Happy Ending Massage in Medellin (Hand Job / Blow Job)

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Medellin is famous for a lot of different things, some of which have nothing to do with girls. Regardless, the local women are pretty high up on that list, and if you visit here, you’ll see why. For whatever reason, Colombian women from the state of Antioquia are definitely among the world’s finest. It’s almost absurd. Walk the streets in the some of the nicer parts of the city at any point in the day and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Trying to bed a local girl here is fairly hit or miss, but you certainly have plenty of options when it comes to the many working ladies that are around here. Sex with Medellin girls can be found in many different venues, and one of the most notable and accessible ones are the erotic happy ending massage parlors.

Medellin Massage Girl

If you’re familiar with sex massages in other South American countries, you’ll know what to expect for the most part. Strange locations, varying quality in girls, and, for the most part, a pretty good bargain (in comparison to the other sex workers).

Prostitution is legal in Colombia, as long as there is no third party involved. The erotic massage parlors manage to skirt the rules all over the continent, as they are sly about how they word what they do the majority of the time. Still, these locations can come and go, and many of the lesser-known ones don’t last very long.

Fortunately, there are still a handful of parlors in Medellin that have managed to build quite a reputation over the years – and you will find them all in this guide.

How it works

Sex massages in Medellin all run the same way, for the most part. You enter and pay for your session, which is the fee for the actual massage, and usually a happy ending. After paying the initial fee, you can choose to include other “services”, including actual sex. Tipping is optional, but if you plan on coming back, and want an even better experience with the same girl, you should tip generously so she’ll remember you, and give a little more effort and special attention next time.

Different locations have different amounts of girls working, so your choices will vary depending on where you are. Some locations have showers that you can use before and after, and may even get to join your girl in some cases. The better happy ending massage spots have nice rooms that are very much private, and almost resemble stripped-down love hotel rooms.

As for the services, the most basic “packages” will include a hand job and/or blow job, with full sex costing a little more. If you’re lucky, the location may even let you have two girls at once, for about 50% more money. Sex massages in Medellin are already pretty economical, so this is a great way to really have some fun without blowing all your money.

So, to sum it up, these happy massage parlors are basically brothels, but with a bit more focus. Everything is done on site, and everything is done in time blocks. Be nice, be respectful, use basic etiquette, and you’ll be okay.

Okay, onto the best locations.

Fantasia Energy

Fantasia Energy is a highly professional happy ending massage parlor in Medellin that has very hot girls, and nice facilities as well. Located at Carrera 74 # 49-101 (Sector el Estadio), it’s pretty discreet, but very comfortable on the inside. There are several different rooms you can choose, and that includes options such as a shower room massage.

The website is pretty informative, and there’s even a cheesy YouTube video you can watch that will walk you through everything (I have added it at the end of the guide, in case you can’t find it, or too lazy to look for it). The site lets you preview the girls, but not by name, and they are all wearing some ridiculous costumes, but hey.

Prices are a little higher than some other places, but you get a wide range of options, (including a few that really don’t make sense). 115,000 COP is as cheap as they go, and that includes a 30 minute massage with sex. For some reason, a 30 minute massage with blow job instead is 5,000 COP more. Prices for both services climb with each 15 minutes you add on.

For 270,000 COP, you can get two girls for an hour, and that includes the massage, hand job or sex – whatever you feel like. They’ll accommodate couples for a bit more, and you can even schedule a home call for 300,000 COP, for an hour. If you really want to get a full experience that is similar to GFE, you can book a girl for anywhere from 6 to 24 hours. Heck, they even do bachelor parties. Fantasia Energy is worth a visit.

Happy Ending Massage in Medellin

The Secret Sala

One of the more advertised sex massage locations in Medellin, The Secret Sala isn’t all that secret, and if you check out their website, you’ll see they aren’t very secret about what they do.

