Complete Guide to Sex Massages and Brothels in Bogota

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Bogota is a very adventurous city when it comes to meeting girls for sex, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The city is already unique enough, but add in the mongering aspect, and it’s truly an experience each and every time.

Make no mistake about it; the girls here are gorgeous, and you can have a great time without spending that much money if you meet them on Colombian Cupid.

The enthusiasm that many non-pro Colombian girls have certainly carries over to the hookers. GFE’s are easy to come by, and it doesn’t take long to rack up plenty of contacts with girls that you have been with, whether it’s in a brothel, a strip club, or even a massage girl.

There are numerous sex options found all throughout Bogota, but I’ve narrowed it down to the best to make things a bit easier during your stay. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but you could stick with these for your entire trip and be more than happy.

The Red Light District in Bogota

Brothels in Bogota

The city of Bogota has taken an Amsterdam approach when it comes to prostitution, designating an entire area downtown as a sort of Red Light District, where prostitution is fully legal, and basically anything goes.

This district has a few names, including Santa Fe, and “The Tolerance Zone”. As you can imagine, this area can be a bit crazy and dangerous, but if you stick to the right places, and avoid hanging around late at night (unless you’re with a group), you’ll be just fine. In fact, you’ll have a great time, and for fairly cheap.

The Tolerance Zone is the area around Carreras 13A and 13, between Calle 22 and Avenida 19 and between Avenida Fernando Mazuera and Avenida Caracas, (Santa Fe is east with respect to Av. Caracas where the TransMilenio runs). If you use the TransMilenio to get around, get off at Calle 22, South Exit (only 2 exits), and then walk to the west, keeping the Montserrat Mountain on your back, go towards Carreras 14, 15, 16.

It’s best to start walking on Carrera 7, which is the main pedestrian thoroughfare, and then turn into Calle 24 (away from the mountains). Once there, turn left into Carrera 15 Bis and up to Carrera 16a, which is easily the best block. When you’re ready to return, do NOT walk toward decreasing Calle numbers, as things get a bit sketchy. Walk back the same way you got there.

A few things to keep in mind. I just want to stress one more time to not stick around here late at night unless you have at least 3 people with you. If you’re in a group, you’ll be left alone, but if not, you may be approached by some unstable people. Also, be sure to not dress flashy, and carry around a lot of cash. Keep your phone put up too, and never leave your drink unattended if you’re by yourself, as there seems to be an issue with dudes getting drugged and robbed of their belongings from time to time.

Also, when in brothels/strip clubs, you’ll have to buy a bucket of beers, or a bottle of aguardiente. This won’t set you back too much in this area, but you’ll pay more at “nicer” locations. It’s also expected that you buy your prospective girl a drink as well (around 30,000-50,000 COP).

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some of the best brothels / sex massages to check out while you’re in Bogota.

(Note: El Castillo was probably the most popular brothel/strip club in the district, but it was unfortunately shut down in February by local authorities for mafia connections.)

Paisas Club

Paisas is one of the newer brothels that’s gaining notoriety fairly quickly, and is located in the “good” part of Santa Fe. There are usually around 20 chicas working, and plenty more on the weekend, but not enough for a good guy/gal ratio. So, your best bet is to come by early during the week, and expect to pay 50,000 COP for a 30 minute sex session.

Fiebre Club

Bogota Sex Massage

Fiebre is right next to Paisas, and is one of the most established sex clubs in Bogota. You can find a massive amount of girls here on the weekend, especially on Sundays, where the girls will outnumber the guys 2-to-1. The selection is surprisingly good, and the chicas here really seem to enjoy what they’re doing. Catch one of the girls dancing on the large stage and you’ll see what I mean, lots of enthusiasm. Prices are just a bit higher than in Paisas.

Other Brothels/Strip Clubs in Bogota

As with most South American countries, brothels aren’t just delegated to the more risque areas. They are all over Bogota, except maybe in the nicer parts in the northern area of the city.

Whether it’s a brothel or a strip club, things work the same. You can pay for the girl and get a room somewhere on the property, or pay a higher fee to take her back to your place. In most cases, you’re better off getting a room on the premises, but if you want her for longer, you’ll need to bring her back with you and pay the exit fee.


Definitely a top choice. Lido is one of the nicest and most secure brothels in Bogota, and there are usually lots of off-duty cops around as well, keeping everything safe. It looks small on the outside, but it’s much bigger than you’d think. There are around 60 girls on a busy night Thursday through Sunday, and maybe half that during the week.

Prices start at around 300,000 COP for a quick sex session, but you may be able to talk the girl down lower. Drinks are pretty expensive, and a beer can cost around 30,000 COP. Kind of ridiculous, but that’s how it goes in the nicer brothels. Expect to pay about 100,000 COP to get a room, and more to take her to your hotel for sex.

Pussy’s House

Hard not to laugh at the name, but you won’t be laughing at the quality of the small selection of chicas here. You may find as little as 8-10 girls here on a weekday, but they are all top notch for the most part. Obviously, there are more on the weekends, around 20-30 maybe.

You’ll pay a small 5,000 COP fee to get in, and then sex prices for the girls start at 80,000 COP for 20-30 minutes. You’ll pay about 10,000 COP for a Room, or a 120,000 COP exit fee. You save a lot of money by keeping things in-house, but the girl will be in a rush to move on right after.

