The 4 Red Light Districts in Mexico City

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Unless you are going to visit Mexico City with your mom (or wife), you are going to have a hell lot of fun here as a man. There are no two opinions that the capital of Mexico is one of the best places in all of Latin America to enjoy yourself with easy-going, passionate and super attractive Latina girls. In fact, this city is a huge magnet for sex workers not only from all around Mexico, but various other countries of the region as well.

And of course, of all the different places to meet girls in CDMX, the red light districts are one of the most popular options.

Since prostitution is basically legal in Mexico (as long as no third party is involved), there are hundreds, if not thousands of ladies offering their services right on the side of the streets in certain parts of the city every single day.

In this guide I will show you the four big red light districts in Mexico City, tell you how it works if you want to pick up a girl to have fun with, up-to-date price information, overview to short time hotels people go to with the hookers and of course with my own pictures and videos.

La Merced Market

Mexico City Red Light District

La Merced is the largest market of the city, located right next to the historic center. And on the western edge of the market, there is an unusual wide pedestrian walkway next to the big main road (you can easily spot it by looking for that iconic green fence along the road, or just look at the map at the end of the guide).

It is this walkway where you will find many, many sexy ladies sitting, standing or walking randomly around and hoping you will become their next customer.

The prices for these prostitutes are the cheapest of all the red light areas in Mexico City, in other words they only ask for 200-300 Pesos for sex. If you ask them, they will almost always say they are Mexican, but I have the feeling that lots of them come from other Latin countries, hence the unusual cheap prices. And of course they also know a short time hotel nearby (you can walk) which is dirt cheap as well (80 Pesos is the standard), but don’t expect anything fancy: Those are usually old and rundown hotels with tiny rooms. They serve the purpose though.

There are even more sex workers standing in front of the buildings in the street right around the corner (Plaza de San Pablo Street, only on the right side of that street coming from Merced Market, see the exact location on the map below).

  • Girls Quantity: 7/10
  • Girls Quality: 8/10

Tlalpan Road

Tlalpan Girls Mexico City

When I first came here, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Let me explain.

You may know that I’ve spent most of my time abroad in Asia (so far) and over there the street prostitutes aren’t usually very attractive. The hottest ladies would usually work in the massage parlors and go go bars. However, here in Mexico (and other Latin countries as well), this is actually the most common type of prostitution and pretty much accepted in the society: You see all these 8-10 star chicas standing there on the side of the road with their unbelievable culos (asses) ready to have sex with you any time. It’s pure paradise.

You can conveniently take the subway to Xola Station or even better Villa de Cortés Station and walk the western sidewalk next to Tlalpan Road down south. From about 2-3pm in the afternoon till late at night, you’ll see some of the hottest street hookers you can possibly imagine. I was told that about 500 women work here every day. They ask for 500-700 Pesos for a 30-minute sex session and what’s great is there are plenty of short time hotels all along Tlalpan Road you can walk to with your lady:

Mexico City Love Hotels

The room prices at these hotels are quite different. For example, it’s 470 Pesos at Hotel Harare for 4 hours (“you can bring as many girls as you want”), 360 Pesos at Love Hotel for 1 hour and 320 Pesos at Hotel Condesa on weekdays (king size, picture & video below) for 6 hours.

Hotel Condesa Tlalpan

Hotel Condesa is also my top recommendation in terms of value for money: The rooms are spacious, bright and clean, and right in front of the hotel entrance you’ll find one of the biggest clusters of sexy ladies – you can tell that they prefer to go into this hotel with their customers.

And since you get to spend 6 hours in that room, you may even consider hanging out here for a while and treat yourself with more than “just” one girl. They have a room catering service as well:

Hotel Condesa Prices

One more thing: Of course you can also negotiate longer time frames with the ladies. The 500-700 Pesos price tag for 30 minutes is simply the one they’ll usually tell you right after you say “Hola, como estas?” and most Mexican guys picking them up with their cars just want short time sex and go on with their day afterwards. But again, anything is really negotiable and I’ve talked to ladies who offered me a massage for 500 Pesos extra, or a 2nd round within 1 hour.

Just be aware that many of these girls are real “clock watchers” and even tell you things like “next position will be the last” or “finish within 5 minutes” even though you’ve only been with her for like 15 minutes. But still, in my opinion, Tlalpan Road is the best and safest area to get yourself a hot working lady in CDMX.

  • Girls Quantity: 8/10
  • Girls Quality: 10/10

Sullivan Road

Sullivan Road Prostitutes

If you walk along Calle Sullivan during the daytime, you’d never imagine what this place looks like at night: There are office workers, restaurants and even families with kids playing in the park. It’s not until about 10-11pm at night when all shops have closed and it’s almost completely quiet and relatively dark here.

At that time, the freelancers start taking over the corners of the streets. It’s not nearly as many as in Merced Market or Tlalpan Road though, and their attractiveness also varies more than elsewhere. Be careful, the sexiest girls usually look extremely young and are accompanied by what it seems like are pimps – like a woman waiting in a car right next to the girl.

I inquired the age and price of one of these young chicas and she told me she’s 20 (I didn’t believe it) and it’s 800 Pesos including the hotel, then pointing at the car and adding that woman would drive us there and return us here afterwards. I politely declined.

  • Girls Quantity: 5/10
  • Girls Quality: 7/10

Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa Mexico City

If you read different guides on adult entertainment in CDMX on the internet, many will claim that Zona Rosa is the biggest red light district of Mexico City. Is it true? Well, yes and no.

Yes, it’s indeed the biggest nightlife area and also the hub for LGBT bars and clubs, as well as countless of beautiful Mexican senoritas frequenting the various locations every night. But in fact, the vast majority of them are ordinary women and no hookers, many of them wouldn’t even show interest in you as a gringo unless you are well dressed, funny and approach them confidently in decent Spanish.

So while there certainly are some sex workers under the hundreds of people enjoying the nightlife in Zona Rosa every day (just watch my video down below), they are not nearly as numerous as in the other redlight areas in town. You’ll have the highest chances to spot them along Génova Street (the famous pub street of Zona Rosa) or down at the Glorieta de Insurgentes roundabout square where lots of people just chill or meet friends.

Anyway, you’re best off to just enjoy the cool beers and well shaken cocktails in Zona Rosa’s bars (by the way, there is one strip club called “Queen’s Mexico”, but that’ll be expensive), and if you come by a sexy and unusual “open-minded” local lady, then lucky you, otherwise just hop in a Uber or the subway to Tlalpan, Merced Market or Sullivan Road.

  • Girls Quantity: 3/10
  • Girls Quality: 8/10

Map of Red Light Districts in Mexico City

Videos of Red Light Districts in Mexico City