Located at Carrera 70a # 43-52 (San Juan with the 70), The Secret Sala has some very hot girls, and decent prices for the quality as well. You don’t get the full-on preview of the girls that escort sites offer, but you’ll definitely get a good idea of what they are working with.

Prices start out at 90,000 COP for a half hour that finishes with a blow job, and 140,000 COP for a full hour of massage and sex. For 240,000 COP, you can get two girls for a full hour. They open at 11:00am, and stay open until around 8:00pm, depending on the day.

So no, this isn’t a late night spot that you can taxi over to after a night of drinking or something, but if you need some action before dinner, and you want hot chicas for a great price, make sure you give Secret Sala a try.

Sexy Club Amigas

This one has been around for awhile, and is actually quite popular. Sexy Club Amigas can be found at Carrera 45D #57-67, and it’s a fairly decent spot, and super cheap. The staff is friendly too, and nothing feels out of place when you go inside.

When you do actually make it inside, you’ll meet the manager, who will offer you a beer, which you should take. It’ll cost you about 4,000 COP, but whatever. After hanging for a bit, they’ll bring the parade of girls in for you to choose from.

Depending on the day and time, this could be as many as 10-15. The selection is good, especially for the price. Speaking of that, you can get a 30 minute session for 30,000 COP, and an hour will run you 70,000 COP. You may need to negotiate with the girl when in the room for specific prices for certain services (HJ, BJ or sex).

After choosing the girl, you’ll be led to a room where you can shower beforehand. Also, just a heads up, you may need to sort of prod the girl along if she’s giving you an extended massage. Depending on her mood, she may want to put off the sex part as long as she can, but so it goes.


Another parlor in Medellin that’s a little more on the budget side of things, but that’s not always so bad. If anything, you can always leave and go somewhere else. Alejas is located at Carrera 53 #61A-19. There are usually at least 3 chicas working, and most of the time you’ll luck out.

The prices are great for what you get. 30,000 COP gets you 30 minutes of anything, while just 45,000 COP can buy you a full hour. If you like the girl, tip her another 5-10,000 COP, and ask when she’ll be back again. You may end up with a cheap setup while you’re in town. Hours are not late: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm.

New Life

New Life has been around for nearly a decade, and will probably be around for at least another. You can find it at Calle 56 # 43-39, and it’s definitely discreet. There are usually 5-10 girls working, and the quality is pretty good most of the time. The two managers are kind of annoying though, so be forewarned – it’s not you, it’s them.

There are private rooms, and they include a shower as well. The prices fluctuate quite a bit, but about 45,000 COP will get you a 30 minute session, and 90,000 COP gets you the full hour. The chicas tend to ask for tips afterwards, so again, beat her to the punch and you’ll have a better experience the next time you come in and ask for her.

Other places worth checking out:

  • Geishas: Calle 58 # 51-40, at the Plaza de la Estació / Prado del Metro. 8 girls. Prices: 30,000 COP for 30 minutes, 45,000 COP for an hour. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm.
  • Casa Verde / Divinas Club: Calle 58 (Av. Oriental) # 49-68, Piso 2. 10 or more girls on any given day. Prices: range from 32,000 COP to 52,000 COP for one girl. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am-7:30pm. Sundays 10:30am to 5pm.
  • Casa de Fantasias: Calle 57 (La Paz) # 50-19. 4-5 girls. Prices: 40,000 COP for a full hour session. Hours: Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm. Sundays and Holidays 11am to 5pm.

Map of Happy Ending Massage Parlors in Medellin


Medellin definitely has a lot going for it in the way of erotic massages. As with most other cities on the continent, these massages are a great alternative to the more flashy and drawn-out experiences at proper brothels and strip clubs, and certainly cheaper than getting an escort.

I recommend any of the ones listed above, but always remember, you aren’t guaranteed anything on a certain day, so have a backup plan in case one is closed, or if you simply don’t like the talent that day. With just a little research on the ground, you can line up for yourself some great sex with Medellin girls for the duration of your stay, regardless of how long it is.

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