Sex Holiday in Mexico – Planning, Advice & Costs

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Sexy Mexican GirlsIt’s not really a secret as to how great Mexico is as a supreme sex holiday destination. While most everyone is very aware of all the typical tourist reasons for going to Mexico, mongers of both pro and non-pro women are already informed about all the fun you can have with the ladies in this huge country – and it doesn’t really matter where you go.

And that’s just the thing; Mexico is insanely diverse. You have crazy border towns, beach resorts, deserts, sprawling metropolises, indigenous areas, jungles, and so on.

Because of that, it’s a little harder than other countries when trying to generalize how much it costs to spend a few weeks of vacation here, but it’s still doable in a broad sense.

Depending on where you go, Mexico can offer a lot of value, and plenty of convenience as well. While you can certainly spend some serious cash here, it’s not entirely necessary if you know what you’re doing, and what to prepare for.

So, in terms of this guide, I’ll be mostly focusing on the costs of staying in popular cities such as Mexico City, Cancun, Monterrey, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, etc.

Cost of a Sex Holiday in Mexico

With cost estimates for trips like this, I always think it’s better to add everything up per day, which includes everything from your hotel, to your food, alcohol, and of course any sex costs. After you get a good idea for what a day costs on average, you can then add up what it costs for a week, and so on.

As you probably already know, Mexico uses the Mexican Peso (MXN) as its currency, but they also accept U.S. dollars at a ton of locations. You can almost always book a hotel using dollars, and often escorts as well. If you need a currency converter, from pesos to dollars (or another currency) or vice versa, XE is a great site with current exchange rates.

Also, if you didn’t already know, never exchange your money anywhere other than banks and secured ATMs. It’s never a good idea to do so out on the streets for obvious reasons. Don’t fall for that trap.

One last thing before I get to the prices. I’m not a big believer in trying to take “budget” holidays when you’re going somewhere mostly for the girls. While I’m not encouraging anyone to just blow through their money, having to worry about every last bit you have isn’t a good approach. Therefore, consider all of these estimates to be in the mid-range; not too expensive, but not overly frugal. 

  • Hotels – Hotels are easy to come by in Mexico, especially in the major cities. Mexico City is the biggest city in the Americas, so it’s obviously full of hotels. Even if you stay in 4 or 5 star spots, you won’t be spending anywhere near what you would in the U.S.
    For instance, it’s common to find incredibly nice, brand name hotels for $100 a night. 3 stars will cost around $50 or $60.
    If you’re going to Tijuana and actually decide to stay over, you can get a night at the Hotel Cascadas for $55 a night.
    So, let’s just say, for an average, $70 a night.
  • Food and Drinks – This is where you can really save a lot of money, whereas other destinations will absolutely eat you up, no pun intended. Food and drinks are relatively cheap in Mexico, which is awesome considering how great the culinary scene here is.
    Let’s start low and work our way up. If you’re trying to get down on some local restaurant for lunch, you’ll pay around $4-5 for a good meal. If you want a little nicer of a lunch, expect to pay about $7.
    Later on at dinner, you can pay around $15 for a meal at a neighborhood bar & grill in a business district, and that includes a drink and appetizer. Not bad, huh?
    If you want to have a nice dinner with appetizers, a drink, and dessert, you’ll pay about $25-30 total.
    Having a bottle of wine with dinner? Add $10. If you’re having a beer, add $2.
    If you plan on stopping by a cafe that day for a cappuccino, expect to pay just $2-3.
    So, for an average daily scenario, let’s say you have a free breakfast at your hotel, and then a cappuccino at the nearest cafe. Then you have lunch at a mid-range restaurant, a beer, and then a dinner at another standard restaurant, with two beers. That’s about $30 for the whole day.
  • Transportation – Public transit and taxis are all over the place in major Mexican cities, and they are very cheap as well. You can get a monthly transit pass for $22 a month, which is more than affordable. If you need to tack on a taxi drive under 5 miles, you’ll pay about $5. The same with Uber.
    So, let’s say you get a pass for the week or two, and use a taxi about 10 times. That’s about $75 for the entire trip.
  • Entertainment – For this section, we’ll keep “entertainment” limited to stuff like movies, theaters, and museums, and going out to clubs and bars and such.
    Two movie passes in Mexico cost around $10. If you live in the U.S., that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Want the best possible seats at a theater production? That’ll be just $40 a seat. Museums and touristy stuff can be anywhere from $5 to $15.
    So, if you go do some touristy stuff on your holiday, and see a movie or two, that’d be about $40 for the trip.
    Planning on going out? Yeah you are. If you do have to pay an entry fee, it won’t be over $5 or $10. Beers and drinks are fairly cheap – about $3 for an import beer, and $6 for a good cocktail consisting of brand name liquor.
    So, if you go out and have a good time, you won’t go over $35 per night max, unless someone has to carry you out.

