Guide to Brothels / Strip Clubs / Sex Massages in Medellin

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Medellin Massage GirlMedellin is famous for a lot of different things, some of which have nothing to do with girls. Regardless, the local women are pretty high up on that list, and if you visit here, you’ll see why.

For whatever reason, Colombian women from the state of Antioquia are definitely among the world’s finest. It’s almost absurd. Walk the streets in some of the nicer parts of the city at any point in the day and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Trying to bed a local girl here is fairly hit or miss, but you certainly have plenty of options when it comes to the many working ladies that are around here.

Sex with Medellin girls can be found in many different venues, and one of the most notable and accessible ones are the erotic happy ending massage parlors.

If you’re familiar with sex massages or brothels in general in other South American countries, you’ll know what to expect for the most part. Strange locations, varying quality in girls, and, for the most part, a pretty good bargain (in comparison to the other sex workers).

Prostitution is legal in Colombia, as long as there is no third party involved. The erotic massage parlors manage to skirt the rules all over the continent, as they are sly about how they word what they do the majority of the time. Still, these locations can come and go, and many of the lesser-known ones don’t last very long.

Fortunately, there are still a handful of parlors in Medellin that have managed to build quite a reputation over the years – and you will find them all in this guide.

How it works

Sex massages in Medellin all run the same way, for the most part. You enter and pay for your session, which is the fee for the actual massage and includes the “happy ending” which is almost always sex. Inquire if you’re unsure or just read my descriptions of the places listed below. Tipping is optional, but if you plan on coming back, and want an even better experience with the same girl, you should tip generously so she’ll remember you, and give a little more effort and special attention next time.

Brothels are more straight forward and basically just “bang & go”: You walk in, the manager will call up the girls to introduce themselves, you make a choice, pay for the service, follow her to the room to have sex, take a shower (if they have one), and leave.

And the strip clubs are the third type in this category, operating as de-facto brothels as well, means you can first enjoy yourself in the bar area watching the ladies dancing and hang out and drink with someone you like, before taking her to a room in the back to have sex. In any category of places, it’s a common practice that the girl will start with a blow job after applying the condom.

Different locations have different amounts of girls working, so your choices will vary depending on where you are.

Okay, onto the best locations.

Jade Palace Spa

Happy Ending Massage in Medellin

Let’s start with the only sex massage spa in the El Poblado tourist area (at least the only one that I know of). The value you get at Jade Palace Spa seems almost too good to be true after you’ve inquired the prices of the confident and English-speaking street hookers of Parque Lleras (100 USD is often their first offer). But believe me, it gets even better in terms of value-for-money if you look at the following locations. Anyway:

Jade Palace Spa is located on the 2nd floor of a corner building at the Calle 10 / Carrera 38 intersection right in the heart of the El Poblado area (you can find the exact locations of all places on the map at the end of the guide). You will have to ring the bell downstairs and they will open the door for you. That bell is really easy to find, just take a look at my video down below.

When you get to the lobby, they will give you the service menu. Different things to chose there, but the most commonly used services are 30 minutes for 160k and 1 hour for 180k, both including massage and sex. There are about 5-7 girls working here at a time, and even though they won’t present you all chicas at once like other parlors, you can usually choose between 2-3 girls in a room.


Medellin Brothel

Hands down, the highest class and quality brothel in Medellin. Loutron is discretely located up in the hills amongst the trees, a private road is leading up from the main road, so the building isn’t even publicly visible. You will mostly see wealthy Colombian men here, but they will treat you just as nice as a foreigner (no gringo surcharges).

When you arrive, the security guy will lead you inside the property that almost feels like the giant home of a… you know what I mean. A friendly Colombian lady who serves as the manager will greet you in a big room with tables and big open doors overlooking a garden. You can order something to drink and relax. No rush in this place. Oh, and you’ll get a pen and piece of paper.

Then, one at a time, the available ladies who all look like models and wear thin and sexy dresses, will come inside that room and briefly introduce themselves to you with a smile (they even open their dress and turn around), before moving on to the other guys’ tables and doing the same. So you guessed it, you can write down the names of all ladies you like and then make up your choice. Of course, it can happen that you tell the manager which one you would like, but another guy was quicker, which is awkward and funny at the same time. Just be patient, there are 12-15 girls working here in total (I’ve inquired).

The price for a 60 minute massage & sex session in a nice room with a huge mirror that fills almost the complete side of a wall and attached bathroom is 350k, or alternatively 380k for 70 minutes. You can also pay by credit card, but there will be a 10% surcharge.

