5 Places to Meet Sexy Girls in Medellin

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Medellin GirlsFew countries are better for meeting girls for sex right now than Colombia. The secret is finally getting out.

This country is relaxed, scenic, inexpensive, and absolutely full of beautiful girls that are often drawn to foreigners. For those that have either grown weary of spots like Brazil and Argentina, or are simply wanting a new experience, Colombia is the top choice.

Medellin is without doubt the most popular city in Colombia. While the insanity of the drug wars left a mark in the 80s and 90s, Medellin has come a long way back from the lawlessness and general upheaval that ravaged this amazing city for so long.

If you’ve been anywhere in the country, you have probably heard of “paisas” at some point. These paisas are girls from the state of Antioquia, which Medellin happens to be the capital of. There are over 2 million people spread out over the hills and changing terrain of this city, and about half of those are paisas.

These girls are among the most beautiful you’ll encounter. It’s actually kind of weird how many beautiful girls are here. Supermarkets, bars, gas stations – literally everywhere you go. Dudes here are seriously spoiled in terms of finding hot and easy going Latina girls for sex.

If you’re traveling through Colombia and are wondering about the best cities to meet girls, Medellin has to be on your list of stops. In fact, you might want to mark a week or two off just to stay here and experience it in all its glory.

There are are few things to keep in mind before arriving, if you want to have a successful sex vacation and meet as many girls as you can.

What to Know Beforehand

Medellin is a very cultural city, and they have taken great pride in coming back from everything that happened here decades ago. The city is actually very nice in most parts, and has plenty of urban center action that keeps it bustling.

Of course, as with any city, there are some bad parts you’ll want to avoid. Always be careful when going out at night too, and only walk where there’s plenty of other people and lots of lighting. Take a taxi or Uber as much as you can.

The mayor recently announced a crackdown on the sex trade, especially in terms of escort services that set up clients with girls. This is mainly due to underage girls being peddled. If you think someone may be too young, get away from it. There are plenty of legal ways to have sex with a Colombian hooker, mostly by way of bar freelancers and massage parlors, although some strip clubs and informal brothels are a good source too.

The girls in Medellin can be a bit shy, especially at first. Your best bet is to be the one that approaches, and you’ll usually know if a girl is into you because she’ll make it very obvious. Social circles are crucial here too. If you want to have sex with a “normal” girl (no prostitute), you have to make friends with her group, which will include other guys.

It’s all good though. Just make friends with the guys by introducing yourself, buying a few drinks, and they’ll be sending their girl pals your way before you know it. That’s just how it is here. Join the party, get rewarded. Knowing Spanish, or at least knowing some greetings and phrases will go far too.

Be aware of the nearest love motels to where you are in case you need a room. Also, make sure you have WhatsApp, Google Translate, and Uber on your phone. You’ll be glad. Oh, and you might want to take some salsa dancing lessons at the beginning of your trip.

One last thing. Pay close attention to your appearance. Yes, if you’re an obvious gringo you have an advantage, but grooming and clothing choices are crucial. Trim that beard down short, trim your nose hairs and eyebrows, and if you have bushy armpits, shave them. Yes, seriously. Also, don’t wear shorts or sandals, especially if you want to get into the clubs.

Here are the five best places to meet girls for sex in Medellin:

Medellin Girls in Bars

Like most cities in Latin America, bars aren’t always the best place to meet girls for sex, but you can still have some success, and meet plenty of nice Colombian chicas as well. The bars aren’t so lively during the week, but Thursday through Sunday is a good time to visit some.

The girls will often be out in groups at bars, so you’ll have to approach them and try to meet everyone, before feeling out your prospects. Expect to buy plenty of drinks. Small talk is easy, just ask if you can join them, and ask if they want anything.

The La Strada Mall has lots of shopping and restaurants, but also plenty of bars as well. It’s a big gathering hub all week, so you can find girls in bars, or even meet some who are out shopping and ask them to join you for a drink. Hostels often have bars here as well, and many Medellin girls who are hoping to meet a gringo will often hang out there.

