5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Mexico City

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Hotels | Latin America | Mexico | Mexico City

Girl in Mexico City HotelI’ve written extensively about Mexico City on Girls Heavens, mainly in regards to where to meet women and all that. While knowing all the places to go and how to meet girls is obviously some crucial information, you’re also going to need to figure out where you’re going to be staying.

Perhaps even more importantly, you’re going to need to know if you can bring girls to your room or not.

Unless you want to have a repeat of an awkward situation I once had in Medellin, it’s best to do your due diligence on making sure you’re staying somewhere that allows lady guests. Those of you who have been to Latin American countries know that some of them can be very strict on whether or not you can bring a local girl to your room. Some ban it outright, while others look the other way if you throw a little money their way (they call that “joiner fees”).

Both of those choices are stupid, and are best avoided.

If you’re traveling to Mexico City, you’re in for some good news. Things aren’t as strict here. As one of the biggest cities in the world, Mexico City has a massive amount of hotels, with policies and staff members that are much more laid back about things. Still, there are some places you can’t have a guest.

So, I’ve gone ahead and put together 5 solid options to choose from when you’re booking your trip, or if you’re already there.

As always, I’ve tried to include a variety of hotel types, that span different budgets, and offer different perks. I know that some of you are trying to save as much money as possible when you’re traveling, but I also know that there are plenty of you who can live it up from time to time, and enjoy staying in nicer hotels when you can. There’s something for everyone. But most importantly, you can bring a hot Mexican girl to your room for sex, which is all that really matters, right?

Before listing these hotels off, I will address the size of Mexico City for a moment. This city is indeed massive, and there are a ton of different zones and areas that offer both good and bad things.

For the sake of safety, nightlife, and plenty of things to do during the day, most of these hotels are located in either Polanco or Condesa-Roma.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what I considered when looking for these hotels, aside from the chica-friendly part:

Value – Whether you’re shelling out some cash for a nice place, or trying to keep things cheaper, you’re still looking for value. If you are getting a cheaper hotel, you still want it to have basic amenities, and be nice in general. Those who are getting expensive hotels will want to be sure they are getting their money’s worth.

Location – The location aspect of a hotel is about more than just the part of town it’s in. I’ve also taken other factors into consideration, such as the distance to bars, clubs, restaurants, stores, and, of course, massage parlors.

Extra Stuff – Some hotels have nice extras that you may not expect, be it added amenities, a nice bar on the premises, helpful staffers, and things like that.

Hotel Harare

Girl Friendly Hotel in Mexico City

This is the hotel I stayed in during my last visit to Mexico City, and I love everything about it – the cleanliness, the location and the price.

Interestingly, lots of guys use this place as a short time hotel (they have room options for 470 Pesos for 4 hours) as it’s located in the middle of Tlalpan red light district. Click that link to my other post and you’ll see what’s going on there – countless of incredibly hot street hookers you can take to your room in Hotel Harare for short time sex for 500 to 800 Pesos (depending on how attractive she is).

If you are staying there “full time” like me, the price for the standard double room (picture above & video below) is usually 40 USD, or 800 Mexican Pesos. Just be aware that besides chicas with incredibly gorgeous butts, there isn’t really much of interest or any attraction in the Tlalpan area. Fortunately, the Villa de Cortés subway station is right around the corner, with quick and easy connections to anywhere in CDMX.

Courtyard Marriott Vallejo

Guest Friendly Hotel in Mexico CityThe Marriott is certainly a hotel brand most are familiar with, and there are undoubtedly some of you that like to stay in familiar brand locations when traveling abroad. I do too sometimes. You may notice with the Courtyard Marriott Vallejo that it is one of those “airport” hotels, as in, close to the airport, but not a part of the airport. While airport hotels are not usually close to any good parts of town with a lot to do, they are convenient if you are staying at one after arriving, or the night before you leave. This is strategic for one main reason:

If you are thinking about hiring an escort for sex, or perhaps meeting up with some girl you’ve found on the dating site, what better place to do it than at your hotel right off the plane? The Courtyard Marriott Vallejo is nothing special, but it’s still a nice hotel. The rooms are good, the staff is helpful, and you’re only around 10km away from the airport. Rooms are around $65 a night.

Hotel Puebla

Hotel for Sex in Mexico CityHotel Puebla is a fairly popular place for the savvy and price-conscious Mexico City traveler. It’s located in the Roma Norte district, and there are lots of restaurants, bars and night entertainment in nearby Condesa. There is a restaurant on the premise as well, with a bar. The hotel itself has a very nice and accommodating staff available 24 hours a day. The rooms are decent, and you get a nice television in the room with some interesting channel selections, and a wifi option as well.

Alvaro Obregón Avenue is just outside, with lots of stuff to do in terms of bars, shopping, and restaurants. Just a real nice central location overall, and a really good value at around $65 a night. Oh, and they have big mirrors in the rooms! Great for watching your girl while having sex.

Camino Real Polanco

Best Hotel for Girls in Mexico CityIf you are either trying to live it up, or impress the shit out of your date/girl at the club, I present to you the Camino Real Polanco. This place was designed by Architect Ricardo Legorreta, and is 1km from the Anthropology Museum and the Chapultepec Castle. As the name suggests, this hotel is located in Polanco, and is nearby to a ton of nightlife in a great area.

This is a five-star hotel, so the amenities are in full effect. The Camino Real Polanco has stunning designs and fixtures, and is really fun to just walk around and take it all in. There are courtyards, balconies, pools, everything. The staff is top notch, and they certainly aren’t going to bother you about having a female guest (or two). A single night will cost around $170, but Agoda has been running specials on it a lot, so you should check back often.

ibis Styles Mexico Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa Mexico City Guest Friendly HotelMy top recommendation for a hotel in Zona Rosa, the most exciting nightlife area in Mexico City, is the popular ibis Styles. It’s located literally right around the corner of Genova Street, the famous bar street and epicenter of Zona Rosa’s nightlife.

You know what you can expect when staying at the ibis Styles, and that includes a quite decent breakfast, which isn’t always easy to get at a hotel in Mexico City, especially in this price range. Talking about prices, the common price for a double room like you can see in the picture is around 65 USD per night – unless it’s time for the weekly Gay Pride Event in June, which takes place in Zona Rosa and results in much higher hotel prices. But I guess you aren’t coming for the chicos, but rather for the chicas, so you should be fine.