Las Divas

This is literally across the street from Pussy’s House, and has even less girls. The prices are a little cheaper as well, but it’s worth checking out to see if you’ve come by on one of the better days talent-wise.

Sex Massages in Bogota

Sex massages in Bogota all tend to follow the same system. You pay for the one-hour session, which is the fee for basically a base service that includes a massage and a happy ending (hand job). From there, you can negotiate for other services, including actual sex. These massage parlors are great for a more low-key experience that’s a bit more personable for the most part.

Massage parlors are all over the city, including some near Zona Rosa (the main tourist area), so you don’t need to go on some crazy adventure to find one.

Tantra Spa

Located at Calle 67 #15-10, there are usually about 5 girls here, and all solid 7’s at least. 70,000 COP can buy you a whole hour. I recommend tipping the better girls afterwards so you are guaranteed a better experience next time you come.

Abejitas Spa

Located at Carrera 14, this is one of the nicer parlors, with around 12 girls working at a time (and sometimes also a few shemales, if you are into that). They range anywhere from 5-9, and the hotter ones are a little more expensive. 60,000 COP gets you an hour most of the time, and you can negotiate for more (blow job or sex). The facilities are very nice, and beers are 4,000 COP.

Absolut Spa

Absolut Spa is one of the biggest sex massage parlors in Bogota with about 20 hot Colombian girls to choose from. Prices are almost identical to Abejitas Spa (see above).

One Relax Center

Funny name of this massage salon, and it offers a great value if you’re low on funds. The girls aren’t as high quality, but the place is still decent, and worthwhile if you’re looking to save money. There’s usually 5 girls there, and prices start at 30,000 COP for an hour to start.

Map of Brothels & Sex Massages in Bogota


Alright, now you’re all set for some quality mongering in one of the most intriguing cities in all of South America. Like I said, the value here is hard to beat, and the girls have a great attitude for the most part, while still keeping things strictly business.

After a day or two of exploring these places above, you should have a good idea what you’re in for, and settle in with your favorite locations. Remember, you can always try to get a girl’s number for later if you don’t want to go through her establishment every time. Good luck, and enjoy Bogota! Feel free to pass along your own experiences in the comments below.

One Response

  • El Americano says:

    First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a complete and thorough guide on the subject. I’ve been reading this for weeks before my trip to Bogota and man this helped a lot. Of course I went to pussy house last night just based on the name. I started off by ordering a few beers and was given a table. I went in there in jeans and a blazer which at first I thought would be a bad idea and too flashy but no man, men in Bogota wear something like this everywhere. There was even a few guys in Pussys House dressed similarly. Anyways, I was enjoying the show from a distance and saw the most amazingly fit and beautiful body ever. I had to have her. Once she was done dancing and changed I simply asked my server to bring her to me. She came over and was really sweet yet shy. After a drink and great conversation we ordered a small bottle of rum which I think they call it a half or something like that. I was asked if I wanted it with a show and I didn’t even ask what the show was, I just said fuck yeah to it.

    We seriously just hung out drinking and I think I got lucky by picking a girl with a great attitude and funny as hell. Cause I’ve gotten girls before that you can tell just don’t enjoy what they do. Anyways the bottle and show was 120,000. But holy shit the show was something else and all the guys were trying to watch yet… make it seem as if they weren’t. To do the show the girl wanted a more secluded table against the wall, so our server seriously told somebody to fucking move and took our stuff over there. I thought that was a good way to make enemies. The show is her privately dancing on you completely naked for a very long time. She slapped me with her boobs, put her vagina in my face and also let me slightly finger her and touch anything I wanted. At some point I asked her to grab the bottle and pour some rum in my mouth. She stood over me and poured it through her fucking vagina. Dear god.

    Anyways the guy is in charge here. Once you get a bottle you can keep the girl as long as you want or simply ask your server to tell her to fuck off. I was actually in the mood to keep drinking so I got another bottle and the stripper of course joined. Without the show it was cheaper but by this time I just had her ass in my hand. She was really cool to hang out with and could drink like a champ. She asked our server if we could go upstairs, I’m not sure I was even charged for this. But upstairs it’s like a party or like it’s own club with its own music. We seriously just danced and asked the DJ for songs while we drank. At this point we were actually kissing here and there so I finally asked to fuck. Sex takes place on the 4th floor and she called it “Llevándolo a las estrellas”. I remember getting a price but wanting to keep drinking and dancing.

    I drank the whole damn night and somehow ended up deciding to take her home with me. I honestly don’t remember how much I paid but I remember taking out my little currency calculator on my phone and being like “pfft! that’s nothing”. I’d say the prices you listed are accurate though. At my hotel it was a total GFE experience and was pretty damn amazing. We went at it for hours since I was drunk and couldn’t possibly finish. We actually even slept together for a bit and woke up to doing it again and sending her home in an uber at like 5am haha. I woke up feeling like shit and with condoms all over the floor. But damn!! Not bad for my first night in Bogota. Again, thank you for the awesome guide.

    Notes: There was no charge to get in, i went in on a Friday night.
    There’s a really neat drink called a “Bomba”. It’s not alcohol it’s like alka seltzer with lime and some other shit. But it’s basically to keep you going while drinking and it definitely worked miracles for me. I drank a lot and the two times I had those it kinda like sobered me up again to not look sloppy. Just something to consider.