Parque Lleras is a very popular park area in the city that is one of the main hangout spots for locals, tourists and expats. You can hang out in the park and drink by purchasing beers from vendors, or make your way to any of the nearby bars. The best bars in that area with plenty of “open minded” girls are Trilogia Live Bar, Sixttina, Cuchitril, Rock Cafe Dali and San CarbónThree Cordilleras Brewery is a popular spot on Thursdays, which is one of the main party days here.

Medellin Girls in Night Clubs

Girls in Medellin Night Club

Clubs are much more ideal for finding girls for sex in Medellin. Girls here love to dance, and it’s a good way to break the ice and get around some language barriers if need be. Most large clubs are closed Monday through Wednesday, but when Thursday comes, it’s on.

Your best method in the clubs should be to just go right up to a girl and ask her to dance. After a song or two, leave the floor and find another one. This generates plenty of intrigue that can work in your favor. As always, make friends with girls and guys, and keep an eye out for any dudes being too possessive. Oh, and don’t leave your drink unattended – you never know.

Just as with bars, Parque Lleras and the La Strada Mall are the areas with the most popular clubs and the hottest girls (but beware, also plenty of shemales). Dulce Jesus Mio, Kukaramakara Medellin and The Blue Bar (photo) are some spots that you have to visit at least once. If you really want to boost your chances, check out Club Babylon on Thursday night, as it’s their Ladies Night. Be sure to make a plan so you can bounce from one to the other if need be.

Happy Ending Massage in Medellin

Medellin Happy Ending MassageMassage parlors in Medellin are fairly abundant, and you can usually get a pretty good deal in terms of the quality of girl and price. Standard massages with no sex start at around 30,000 COP, or get full service for around 130,000 COP.

The parlors can have anywhere from 3 to 12 girls working at one time, with varying levels of attractiveness. You may have to ask for how much certain services are, but you can almost always get a happy ending (hand job) or even full service with an hour session in exchange for some tip.

The Secret Sala, located at Carrera 70a # 43-52, is 90,000 COP for a blow job session, and 140,000 COP for a full sex session.

I personally prefer Fantasia Energy, located at Carrera 74 # 49-101. There are about 15 girls here, and the prices range from 115,000 to 170,000 COP depending on the quality of girl and session length.

And if that’s not enough, you can also check out Sexy Club Amigas on Carrera 45D, Alejas on Carrera 53 and New Life on Calle 56.

Escort Girls in Medellin

If you’re having trouble having sex with Medellin girls the conventional way, or if you want to sample some of the finest talent in the country, escort services are prevalent and an easy way to bang a very hot Colombian girl. You’ll definitely have to pay up for it, but it can be more than worth it.

Although you can take the standard route and contact an escort agency or girl directly, you can also pick one up at a strip club. There you’ll have to pay an exit fee to the bar, but for about 250,000 COP you can often have a beautiful girl joining you to your hotel for sex for an hour or two.

Agencies are the easiest method if you are looking to have someone come directly to where you’re staying. Lux Models is one of the better agencies you can use. Most girls are around 300,000 COP for 90 minutes, and you can negotiate for more hours, or a full night but that’s quite expensive. Escorts Fantasia is another great service with even more girls to choose from, for about the same prices.

Medellin Girls on Dating Sites

If you want to meet girls in Medellin that are both super attractive and fun to hang out with, using a dating site is probably your best option. Seeking Arrangement is a hugely popular dating site both among expats in the country as well as tourists who want to meet up with nice local ladies.

And what’s great about this site (apart from the thousands of sexy women online at any daytime) is that you can arrange your dates conveniently from at home, even before starting your trip, means you don’t waste any time.

Medellin Awaits

Medellin is truly one of the best cities in the world for meeting young and attractive women for sex. They’re hot, they’re friendly, and they are easy to hang out with. This is really an amazing city in many ways, and one that you’ll have a good time in even when not chasing after the gorgeous paisas here.

As long as you keep in mind what I’ve mentioned, and plan accordingly, you surely have a trip to remember.

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