Spa Fantasias Energy

Medellin Erotic Massage

Fantasias Energy is a highly professional happy ending massage parlor in Medellin that has very hot girls, and nice facilities as well. Located at Carrera 74 #101 49 (near the stadium), it’s pretty discreet, but very comfortable on the inside. The girls here present themselves in sexy silk dresses.

You can take your time and drink something in the lobby (right picture), a water is 5k and a beer 8k. They have only one service and price: It’s 160k for 60 minutes (massage and sex included).

This place seems to be oriented towards foreigners (I never saw Colombian guys here) and it’s all very clean and neat. The rooms are just as nice as the much more expensive Loutron (see above) and there are some real hotties as well.

New Life

Medellin Adult Entertainment Club

New Life has been around for nearly a decade, and will probably be around for at least another. You can find it in El Centro at Calle 56 #43-39, and it’s definitely discreet. There are usually 7-10 girls working, and the quality is simply awesome most of the time (those gorgeous asses alone). The female manager is pretty sweet as well, you’ll feel in the right place right from the beginning. Just ring the bell downstairs and walk through the 2 doors (good security) and up to the 2nd floor.

You sit down at one of the couches in the lobby and the available ladies will come to you one after another to greet you (usually even with a handshake, they say like “Hola, Linda, mucho gusto”).

It’s almost unbelievable what kind of value this place offers, just look at the price menu in my picture. There aren’t massages included, it’s basically just hang out and sex. You can even spend more time with your lady than you were planing to, means when you’re finished your girl will tell the cashier how long you were together and you pay the price accordingly.

Believe me, New Life is a gem for any monger.

Playmates Bar Show

Medellin Strip Club

Now onto the strip clubs of El Centro, the more rough but super fun downtown area of Medellin.

My top recommendation in this category is Playmates Bar Show (ignore the grammar issue) located next to a couple of other strip clubs on Calle 53, right opposite Plaza Botero, which is sort of in the middle of one of the 2 red light districts of Medellin.

Walk through the entrance (no cover charge) and down the stairs to get to the club area, where 1-2 of the 10-15 girls are dancing on stage at a time. Before I forget it, there are some attractive Venezuelan girls working here. Sit down and order a drink (a Pilsen costs only 8k). Sooner or later, you may want to have one of the senoritas sit with you, just buy her a lady drink (only 10k, of which she receives 2k).

And yes, you guessed it, they have rooms in the same building (up on the 2nd floor) to have sex with your lady for a price of 80k plus 20k for the room rental.

Really nice and relaxed bar, no rushes, no dual-pricing. Absolutely recommended.

Barra Ejecutiva

Medellin Gentlemen's Club

Just 350m (5 mins walk) from Playmates Bar Show (see above) is the biggest strip club in El Centro Medellin: Barra Ejecutiva.

While you can walk into Playmates at 4pm in the afternoon and find the action in full swing, things get going much later at Barra Ejecutiva. Even though they open at around 4:30pm, at this time you will probably only find two or three ladies on the stage practising pole dancing. It’s better if you come after 8pm to find the full selection of girls and party atmosphere with lots of guys drinking at their tables (mostly Colombians).

As for the prices: No entrance fee, a beer costs 13k, lady drinks 17k, and a sex session in one of their rooms is around 120k (depending on the girl).

Other places worth checking out:

  • Fase II: Cra. 44 #30-27, Medellín, La Candelaria. It’s a huge strip club that works just like the locations in El Centro (see the descriptions above).
  • Luna Lunera: Avenida 33 #63b – 221, Medellín. Another gentlemen’s club.
  • Om Spa For Men: Centro Comercial Río Sur local 417, Cra. 43A #6 Sur 26. 5 girls. Prices: 60k for 1 hour, but different services available including 4 hands massage. 100k for “basic extra” (hand job). Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 8pm.
  • Esperanza Marin Spa: Cl 11A #43B 86, Medellín, El Poblado. 10 or more girls on any given day. Prices: range from 32,000 COP to 52,000 COP for one girl. Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 9am to 6pm.
  • Oasis Massein: Cl. 35a #86 – 29, Medellín. 4-5 girls. Prices: 50,000 COP for a full hour session. Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm.

Map of Massage Parlors / Strip Clubs / Brothels in Medellin


Medellin definitely has a lot going for it in the way of erotic massages. As with most other cities on the continent, these massages are a great alternative to the more flashy and drawn-out experiences at proper brothels and strip clubs, and certainly cheaper than getting an escort.

I recommend any of the ones listed above, but always remember, you aren’t guaranteed anything on a certain day, so have a backup plan in case one is closed, or if you simply don’t like the talent that day. With just a little research on the ground, you can line up for yourself some great sex with Medellin girls for the duration of your stay, regardless of how long it is.

Video of Adult Entertainment Clubs in Medellin