5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Medellin

Last updated: November 7th, 2023 | in Colombia | Hotels | Latin America | Medellin

Medellin Girl with TouristYou’ve read elsewhere on Girls Heavens about where to meet girls in Medellin, but now we need to talk about where to stay, as it’s kind of important. Not just in terms of trying to stay in a nice hotel, or in some certain strategic area of town, but also in regards to supporting your mongering exploits. Like most places in South America, things are a bit different.

The first time I went to Medellin and met a girl, we came back to my hotel, walking hand-in-hand through the hotel lobby – when the nightshift guy at the reception suddenly stopped us. “No guest allowed”, he said. Talk about a mood killer. We had to turn around and go find a nearby love hotel. A pretty big hassle when you were originally minutes away from some fun happening.

So, with that said, finding hotels that are hospitable to your girl needs is fairly crucial when looking around for a place to book. Yes, you can choose to opt for the love hotel if you don’t want to worry about hotels that are girl-friendly, or if you don’t want to bring someone back period. But if you want the freedom and flexibility that result from being able to bring a girl back to your temporary home whenever you want, your choices are not as plentiful.

Fortunately, I’ve accumulated a quick list of 5 of the best chica-friendly hotels in Medellin, spanning a range of budgets and feels. This should take the guesswork out of trying to find a place that you don’t have to worry about encountering the situation that happened to me the first time I assumed Colombia was different from other certain South American countries/cities (like Buenos Aires).

If you’re curious about the best places in Medellin to stay in for nightlife and girls, situating yourself near Parque Lleras in El Poblado would be one of the more obvious choices. Each of these hotels is either right in or very close to this area to keep you close to the action – and more importantly, allows women to bring home for sex.

Aside from the chica-friendly factor, here are the other things I’ve considered when choosing these hotels:

  • Value – Some prefer to go cheap, while others like to spend more money for nicer accommodations. This list includes both, but all of these hotels still display a good sense of economic value for their price range.
  • Location – While not the most important aspect of a girl-friendly hotel, the location is still important for logistical reasons – and also for things like street noise, proximity to points of interest, bars, clubs, and whatever else.
  • Extra Stuff – I took into account any notable amenities that hotel offers that may up the incentive a little when deciding to stay there.

Alright then. Here are the 5 best hotels for sex tourists in Medellin:

Hotel Dix

Medellin Girl Friendly Hotel

My preferred hotel whenever I’m in Medellin. Hotel Dix is perfectly located in the heart of El Poblado, just 2 mins walk (less than 200m) from Parque Lleras with all its bars and super hot street ladies. The modern rooms are pretty perfect for guys like us too, with many of them even equipped with jacuzzis. And to top all that, they have an amazing rooftop with a gym, another jacuzzi and spectacular 360 degree views of the city. Definitely check out my video below.

And yes, this place is girl-friendly. It’s kind of funny, in fact, you could sit in the lobby every night and watch the guys walking in and out with their sexy senoritas. All of this is available for just $60 a night for a junior suite room like you can see in my pictures (including breakfast). Even rooms cheaper than that are available.

Hotel Casa Portico

Good Hotel in MedellinHotel Portico is another great hotel that won’t break the bank. It is located in El Poblado as well, and is about a block away from numerous restaurants and bars. Security is fairly tight, but you’ll be okay as long as you are with the girl you are bringing back. They use a buzzer system to let you in, so you may have trouble getting an escort in if you aren’t there to walk her in yourself.

There is no breakfast or a restaurant on the premises, but you won’t really need that with all the places that are close by. Be forewarned though – it can be a bit loud on the weekend, as the street is pretty happening, and you can hear the music from the clubs nearby. If you plan on partying, you’ll be fine. Rooms cost around $55, and you may be charged 23,000 COP for a visitor if she ends up hanging around too long in your room, but that depends on the desk attendant.

Hotel Dorado La 70

Best Hotel for Girls in MedellinHotel Dorado is quite impressive when you first walk in, and for the most part, is a very nice hotel located in a happening part of Estadio. The rooms are modern and well put together, and the staff is friendly about everything from questions on visiting the city’s attractions, to letting girls in.

As with most hotels in good areas like this, you’re going to deal with street noise on the weekends until around 3:00am, so prepare for that. You can request a non-balcony room, but then you’ll feel like you’re staying in a box. The bar downstairs is decent, and you get a few extra amenities that add to the experience, as well as a free breakfast. One night in a single room will cost you around $75 a night.

Hotel Poblado Plaza

Hotel for Sex in MedellinThe Hotel Poblado is located in, you guessed it, Poblado, and it’s a very impressive hotel that provides a luxurious experience in just about every way. It’s situated nearby a lot of attractions, and there’s even a Hard Rock Cafe right across the street. The hotel has all the amenities that you’d expect from a luxury hotel, including a massage, spa, restaurant, bar, and plenty more. Breakfast is very good, and you can enjoy it on a rooftop garden area, an excellent way to start your day.

The rooms are spacious, well decorated, and have a good minibar. The street noise is minimal as well. The only drawback is the 50,000 COP fee you’ll likely have to pay to bring a lady, but hey. One night in a standard room will run you about $100. Hotel Poblado is a great option to mix things up for a night or two if you are spending most of your stay at a cheaper hotel.

Art Hotel Boutique

Medellin Guest Friendly HotelOkay, if you insist on staying in Parque Lleras, and you have the budget, Art Hotel Boutique is the way to go. It’s about as close as you can get to the nightlife epicenter in Medellin, and the hotel itself is very impressive, for both you and any guest you bring back. Definitely works in your favor if you meet a girl and pull the “my hotel is just over there” move if you’re at a club or bar nearby.

The breakfast at Art Hotel Boutique is great, and there’s a nice rooftop bar you can hang out at and meet some girls if you’re lucky. You also get a spa, fitness center, sauna, and all that other stuff. Rooms are very nice, albeit a bit dark at night. Still, this place is one of the best in the city, and one of the best locations for sure. It’s going to cost you, though. $140 per night is the usual going rate here (including breakfast).

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