5 Places to Meet Ladyboys in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro ShemaleRio has long been one of the most popular cities for all sorts of mongering, and meeting shemales or ladyboys is certainly a part of the allure. In fact, Rio is fast becoming one of the most popular non-Asian locations in the world to indulge in the ladyboy scene (third only to Bangkok and Manila). Regardless of what part of the city you end up in, there’s always some fun to be had nearby.

As with any other type of mongering, it pays to know what the best areas are, as well as the common behaviors and unspoken rules. Jumping head first into Rio is never a good idea with anything there, and you need to take special care when looking for shemales to hook up with – both pros and non-pros.

Yes, it can be a bit dangerous here in certain spots, and not every shemale in the city is going to be easy to deal with, whether it’s arranging the deed in the first place, or dealing with any issues afterwards that may come as a result.

Still, keep your guard up a bit, and have a good idea what you’re doing, and all should be well.

Things to Know Beforehand

You may be familiar with some of the nuances of Brazilian women and the culture in general around here, especially in Rio. For the most part, the same rules apply – even more so if you are trying to pick up a shemale while at the club or beach. Be aggressive, be to the point, and always shower her with praise. Forget to do any of these, and you’ll most likely strike out more often than not.

You are definitely more than welcome to try your luck on the streets with shemale hookers (the main hot spots are Av. Augusto Severo, Rua da Lapa and R. da Gloria in Centro, see the map below), but that’s already a bit risky with hookers in Rio in general. For whatever reason, it’s even more perilous with ladyboy hookers. You may catch one on a bad night, or you may have to deal with their boyfriend after, which won’t end very well for you or your wallet. Stick to the bars, clubs, and dating sites, unless you are 100% sure of a situation.

Should you pick one up, don’t take up the offer to go to their place – that’s a bad idea for several reasons. Opt for a quick hotel room instead (the so called “love motels”).

As far as any casual encounters or day gaming, there are a few choice areas to linger around. The gay beach area around Farme de Amoedo is a good spot to meet some, and you’ll get extra points if you are the blonde hair, blue eyed gringo variety. Some may be working, but you can usually figure that out quickly. Still, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone to spend the evening with.

Another good spot is the seafront area just opposite of the Copacabana Palace Hotel. There are plenty of drag and cabaret shows, which obviously attracts the shemales from all over the city.

Check with the locals nearby to find out when the shows are, as the schedule changes throughout the year.


As you may already know, Lapa is one of the best parts of the city for street parties. Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular nights for street parties, so hit some up and ask around for the best ones to go to meet shemales. This is one of the best ways to have sex for free, as many go to these parties looking for a good time and some short-term companionship.

There are plenty of big shemale and LGBT parties in Rio, but most of them are only once every 2-3 months. Revolution Party is a big one, and you can find schedules and info on their website. The Original Brazilian Pool Party is definitely worth going to as well. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Shemales in Rio de Janeiro Bars

Unlike Thailand, you aren’t going to find an abundance of ladyboy-specific bars in Rio. Many of the shemales go to all sorts of bars, gay or not. Just as with regular girls, bars aren’t exactly the best place to meet ladyboys, but if you’ve got some strong Portuguese, it can definitely be done.

One of the advantages with shemales at bars is that they aren’t going to be as cliquey as regular girls. Yes, Rio shemales certainly have their own social circles and groups, but you don’t have to find some way to win favor or get past that to convince one to go with you. As always, being direct is key, and having a decent grasp of the language will work to your advantage.

The other advantage is that you don’t have to work through the negative angle of being some sort of sex tourist coming to Rio simply to bang. I mean, these are shemales, and they know the deal. It’s a niche, and people tend to travel to places for niches, so don’t feel like you have to hide your intentions of why you’re even in town.

While there are shemales to be found in many Rio bars on a given night, the Copacabana area is your best bet, along with bars in Lapa. Delirium Café is a popular bar in Farme de Amoedo, which is a hugely popular LBGT area in Rio, and while there are lots of regular freelancers there, you’ll find some shemales after 10pm to about 4am.

Shemales in Rio de Janeiro Night Clubs

Shemales in Rio Night Club

Just as the case with bars, it’s a bit difficult to find shemale-only nightclubs in Rio, but it’s not hard to find shemales in any club. Fortunately, unlike regular girls in clubs, you won’t have to worry about competing with a slew of perfect Brazilian male model types with ladyboys in the club, unless some of those guys are totally oblivious – in some cases it’s understandable.

If you’re experienced picking up shemales, you know all the small nuances and giveaways to look for. Use that knowledge to your advantage, and look for small groups of shemales that are scoping the place out. Be direct, and be confident when approaching. Shower her with praise and definitely know how to dance. Going in for the fast kiss is acceptable as well. Yes, you may encounter a working girl or two, but that may be perfectly fine with you by that point.

The Week is a hugely popular LGBT club that is known to have a good amount of shemales, especially on the weekends. Club Six is one of the more wild Rio clubs, and despite it being a normal club, it’s popular with ladyboys (see the video at the end of the guide). Both are worth visiting.

Shemale Massages in Rio de Janeiro

Erotic massage locations are littered throughout Rio. While the vast majority of them are of the happy ending variety, or just as a front for a brothel, locating shemale versions is going to be dependent on asking the locals. You may want to check some forums before coming to get a good grasp on the current location. Expect to pay anywhere from $R75 to $R175 for a quality session.

Shemale Escorts in Rio de Janeiro

Rio has the biggest market for shemale escorts in Brazil. There is lots of selection, and the most quality ladyboys are still a good deal for what you get, and they have no problem coming to wherever you are. Just as you would with a regular escort, make sure you’re neat and clean before scheduling a session.

You have plenty of sites to choose from when deciding, and a lot of them have forums on the site too, so you can connect with fellow enthusiasts to get a good handle on the current state of affairs in Rio. Rio Relax is a great site, and TS-Dating.com keeps updating listings. While your rates will vary depending on the length of time requested, you can expect to start off at $R250 an hour for the higher-end ladyboys, which is what you should be aiming for if you’re going to pay.

Ladyboy Dating in RioRio Shemales on Dating Sites

The best way to hook up with shemales in Rio is using a dating site. If you want sex for free, you need to be hitting up dating sites prior to coming to the city so you can get to know some ladyboys and make appointments with them.

My Ladyboy Date is the most popular site for shemale dating, and the Rio selection is obviously the highest in all of Brazil. You’ll find plenty of ladyboys to meet up with, and screening out working girls is fairly easy. Knowing a bit of Portuguese can be beneficial, although you can use built-in translators in your browser to make things a bit easier if not.

Rio is the Shemale Capital of Brazil

You now know all you need to know to have a successful jaunt down in Rio. As the most popular city in Brazil for shemales, you’re sure to have a good time no matter what. As long as you are open to all of the options, and have a little common sense, you’ll make the most of your trip and should find yourself in bed with a nice and busty ladyboy at the end of most nights.

Map of Places to Meet Shemales in Rio

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