places and some of the most attractive girls in all of Asia (if not in the world), so if you are a single guy, there is no reason not to come here for your next holiday.