5 Places to Meet Ladyboys in Bali

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Bali LadyboysIf you want to try out something “different” during your stay in Bali, you can go to several different places and have fun with some of the hottest ladyboys in Indonesia.

You are probably not surprised when I tell you that most of the “open-minded” ladyboys come to Bali from all over the country, because they know that they have the best chances to hook up with someone in Indonesia’s number one tourist destination.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all shemales here work in the various entertainment venues such as bars, clubs and massage salons. You will also see quite a few of them in the hotels, shops or even working as tour agents.

Since there are more and more foreigners who are curious to try a ladyboy, even if it’s just a once-in-a-life experience to check it off the list of things to do before you die, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide on where you can actually find them here:

You can meet the ladyboys mainly in two places in Bali’s Nightlife: Kuta and Seminyak. Kuta is obvious, it’s by far the wildest nightlife area on the island with the best (and highest number of) bars and clubs. But Seminyak is even better in this regards, because it has a well established gay and LGBT scene on Jalan Camplung Tanduk.

But of course you won’t necessarily have to wait until sunset to meet a nice ladyboy here – you can also hit up a massage salon for a happy ending massage in the afternoon, or simply go on the dating site and arrange a dinner meet-up with some hot chick who won’t ask you for money for sex.

Let’s go through them one by one:

Ladyboy Bars in Bali

Ladyboy Bar in Bali

The easiest place to go in Bali where you can be absolutely sure to see some Indonesian ladyboys is Jalan Camplung Tanduk in Seminyak. It’s primarily known as a gay area, but there are more and more shemales hanging out in the bars there these days.

Make sure to check out Mixwell Bar (photo). There are lots of ladyboys here, some of them are regular customers sitting at the tables and hoping to meet a nice foreigner, and some of them are employed by the bar and even performing Cabaret-like shows on the stage. I took a video in that place during the prime time, check it out at the end of the guide.

Two other popular LGBT bars right next to Mixwell are Bali Joe Bar and F Bar.

  • Prices: Fortunately, they don’t charge any entrance fees in these bars (not even in Mixwell that has such entertaining shows every night), so you can just buy a Bintang or Bali Hai for 40-50k, relax and watch. Spirits, wines and cocktails are pricier, like everywhere in Indonesia, starting from about 80k for a gin tonic, glass of wine or Caipirinha.
    And regarding prices for the ladyboys – well, if you buy one of them a drink it’s the same price like on the menu (unlike the pricier “lady drinks” in the girly bars) and if she turns out to be a freelancer, then they will usually ask for 500-1,000k for short time (depending on how attractive and confident they are).

Ladyboys in Bali Nightclubs

Dee Jay Club Bali

If you looked up this guide because you didn’t find any ladyboys in Sky Garden – Bali’s most popular nightclub – then you are right: I’ve never seen any of them in there either. Not sure if they don’t allow them to enter at all or it’s just not a popular place for them to hang out.

Anyway, if you want to combine partying and meeting shemales here then you should check out Dee Jay Club (an after-hours club in Legian opening at 1am) or Pyramid Club (more popular among locals, located in Kuta).

  • Prices: You should be aware that 95% of the ladyboys you meet in the clubs won’t go home with you for free. They tend to ask for a million or so to join you (and expect some drinks and partying beforehand, which costs additional time and money), but of course you don’t need to pay that much, 500-600k are more reasonable.

Ladyboy Massage in Bali

Ladyboy Massage in BaliTake a walk along the side streets of Jalan Legian in Kuta and you will find a few massage salons with 4-5 ladyboys working in each of them. Some of them are surprisingly attractive, in my opinion even hotter than anyone I saw in Maxwell Bar (see above).

  • Prices: They will offer you a massage for about 80-100k. If you agree, follow them inside. There is usually one big room upstairs with 5-6 massage beds (or just mattresses on the floor) which are divided by curtains for some privacy. Some of the ladyboys won’t even bother giving you a proper massage but just start touching your dick and ask if you want a hand job (300-400k), blow job (400-500k) or full sex (500-800k). Make sure you confirm with her that you don’t have to pay the “massage price” additionally, if you don’t get one.

Ladyboy Street Hookers in BaliLadyboy Street Hookers in Bali

Another popular place to meet ladyboys here in Bali is simply on the streets.

Especially the Ground Zero Monument in Kuta (photo) has established a strong reputation as a prime spot for street hookers – both girls and transgenders. It’s a little bit random as to what time you can see them there, but usually between 10pm and 2am are your best chances.

You will probably walk past this place a few times anyway, on your way to and from the bars and night clubs in that area (Sky Garden is right opposite).

  • Prices: About 500k for short time (negotiable).

Bali Ladyboy on Dating SiteBali Ladyboys on Dating Site

An increasingly popular way to meet ladyboys for sex in Bali is the online dating site called My Ladyboy Date.

This site has users from all over Indonesia (and even all other countries in Asia, which comes handy if you plan on visiting places like Thailand or the Philippines on the same trip).

After you have created your profile and uploaded a decent picture, you can browse through the ladyboys (you can specifically use filters like City: Bali, Age: 18-26, Trans women who are: Pre-op, etc.) and then send them a message. Often they will even contact you first if you have some sort of normal picture. Either way, it’s not difficult to arrange a dinner date.

  • Prices: The great thing about the dating site is that it’s the only practicable way to meet ladyboys who don’t want money to have sex with you. They usually have regular day jobs (hotel, shopping mall, shop employee etc.) and some of them are students.

What’s Your Best Option?

Each option has its ups and downs. While it can certainly be fun to party and drink first in the bars or clubs, you will probably spend quite a lot of money (for your own drinks, for her drinks and for however much she wants for the sex afterwards – assuming she is a hooker, which is very likely in these places).

The same goes for the massages and street hookers – the advantage of the massage ladyboys is that they are pretty hot, but they aren’t that easy to find as the locations change frequently. Different with the street hookers, who are known to hang out at the Ground Zero Monument. But again, both will cost you money. That explains why the dating site has become so popular among guys who are more money-concerned and don’t like alcohol and loud music that much.

Map of Places to Meet Ladyboys in Bali

Video of Ladyboys in Bali