Girls for Sex in Mexico

  • Sex Costs – Alright, now for the costs of the ladies. As I’ve said, this can vary from city to city. For instance, a brothel or escort visit in Cancun will be pretty expensive by most standards ($250 for an hour), while picking up an attractive and surprisingly quality street hooker in Tijuana can be anywhere from $10 to $30.
    I’ll do my best to get a good ballpark figure of the hookers you can apply all over the country.
    Street hookers are often going to be your best value, regardless of where you are. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the best choice. Mexico is a little better than other countries, however. Mexico City has a decent scene in some areas, and you can pay around $30 (500-700 Pesos) for full sex.
    Tijuana street hookers are the best quality and value, however, and perfectly acceptable in most situations. You’ll understand when you go.
    Escorts are going to be your most costly endeavor, as always. The prices can really vary across Mexico. If you are in a city like Mexico City or Monterrey, and want that top shelf service, you’ll pay about $300 an hour. It’s worth it at least once, however. Cities like Tijuana have better values. Check out for instance, where you can get a girl for $150 an hour.
    Strip Club girls are basically brothel girls, and the prices involve a lot of different things. Most girls you can get for a session at a strip club are about $80 (1,500 Pesos) on average, but you’ll have to pay an exit fee of about $10 (200 Pesos). If you’re getting a short time room, add another $10 (200 Pesos).
    Brothels are all over the place, but still on the pricier side of things. A session at a nice brothel will be around $100 (2,000 Pesos), and that covers everything.
    Massages vary as well. Some will make you first pay for the massage, and then the sexual services, on a tier going up to full sex. So, a massage may be $25 (500 Pesos), a happy ending another $20 (400 Pesos) more, and full sex another $20 to $30 (400-600 Pesos) more, for a very affordable total of around $65 to $75 (1,300-1,500 Pesos).
    So what about an average week? Let’s say you go to a city like Monterrey. You hire an escort twice, go to a sex massage spa, and then a strip club, getting full sex each time. That’d be around $400 for the week, for a total of 4 sessions, averaging out to $100 each time.

Grand Total

Ok, let’s shoot for a mid-to-high range total first, for a total of a two week sex holiday.

Why two weeks? Well, I always recommend staying for a two week minimum somewhere. This lets you get a good feel for the area, especially if you’re trying to meet some non-pro girls. Plus, you’re making most of your flight there and back, which is the same costs regardless of whether you stay two days or two weeks.

So, let’s say you stay in a good hotel for two weeks, at $70 on average. That’s $980 for the whole trip, which is likely your biggest expense. Now let’s say you eat at normal restaurants, with the occasional nice dinner. That would be about $420. Add some touristy stuff, plenty of nights out, a transit pass, and 10 taxi rides. That’s another $530. As for the girls, let’s say $400 a week, for a total of $800.

That’s two weeks of living very well, for a total of about $2,800 the entire sex holiday, or $200 a day for everything.

Want to stay at a nicer hotel, and enjoy the ladies more? That’d be about $3,400 for two weeks. Trying to save a little money by staying at a decent hotel and eating cheaper food? You can expect to pay about $2,000 for the two weeks, which is a great value for 14 days. I’m sure you could save even more if you really wanted – especially by meeting non-pro girls on the dating site, see below.

Sex Holiday in MexicoWhere to Meet Girls on Your Sex Holiday in Mexico?

I’ve written about this elsewhere for each city, but I’ll just reiterate it real quick. Bars and nightclubs are your best bet, but you’ll need to find your way into a social circle most of the time if you want to get anywhere with a girl. This is not as strict in places like Mexico City and Monterrey.

If you really want to get somewhere, use the popular dating site, setting up dates before you arrive. This keeps things more anonymous for girls, so they can get some fun without their friends or family knowing.

Always be nice, be polite, and learn some Spanish. Oh, and always be clean and groomed. You should know this by now. Try to stand out a little, offer something these girls don’t usually get with local guys, but don’t try too hard.

What’s the Best Place for a Sex Holiday in Mexico?

Short answer: Mexico City, Tijuana and Cancun.

Long answer: My article on the 5 Best Mexican Cities for Girls and Sex.

Choosing a Hotel

This is fairly standard as it would be anywhere else. A little research and review reading goes a long way.

Value – Use sites such as to browse hotels in a particular Mexican city. You’ll find good values all over, just research the areas first so you know where to look. 

Location – Depending on the city, you should look for hotels next to the more vibrant areas. Bars and clubs nearby is an advantage, and indicates nicer areas.

Girl Friendly – Not every hotel in Mexico allows you to bring girls back to your room, but this is not nearly as big of an issue as it is in other latin countries. Check my hotel guides before booking just to be sure:

Final Words

Tijuana Sex Tourism

You should now have a much better idea of what to expect for your related costs for a longer sex trip to Mexico. Always budget far more than what you plan on spending just to be safe, and by all means, do your own research.

As I said, Mexico has a lot of variance, but it’s the same for the most part, unless it’s comparing a city like Cancun to Tijuana. Again, I’ve gone over that in my Mexico Guides, so go check it out to see what I’m talking about.

And that’s about it! Mexico is always a good time, no matter where or when you go. Break away from the visuals of beaches and old white people everywhere and experience for yourself what you’re missing in this amazing country. There’s so much to see and do, and the women are well worth it, believe me.