Guide to the 2 Red Light Districts in Medellin

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If it’s your first time in Medellin or Colombia in general, you will simply be overwhelmed by the huge diversity of smoking hot Latina ladies of all different shapes and colors you could possibly imagine.

Colombia is the Thailand of Latin America to me – it’s super easy to enjoy yourself at cheap prices and get exactly what you wished for – even if you speak very little or no Spanish at all. I have already created guides to all different aspects of the naughty nightlife and chica scene in Medellin here on Girls Heavens, and today will be the final part of the series with a topic you are surely very interested in:

Medellin has 2 unofficial red light districts. What I mean by “unofficial” is that these are actually ordinary neighborhoods of the city where the sex workers are standing or walking around the streets and offering their services to pretty much any guy they meet. To be more precise, these areas are El Centro (downtown) and El Poblado (tourist area).

Of course, since Medellin is probably the best city in Latin America to easily meet and sleep with local girls by using the popular dating site, you might even ask yourself why bother and pay money for prostitutes. Well, I guess it’s because the prices are so damn cheap (if you know where to go) and the hookers in Medellin are simply so hot and passionate in bed, you get the feeling that they really love to have sex and are great at it, too.

Before I get to the main part of this guide, one more thing: Something more important to know than the two general red light areas is the big picture: There are 2 types of working ladies in Medellin – not just in the RL areas, but all over the city: Brothel girls (this also includes strip clubs that have short time rooms on site as well as erotic massage spas) and Prepagos, which are freelancers offering their services either on various websites online or the street prostitutes you can find in the red light districts:

1. El Centro

Medellin Red Light District

El Centro is the downtown area of Medellin and many people will advise you not to go there because of safety reasons. While it’s true that El Centro is kind of rough around the edges (you’ll see or even encounter lots of poor and desperate people), according to my own experiences it’s absolutely fine to go there alone as a white foreigner as long as you go during the daytime (before sunset). Just be careful and use your common sense, and it won’t be more dangerous than walking around downtown San Francisco. There is even some police presence for everyone’s security.

Now to the juicy part. There is a church called Parroquia de la Veracruz, and in the streets surrounding this church, as well as across Plaza Botero right next to it, you will find countless of prostitutes standing around, hoping you’ll be their next client. These women are often regarded as the lowest type of sex worker in Medellin, because they tend to be older than the average hooker. But still, you’ll definitely find some gorgeous culos (asses) here if you take a look around, and also ladies from neighboring countries, in particular Venezuela. In fact, if it’s your goal to pull a Venezuelan lady, this is probably the best place to do it (you’ll also find a few in Playmates Bar Show strip club nearby).

There are even several bars right next to each other along Carrera 53 (see the map marker below) where you can drink, chat and laugh with the local guys and be surrounded by these naughty and half-naked senoritas, slowly making up your choice who you want to have sex with in one of the rooms upstairs.

  • Prices: So yes, you can take these women right to a room inside the buildings they are standing in front of. The room rental fee is only 10-30k (very basic to be fair), and believe it or not, the price for sex with a prostitute in El Centro Medellin is between 30k and 70k, depending on how old and attractive she is.

2. El Poblado

Medellin Sex Workers

El Poblado is where you probably are staying during your trip to Medellin – at least that’s what I highly advise you to do, as it’s the nicest and safest area of the city, the “new money” neighborhood if you will. All over the streets surrounding the famous Parque Lleras and the main road Calle 10 between Carrera 42 and Carrera 35, you will find great restaurants, hotels, restaurants and bars, bars and bars. So yes, this is the number one tourist area of Medellin.

And it’s also the second red light district of Medellin. Starting from the early afternoon (sometimes even earlier than that), you can walk around the places I just highlighted in bold and will encounter girls that are so hot and sexy that you may rather assume they work as models instead of street prostitutes. Seriously, the quality is insane.

That’s the one main difference to El Centro. The other one is that you won’t take these ladies to a shady short time hotel, but to your own hotel. So make sure the place you are staying at is guest-friendly, means they don’t stop you walking through the lobby with your girl and claim that they don’t allow guests in their rooms. Check out my list of such guest friendly hotels to avoid any bad surprises.

  • Prices: Yes, you guessed it, the prices for the street hookers of Poblado are relatively expensive. Almost too expensive, in my opinion. They often quote you 100 USD as their first offer. You can definitely talk and bargain with them, but it usually won’t get any cheaper than 200-250k COP. But then, the advantage of taking one of these chicas is that they are hot as hell, clean and also speak decent English, which is very rare for sex workers in this city.

Map of Red Light Districts in Medellin

Video of Red Light Districts in Medellin