5 Places to Meet Ladyboys (Transgenders) in Medellin

Last updated: November 8th, 2023 | in Colombia | Ladyboys | Latin America | Medellin

Medellin ShemalesColombia has been on the up and up for years, especially when it comes to visiting the country to partake in the local talent. Medellin definitely falls on that list.

This big city is the second largest in the country, and sits in a very beautiful location that’s full of beautiful people – including shemales.

Things have calmed down in Medellin over the last decade or so, and the city is still making great strides in revitalizing the urban areas, and continuing to extinguish crime rates. No, it’s not a perfect place. But it’s come a long way, and is relatively safe, especially when you stay in the good areas, which are increasing each day.

The trans scene was a bit slow to grow at first, but it’s now taking off, and word is getting out.

You’ve probably heard about the “paisas” here, which refers to the local women who happen to be incredibly hot for whatever reason. Well, this applies to the trannies too, which explains why the scene is beginning to really burst.

You can come to Medellin and have a great time with different beautiful shemales, (or travestis) each night if you play your cards right. There are many ways to meet them, giving you plenty of options when setting out on your mongering journey during your visit.

This is Colombia, so there are a few things you need to know before your plane touches down here.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • Medellin is a very cultural city, and there is still a faction of those who are uncomfortable with transexuals. These can even spill over to the gay establishments in the city. It’s very weird, and very stupid. If you’re from the western part of the world, this sounds absurd, but it’s just how it is here. As a result, trannies are not so out in the open for the most part, so you have to work a little harder.
  • As with any bigger city, there are plenty of areas to avoid. Never go walking around anywhere but the nicer parts of El Poblado at night, and always take taxis (or Uber) as much as you can. If you’re savvy enough, you can find some local friends by networking on the dating sites (more info below).
  • The mayor of Medellin recently announced a crackdown on the sex trade, mainly due to the large amount of underage kids being trafficked. If something seems off, or the girl seems too young, you should leave the situation immediately.
  • While the girls in Medellin can be a little shy, the shemales are not. If you encounter one at a bar or club, be direct and purposeful, no need to really play the game and drag things out like you’re in some kind of normal scenario. It is what it is, and the ladyboys here are aware.
  • Keep track of the nearest love motels to where you are in case you need a room. WhatsApp, Google Translate, and Uber should be on your phone already as well.
  • Oh, I almost forgot. Focus on your appearance. People here are very mindful of their clothing and appearance, and especially body hair. That’s just how it is here, so go with it. You’ll be glad you did.

Shemales in Medellin Bars

There aren’t any shemale-specific bars in Medellin that I can confirm, but I do know some bars that are popular among the LGBT community, so you can ask around, or go check them out for yourself to see the current status.

Donde Aquellos Bar is a gay-friendly bar in Parque Lleras that is known to have shemales lingering around most of the time. The location is great, and the bar itself is one of the best in general found in Medellin. Definitely a fun place to give a try at least one night. You can find it at Carrera 38 #9A-26 (see the map below).

Javi’s Cantina, located at Calle 58 #47-18, is a Mexican cantina-themed bar that is loved by the locals, and has a very diverse crowd as well.

Shemales in Medellin Nightclubs

Ladyboys in Medellin Nightclub

Again, no tranny-specific clubs here, but you’ll still be able to meet some at many of the biggest LGBT clubs in the city.

Bar Chiquita (photos above) is a new club that has been getting rave reviews, and is known as a club that is intentionally welcoming to any and all, which cannot be said for some of Medellin’s other gay clubs. There are several differently themed rooms (even one area with game machines) and they have shows going on from about 11pm. This club is located in El Poblado, and is surging in popularity right now (it’s packed on weekends), so you need to go check it out over at Carrera 37 #8a-88.

In fact, I did check it out recently to take a video (see below) and let you know of the prices: There’s a 10k cover charge, a Club Colombia beer costs 10k, a Corona 15k, and double shots of whiskey between 12k (local brand Aguardiente Antioqueño) and around 28k (Bombay Gin).

Discoteca Viva is a huge club with a big following, that is known for hosting some wild parties each week. The dance floor can hold upwards of 1,500 people, and the drinks are always flowing. The crowd is as wild as the club, so you should have success most nights when trying to find a shemale for some fun. Viva is located near the stadium at Calle 51 #100.

For those looking for something a little more upscale, check out Alta Gama Nightclub, located at Calle 9A #38-26 (look for the rainbow flags in Parque Lleras). There is a dress code of sorts, so don’t think you can get in wearing sandals or something. This is a newer club as well, but it has been frequented by trannies since it opened up, so it’s worth a shot.

Shemales Street Hookers in Medellin

Medellin Travestis

Hooking up with street trannies can be a little dangerous at times, but if you like the adventure, there’s plenty to be had here.

The prime spot in this category is definitely the El Centro red light area, specifically Plaza Botero and Carrera 53 right behind it. This is often regarded as the lowest type of prostitution in Medellin, but nevertheless, if you take a walk around here, you will definitely see some hotties that instantly make your blood flow towards the area between your legs. 30-40k Pesos for a quick sex session plus another 30k for the short time room (right inside one of the buildings in this area) is all you need to bring.

Parque Lleras is a popular spot in the city in general, and street prostitutes are known to find their way over there at night. It’s not too difficult to spot them.

Always be sure to use caution, and never accept a drink from any of them. Daytime is always best as well (especially in El Centro), if you can pull it off.

Shemales Escorts in Medellin

Medellin has some of the finest escorts around. If you’re striking out at the bars and clubs, or don’t want to do the streetwalker thing, hiring an escort will be well worth your time. There’s something for every taste, and these days you can easily browse countless choices and really narrow things down to your ideal ladyboy.

Yes, this is the most expensive way to go, but this is Medellin, so you’ll be getting the most for your money regardless. Also, if you find a trannie you like, you can keep calling her up during your stay for a more consistent experience.

To my knowledge, Mileroticos is the most popular site here. Colombia Travesti is another frequently used site.

Medellin Shemales on Dating Sites

Medellin Shemale on Dating SiteThere are some other options if you don’t want to head out to the clubs or streets when looking for someone to get intimate with. Dating sites are very effective, and for some shemales, may even be preferred.

Medellin is very laid back about homosexuality, but for some reason, the city still hasn’t fully warmed up to the growing tranny scene. This has driven some to favor dating sites when trying to meet both local men and traveling men, so you’d best take advantage.

My Ladyboy Date is the most popular site for shemale dating in Medellin. Setting up an account takes hardly any time, or you can just use your Facebook to login. The site is easy to use, and gives you lots of ways to filter out ladies.

For those that are lacking in the Spanish area, you can use built-in translators to make the back and forth a little easier. Highly recommended.


Medellin is certainly worth your time for some high-quality shemale mongering. You should now be much more prepared to hit the ground running, and rack off some great experiences during your stay. Take some time to enjoy all of the best offerings while you’re here, but most of all, the travestis.

Just remember to use common sense, a little courtesy, and a little caution, and you’ll ensure an eventful trip that you’ll hopefully be looking to repeat again in the near future.

Map of Places to Meet Ladyboys in Medellin

Video of Ladyboys in Medellin