Guide to the Red Light District in Rio de Janeiro

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Brazil | Brazilian Girls | Latin America | Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro ProstituteWhen it comes to picking up local women for sex in Rio de Janeiro, most guys will instantly think of the hookers on the Copacabana Beach Promenade, others maybe of the termas.

What’s interesting is that only few foreigners know of the red light district in Rio de Janeiro, and even fewer of them actually decide to go check it out. That has probably to do with the fact that it’s located in a local area with little to no interest to foreign tourists, and also that by seeing pictures of that place they feel it must be a little dangerous if you’re not a local.

So let’s clear things up, and start with the most important thing:

The red light area in Rio is located in a street called Rua Sotero dos Reis in Villa Mimosa (exact location on the map below).

It consists of several buildings with bars and half-naked girls on the ground floor, and small but functional rooms on the upper floors to have sex with a lady of your choice.

There are also two narrow alleys with even more bars and girls ready to entertain you:

Rio Brothels

Rio de Janeiro Red Light District

In total, there are about 25 such brothels here.

So, is this redlight district dangerous? Not really, at least not in comparison to other areas in Rio. I wouldn’t recommend you to go there late at night to avoid drunk local guys, but the cool thing is that you can come here at like 3pm in the afternoon and find the action in full swing.

The only “issue” here might be that the ladies speak little to no English, so you’ll either get by with some basic Spanish or simply use the translator app on your phone. That’s why I used “quotation marks” – it’s not really a big issue.

You may order a beer somewhere (R$10 is the standard price), but you don’t have to: You can simply walk up to any girl you like, say hi and do some small talk. Sooner or later (rather sooner), she will ask you “vamos?”, meaning “let’s go?” upstairs to have sex.

The common asking price is between R$70 and R$100 (30 minutes). Yes, not joking, this is the actual price range and it includes the room. And it’s even more incredible considering the quality of the ladies – there are some real hotties to be found here, including beautiful, tall, thin and white skinned girls as well as petite black girls with wonderful butts.

Rio de Janeiro Red Light Area

Rio de Janeiro Hooker

A clean sheet for the mattress and condom are provided, showers are not available.

Yeah, and that’s pretty much all there is to know. You certainly need to be comfortable with this kind of environment, but if you are, you’re going to love it and be tempted to come here every day of your trip.

Map of the Red Light District in Rio de Janeiro