5 Best Nightclubs in Bali To Meet Girls

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Bali | Indonesia | Nightlife

Girls in Bali Nightclub

One of the best places to meet girls in Bali’s nightlife are the nightclubs. There are all different types of joints from tourist-clubs with “Bule-oriented” girls, stylish and semi-open air beach bars where you can party the night away to hip and loud local clubs in Denpasar where you’ll get plenty of attention from the girls as not many foreigners go there.

Most of the night clubs in Bali are located in Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar. You probably already know Kuta and Seminyak fairly well if you stay there (you should be, because it offers the best opportunities to meet girls), and Denpasar, well again it’s very local for the most part but can be fun for an adventure here and then.

Bali’s club scene is extremely sophisticated, you’ll notice soon how cool and modern these places look like (at least the best ones I’m listing here) and that the owners put in a lot of money and marketing efforts to attract boys and girls of all ages every night – which is not really a surprise as the clubs are the only legit place to get wild and naughty without worrying that the authorities raid and shut it down without prior notice (like it’s often the case with the KTVs and girly bars).

One thing that’s kind of annoying though is that the entrance fees are quite expensive – but no one seems to bother because of the lack of real alternatives. And (un)fortunately, there isn’t a dress code in those places – at least they don’t really enforce it like in Jakarta, because they are mostly oriented towards tourists (except from Boshe).

Here is the updated list of the 5 best and most popular nightclubs in Bali – with a clear priority on places that are not only well visited, but also suitable for meeting a nice Indonesian girl for the night:

Sky Garden (Kuta)

Best Nightclub in BaliSky Garden is Bali’s best nightclub in every category: There are six different rooms over four floors, the setup is the newest and most modern on the entire island, they have renowned international DJs (and get regularly voted into the top 100 clubs worldwide), and most importantly:

No other club in Bali has more sexy Indonesian girls partying every night. It’s not difficult to meet one of them at all – it usually starts with intense eye contact, a few smiles, and then you should make your move and say hi. They are very easy going for the most part and it’s much easier than you may know it from back home.

Just be aware that Sky Garden is also known for its huge number of “working girls”, means freelancers who are looking for financial sponsors. In any case, they expect you to buy a drink or two, and then you’ll figure out soon if she wants money for going home with you or not.

Start off with a drink on the atmospheric Rooftop Garden Lounge, before heading inside to the different party rooms. Even though the entrance is expensive (see below), the drinks are not, and if you have only enough time for one club to visit in Kuta – Sky Garden it should be.

  • Entrance Fee: 200k (weekdays) / 250k (weekends), including 2 beers or 1 spirit
  • Girls Quantity: 10/10
  • Working Girls: 70%

La Favela (Seminyak)

Girls in La Favela

La Favela is the hugely popular mix of bar and nightclub up in trendy Seminyak (just north of Kuta).

The ambience there is beautiful, it all looks like a piece of Brazil with the wooden furniture, well shaken cocktails and big Christ Statue on the rooftop. And lots of attractive Indo girls here as well – 90% of the local girls who want to meet a foreigner go to either Sky Garden or La Favela.

Because that’s what La Favela is: Seminyak’s response to Kuta’s Sky Garden – just more stylish and relaxed (even though the music inside is extremely loud).

  • Entrance Fee: none, but expect long lines at the door on weekends after midnight
  • Girls Quantity: 9/10
  • Working Girls: 60%

Boshe VVIP Club (Kuta)

Boshe VVIP Club Bali

Probably the most popular nightclub among the local Indonesians in Bali, Boshe VVIP Club is ultra-modern with the best (and loudest) sound system on the island and daily live music on the big stage.

Since most people here are locals, you’ll see them partying Asian-style, means sitting at a table and sharing a bottle of whiskey. However, like you can see in my picture, there are also a few single ladies to be met.

There is also a KTV in the same building (walk through the left door at the entrance) where young and lovely girls are available for company – either in the karaoke rooms, or to join you to the club. More infos on the prices further down the guide.

  • Entrance Fee: 120k
  • Girls Quantity: 4/10
  • Working Girls: 20%

Dee Jay Club (Kuta)

Dee Jay Club Bali

The famous late night club in Kuta, Dee Jay doesn’t open until 1am, and doesn’t close before 11am either! It’s the perfect place to go if you haven’t met a girl in Sky Garden or La Favela yet.

There are lots of round tables with bar stools all around, VIP lounges on the sides (you get one if you open a bottle of whiskey or come with several friends) and a big dance floor in front of the stage (it’s usually “only” a DJ with laser light effects, but they do have events going on every other week).

Note that Dee Jay’s location on Google Maps is wrong – it’s actually located in a small side alley called Jalan Kuta Center so the loud music in the middle of the night bothers nobody. Check out my map below.

  • Entrance Fee: 100k, including 1 drink
  • Girls Quantity: 5/10
  • Working Girls: 40%

Club Jenja (Seminyak)

Club Jenja Bali

Club Jenja is quite popular among expats in Bali. I’ve only been there once recently, but they were quite arrogant at the door. They asked me if I had a reservation. I said no and they asked for 150k – no drinks included. I didn’t go inside because I didn’t feel welcome here at all.

  • Entrance Fee: 150k
  • Girls Quantity: 6/10
  • Working Girls: 10%

Map of the Best Nightclubs in Bali

Drink Prices in Bali’s Nightclubs

I’ve already told you the entrance fees in each club’s description above, so now onto the drink prices.

You’ll usually pay 50-70k for a beer or 80-100k for spirits. A full bottle of whiskey costs around 2-2.5 million for the standard stuff (Absolut Vodka, Black Label, Bombay Sapphire Gin etc).

Here is the drink menu of Sky Garden:

Bali Night Club Drink Prices

And if you are curious about the prices for drinks and girls in the KTVs, here is the menu of Boshe Karaoke which is in the same building as the club:

Bali KTV Price List

If you take the ladies just to the club and buy your drinks there, they charge a fee of 565k / 787k (two categories of girls, depending on how attractive they are).

Videos of Nightclubs in Bali