5 Best Sex Massage Parlors in Bali

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Bali Sex Massage Prices

There are many reasons why so many (male) tourists in Bali want to visit the massage parlors: First and most importantly, they are the most discrete way to have sex with an Indonesian girl here. Sure, you could also call an escort to come straight to your hotel, but the problem here is that the girls often look not nearly as attractive in reality compared to their edited and spruced up photos online.

Different with the massage parlors:

In these places you get presented a good selection between around 5 and 30 girls to choose from. There is simply no other comparable place where you can just look at several young and beautiful Indonesian ladies standing and smiling in front of you and decide which one you want to have sex with.

But it would be totally wrong to reduce a visit to a soapy massage parlor in Bali to just the sex – and that’s the third reason for their huge popularity:

These places offer a full relaxation program, which starts off with a firm body massage (the girls in most places are actually well trained in performing massages – unlike their colleagues in the small happy ending shops in Kuta), often followed by a body to body treatment where your naked girl puts plenty of nuru gel on your body and slides up and down, front and back, all over your body, and when you can’t hold you back anymore you start with the sex (they provide condoms), where she first starts riding on top of you, and then you can take control and change to different positions.

And that wasn’t even everything: After the love act, you will take a shower or bath with your girl. Some of the newer places (like Riverview and Delta) even have nice and modern jacuzzis, which perfectly round off your visit with some relaxation. The whole procedure takes about 90 minutes.

Below is the updated list of the 5 best sex massages in Bali:

Riverview Spa

Best Sex Massage Parlor in Bali

The most popular and best managed massage parlor in Bali: Riverview Spa looks like a big villa from the outside, and you won’t be disappointed when walking inside: The dim lobby has a relaxed feel to it (there are some fountains), and the male manager will friendly greet you and offer you a seat on the black sofa where he will tell you the different options:

They have two room types and prices: Luxury Injection with 1 girl and 1 shot for 1.2 million (90 mins) and VIP Injection with 2 girls and 2 shots for 2.5 million (2 hrs). All rooms are super modern and well equipped with a big bed, jacuzzi, TV and more. The prices may seem quite expensive, but consider that you get to choose from about 10 of the hottest Indonesian ladies you can imagine.

Riverview Spa is, like the name suggests, conveniently located in a quiet street by the river in Legian. I’ve created a map with the exact locations of all parlors – you can find it at the bottom of the page.

  • Girls Selection: 6/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 9/10

Royal Palace Spa & Entertainment

Soapy Massage in Bali

If you ask a local Indonesian guy if he knows a “Massage Plus Plus”, then he will probably tell you Royal Palace in Denpasar. That’s not a big surprise, because this is the parlor where most of the local men go to – unlike Riverview Spa (see above) which is more for the tourists.

When I walked in there to inquire the prices, I immediately felt annoyed by the smoke everywhere: Most of the 15-20 girls were sitting in a big room with open doors and smoking cigarettes while playing on their phones or talking to their friends. But some of them were quite attractive (they all wear sexy yellow dresses).

When I inquired the price with the mamasan, she quoted me 1.2 million for 1.5 hours or 1 million for 1 hour. When I smiled and said thank you, I will think about it, she immediately offered me a “discount 10 percent!”. I left.

Update: Royal Palace moved to a new location – see the map below.

  • Girls Selection: 8/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10

Delta Spa

Sensual Massage in Bali

Delta Spa is a well-known establishment with locations in different Indonesian cities. It’s the only massage parlor in Bali with a real spa area, means a proper swimming pool and sauna. You can use both for free if you take one of their three packages:

Depending on the room type, a 2 hour and 15 minutes session costs 972k, 1,030k or 1,100k. Note that Delta Spa offers no sex, but a standard happy ending (hand job) is included in all packages.

  • Girls Selection: 7/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 8/10

Maharani Spa

Massage Plus Plus in Bali

Probably the most unique sex massage parlor in Bali, Maharani has wonderful oriental decorations all over the place. But well, of course it’s mainly the girls you are coming here for.

The reception desk is through the entrance door on the right side. They will present you a menu with four different options: Standard Room (350k), Snake Massage (600k), Honey Moon (1,200k) and Kamasutra (1,700k). All services include a hand job happy ending (yes, even the 350k session). If you want sex, you will have to talk to your girl later in the room to see how much tip she wants.

The girls in Maharani are sitting in the fishbowl (about 10 at a time, there are probably more but I think they are on rotation, and some girls also don’t take foreigners), and it’s kind of funny because you look through a round full moon window to see the ladies in the fishbowl, all eagerly smiling at you to get your attention and make you choose them.

  • Girls Selection: 7/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 7/10

Refrezz Spa

Erotic Massage in Bali

Not many foreigners know about this place, because its location is somewhat hidden in a local area behind the Gallery Mall in Kuta. So you will definitely need your own vehicle (ideally a motorbike) to get there, and make sure to carefully look at the location on the map below.

They have different packages from 550k to 800k – look at my picture on the top of the page, that’s their full menu (note the funny expression of “85% sensation”, means the front part of your body will get more attention than your back). The price includes a hand job, but no sex (negotiated separately).

After you chose one of the packages, the manager will call the girls who line up in front of you. They are quite young (around 19-24) but I didn’t really like their curves (no big boobs and butts). They were quite cute though.

  • Girls Selection: 6/10
  • Girls Attractiveness: 7/10

Map of the Best Massage Parlors in Bali

I think the prices in the sex massage parlors in Bali are quite expensive – especially if you compare it to Thailand which has a similar tourist industry and types of girls. In Bangkok or Pattaya you can get a pretty hot girl for 1,500-2,000 Baht all inclusive, that would be about 750k in Indonesia – which is impossible to get here. Much better value are the standard HJ packages though, like 350k in Maharani or 550k in Refrezz isn’t too bad at all if you get a nice girl.

But then again, this is not something you do every day and if you are on a holiday in Bali, then you can probably afford one or two visits in these places. And for the rest of your time here you can either try your luck in the night clubs or simply use the dating site to meet nice Bali girls who are not working in a red light place.

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