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Lombok GirlsA lot of guys who are vacationing in Bali decide to take a side trip to the neighboring island of Lombok, which is just a 5 hour ferry ride away, in the hope to find some sort of relaxed beach paradise with cheaper hotels, cheaper restaurants – and cheaper girls.

And you know what, that is all true.

You may not find the full range of Indonesian hookers in Lombok, but in the bars, clubs and massage salons that are there the ladies are generally more “authentic”, means less pushing and business oriented and don’t have nearly the same price expectations compared to their “colleagues” in Bali, where even the freelancers in the clubs have started asking for 1 million for short time.

Anyway, first things first – welcome to my ultimate guide to the nightlife and girly scene in Lombok. Let’s start by looking at the big picture, before going into more detail to the types of places to meet girls here:

Lombok Nightlife Overview

70-80% of all the nightlife and red light venues in Lombok (and all other kind of tourist places like hotels, restaurants and shops) are found on Senggigi on the West Coast. Means plenty of bars and massage salons are spread all along the main road, so you can drive around with the motorbike and stop wherever you like.

There are two main reasons why Senggigi is so popular. First: It’s the perfect gateway to the Gili islands, which are just about 20km further up north, so that’s perfect for a Bali-Lombok-Gili trip. And second: Mataram, the capital of the whole province of West Nusa Tenggara, is located just a few kilometers south of Senggigi, means you have close access to all of the local brothels in the northern part of town, which I come to in a moment.

And then there’s also Kuta on the Southern Coast (yes, that’s exactly the same name like the tourist hot spot in Bali), but that place is much more quiet and really more oriented towards families and couples who want to enjoy beautiful beaches during the daytime and romantic seafood restaurants at night, and not so much for single men looking for some fun with cute Lombok girls.

So, like you may have guessed, I will focus on Senggigi in this guide as that’s the place to be as a sex tourist:

Bars in Lombok

Lombok Girly Bar

Don’t expect anything like those typical beer bars oriented towards western men with bar girls employed for their enjoyment in Lombok, like you may know it from Bali or Jakarta.

Because there are no such places, but what you do find are several regular bars in the town center of Senggigi along the main road where you can have some cool beers and sometimes also meet some nice and “open-minded” local Lombok girls. The Beer House (top picture) is one of these places, it’s fun to hang out there, they have a huge selection of imported beers, and are one of the few places on the island that don’t serve fake local whiskey.

Senggigi GirlsAnother very popular bar with daily live music that’s full of both tourists and locals is Happy Cafe (right picture). You’ll see lots of foreign men in there who are accompanied by girls they’ve either met in Bali or here on the dating site.

Marios Bar was the only place where I saw an Indonesian girl flirting with two Australian tourists.

  • Prices: The drink prices in the bars of Senggigi are more or less the same everywhere: 30-45k for a Bintang or Bali Hai, 50-60k for imported beers like Heineken. Spirits are somewhat pricey like everywhere in Indonesia, means a glass of wine will cost you like 70-80k, and about the same for standard liquor like Jack Daniels Coke, Vodka Bull or Gin Tonic.

Nightclubs in Lombok

Lombok Nightclubs

A much better place to meet girls in Lombok’s Senggigi are the nightclubs. There are mainly 3 venues where most of the people party every night:

Sahara Club and Metropolis Club are located right next to each other in a small street connecting the main road with the beach road. It’s quite convenient as they are just down the street from Happy Bar and The Beer House (see above), so you can have a few drinks there first, and if you feel like you want to find some local girl you can check out the clubs.

And the third place is Marina Nite Club in the southern part of Senggigi, which is more like a mix of bar and club. They have 2 floors (DJ and dance floor are downstairs) and several nice seating areas outside.

  • Prices: Sahara and Metropolis charge an entrance fee of 80-100k, Marina doesn’t. The drink prices are very similar to the bars (see above), maybe 10-20k more expensive.

Happy Ending Massage in Lombok

Lombok Happy Ending Massage

The best part about the girly scene in Lombok is the huge number of small massage spas, full of local girls (well, many of them come from Java) who are providing happy endings in exchange for some tip.

You can easily discover them by driving along the main road in Senggigi. Actually, you might want to start on the beach road (the street that runs to Senggigi Beach), and Pondok Plaza (the square opposite of Sahara Club). There are already 6 massage places in that area, and if that isn’t enough you can drive on the main road towards Mataram, where you’ll discover more than a dozen of other such naughty spas.

When you ask the girls how much for a massage, they will usually quote you a random price (like 150k), but you can also talk with them straight how much they want for “special” services, means a hand job or sex.

  • Prices: 300k for a hand job, or 400-500k for sex are reasonable prices. Don’t pay more, the locals get it for about half that price.

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KTVs in Lombok

KTV in Lombok

I don’t mention the KTVs here as a good place to meet girls in Lombok, but in order to warn you to not visit one of them.

As a foreigner you will either get scammed in these places or they tell you right upfront ridiculous prices for the “VIP Room”, girls and drinks that no local Indonesian on Lombok could afford. If you really want to combine partying and meeting girls then go to Sahara Club (see above) or if you want some guaranteed sex then go to a massage spa (see above too).

  • Prices: Metzo Club (picture) is one of the more popular KTVs. When I inquired the prices they told me it’s 150k per hour for the room (minimum of 3 hours) and 100k per hour per girl. Of course that doesn’t even include any drinks yet, and no “specials” either (for that you will have to take out the girl anyway, and negotiate a price both with her and the manager, unless you are willing to wait until 4am when they close).

Street Hookers in Lombok

Lombok Street Hookers

If you ride your bike along the main road towards Mataram, you may be able to spot some street girls. Some of them are on their way to work in the karaoke bars or massage salons, but others are just hanging around and waiting for a customer.

Also in Pondok Plaza in Senggigi you should be able to see some hookers late at night. That area is popular because it’s the center of tourism in Senggigi (or rather in all of Lombok I should say) – and of course the ladies know that they have the best chances to meet foreigners there.

  • Prices: 300-400k for short time sex in the hotel (that’s always negotiable). Be aware that the women outside of Senggigi usually don’t speak much English at all, but their prices are somewhat cheaper.

Beach Bars in Lombok

Lombok Nightlife

Of course there are also some atmospheric beach bars in Senggigi – but they are more suitable for drinking a bottle of wine with your date, rather than to actually meet someone there.

The foreigners you can see in the picture are probably thinking like: “Where the hell are all the chicks?”. I guess the guy with the cap was desperately searching for the single guys’ guide to Lombok on Girls Heavens – which wasn’t available at the time I took the picture of course, but now it is. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful to plan your trip (well, I’m sure it was).

Map of Nightlife in Lombok

Videos of Nightlife in Lombok