5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Cancun

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Cancun | Hotels | Latin America | Mexico

Girl in Cancun HotelCancun doesn’t really need an introduction. As one of the most tourist-centric areas in all of Mexico, Cancun remains a year-round attraction for all kind of people, from families to singles. It really doesn’t matter which category you are, as everyone seems to find the Cancun they are looking for when visiting.

If you’re a single dude, you’re in good hands. Cancun is a great place to meet girls from all over the world, and most of them are going to be on your level in regards to trying to have some no-string-attached fun while they are in town. Yes, this is definitely ramped up during Spring Break, but it’s available all year.

While this isn’t exactly the best place to meet Mexican girls, your odds are still good, depending on where you go. If you’re open to whoever, you’ll fare even better.

I’ve written elsewhere on this site about places to go in Cancun when trying to meet girls, and I’ve also written extensively about certain hotels to stay at when visiting other Latin American and North American cities. If you’ve read any of the latter articles, you’ve noticed the theme of finding hotels that are “girl-friendly”, as in, hotels that let you bring a girl (or “guest”) to your room for sex.

Down here in Mexico, things are a bit tricky as far as that goes. Pick the wrong hotel, and you’re going to get cock-blocked in the dumbest possible way at the end of your night (or during the day if you’ve made other arrangements).

Cancun is a little different with this stuff, at least if you’re staying in the Hotel Zone (you should be). Most of the hotels here are girl-friendly. The ones that aren’t don’t have the no-girls policy for the usual reasons, but rather the fact that they are all-inclusive resort places where not just anyone can get in and roam around without having a room and some sort of temporary ID during their stay. So, they aren’t trying to be non girl-friendly, they are just non-guest-friendly for obvious reasons.

So, with that said, while my hotels articles usually focus exclusively on girl-friendly hotels that will allow guests, I’m going to do things a bit differently here. The hotels that are listed below are great for supporting your mongering exploits with girls, whether you are looking for a place to bring someone back, or an all-inclusive or party-oriented hotel that will allow you to do most of your girl-chasing on the actual property. Hope that made sense. I’ll go over what each hotel is good for in the descriptions.

Before I do that, here’s my criteria for picking the hotels below.

Value – Cancun is all over the place with prices. You can crash at some beachside place with boring rooms and no bars or restaurants, and focus your time on the beach and in the bars. Or, you can find some budget-minded all-inclusive locations. Or, you can really go all out and stay at some super-expensive resort that has pretty much everything. For this list, I avoided the ultra-expensive places, but I did include some higher-priced spots – and some cheaper ones.

Location – The location part is pretty easy in Cancun, as long as you stay in the Hotel Zone. This is on the peninsula area of Cancun, away from the main part of town. All of the bars, clubs, hotels, and shops are all kind of crammed together in a good way. I did include one downtown hotel though.

Extra Stuff – For this article, extra amenities taken into consideration include having bars and restaurants on the premises, extra services for convenience, breakfast, and things like that.

Grand Oasis

Best Hotel for Girls in CancunAsk anyone who has been to Cancun multiple times what the best resort would be for single guys, and most of the time you’re going to hear Grand Oasis. This place lives up to all the things you picture in your head when thinking about beach resorts. For one, it’s right on the beach of course, but it has a massive swimming pool area with multiple sections, plenty of bridges and palm trees, and of course a ton of swim-up bars. The Grand Oasis actually has over 10 different bars on the property, with a few restaurants as well.

This is certainly one of those places where you can show up and never leave all week. There’s a lot to do. And while you may encounter some families during the day, at night things can really get crazy. Spring Break is nuts, and the peak seasons will have plenty of girls around getting drunk all day for the most part. It’s definitely one of those “your place or mine” situations, except you’re staying at a badass resort. Prices vary depending on rooms and season, but expect to spend around $130 to $300 a night. It’s all worth it.

Real Inn Cancun

Guest Friendly Hotel in CancunIn terms of value hotels in Cancun suitable for having girls and sex, the Real Inn is definitely one of the better ones. Located on the northern part of the peninsula, this hotel has a great location that is walking distance to a ton of stuff, and has beach access nearby as well. It’s not the nicest place, but if you are looking for more of a “home base” style of hotel, this is a great one.

That’s not to say it’s lacking in amenities. There is a bar and restaurant on the premises, and you get a continental breakfast as well. The rooms are very nice, and the staff is helpful and friendly. There’s a great-looking pool, and the gardening on the property is well done. Definitely doesn’t feel cheap, but all you’ll pay per night is around $65. Not bad. And nobody will hassle you about lady guests.

Ocean Dream Cancun

Sex Hotel in CancunThe Ocean Dream Hotel isn’t located in the middle of the busiest area of the Hotel Zone, but if you’re looking for a value hotel with private beach access and some solid amenities on-site, this is it. The view on the beach is one of the better ones, and it’s never crowded, as this hotel only has 60 rooms. The pool is awesome too, and you’re definitely left to yourself here.

Like the Real Inn (see above), this is a home base hotel, but one you can actually relax at more during the day at the beach, rather than having to walk a little to get to one. If you’re trying to relax during the day, and do your adventure and girl-seeking at night, and want a place you can bring someone back to, this is it. Prices vary depending on the type of room, but you can get one for about $100.

Aloft Cancun

Girl Hotel in CancunAloft Cancun is a great alternative for those who still want a party-friendly atmosphere, but don’t want to go all in paying for an expensive all-inclusive place. I’m already partial to Aloft hotels as it is, but this one is truly something. Great location on the beach, rooftop patio, gorgeous swimming pool – it’s got it all. As you’d expect with any Aloft hotel, the rooms are very modern with some bold decor, as is the rest of the hotel.

The bar and restaurant scene at this hotel is lively. Aloft already attracts a younger crowd as is, and it’s in full effect here. Plus, you’re close to other happening areas nearby. It’s not hard to meet someone at the hotel at night, and certainly not hard to get a girl to your room. All of this can be yours for around $120 a night.

El Rey del Caribe

Girl Friendly Hotel in CancunIf you’re a bit more adventurous and want to partake in all of the things available downtown, the El Rey del Caribe is your best option for numerous reasons. Downtown Cancun can be a little spotty, but this place is located in a very quiet area, in the middle of its own sort of rainforest. It’s like an urban escape, just off the beach, and with its own sense of serenity going on. Far preferred over some of the seedier hotels in downtown Cancun, or nicer ones in rough areas.

El Rey del Caribe has a lovely pool and courtyard area you can relax in during the day, and one of the best breakfasts you’ll get in Cancun as well. The building’s architecture has that old colonial vibe if you’re into that, and it’s also an eco-friendly hotel. All in all, the El Rey del Caribe is quiet, centrally located when leaving the strip clubs, nightclubs, and sex massages, and won’t hassle you about guests. The best part? You’ll only pay around $60 a night, which truly is a steal.