5 Places to Meet Ladyboys (Transgenders) in Cancun

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It’s well known that Cancun has the highest amount of brothels per capita, but this mostly applies to those looking for regular women. What about shemales? Well, it’s not advertised as much, but if you know where to look, the ladyboys are in good abundance as well.

Cancun Shemales

Cancun really is an interesting place. On one hand, you have the massive amount of ordinary vacationers who come here to be relatively normal and just enjoy the beach all day as an escape. Then you have those who are there for the same, but also want to have a bit more fun at night. Be it discrete or not, you can really make the most of your stay if you know what you’re doing.

I will say that when it comes to shemales, things are a little different here.

For those who haven’t visited Cancun yet, there’s really two different cities in one. First, there’s the Cancun that you think of when you hear the name. This area is actually on its own peninsula, away from the main part of the city. This is called the Hotel Zone, and this is where 95% of tourists stay when they are here. Miles of beaches, lots of attractions – it’s all there.

However, across the way back onto the mainland is the main city and downtown part of Cancun, known as El Centro. As you may imagine, this is where all the locals hang out. Now, downtown Cancun has some really nice areas frequented by the wealthy, but it also has some dangerous areas that you definitely want to avoid.

How does this relate to hooking up with shemales? Well, a lot actually. Basically, most of the shemales are not going to be in the Hotel Zone. If you want to get in on the action, you’re going to have to get away from the tourists and in the midst of the locals. This makes Cancun rather unappealing for those looking for an easy shemale score, especially when comparing it to Mexico City. Just being honest.

There are some ways to make things easier, which I’ll get to further down. Before that though, there are some things you need to know before arriving here:

  • If you’re here mainly for the transgenders and trying to save some money, and make things a little easier on yourself, it’s best to stay in the downtown area instead of the Hotel Zone. This makes traveling back and forth quicker, and gives you some leeway on bringing guests back to your hotel as well.
  • Downtown Cancun can be dangerous. Travel only by Uber and verified taxis, and don’t go walking around dark areas at night. You’ll stick out in a bad way.
  • If you’re trying to get all that Cancun has to offer in terms of sex and scenery, I recommend dividing your trip up into two parts: beach time and city time. Get the beach part out of the way first. Spend a few nights in the Hotel Zone at a resort or beachside hotel, and if you have the budget, maybe call an escort (or simply use the dating site to meet some ladyboys who won’t ask for money). After that, move your trip to the downtown area, and use this guide for meeting shemales.

Shemales in Cancun Bars

Cancun Travesti Bar

As far as LGBT bars go, you really don’t have a lot to choose from in Cancun, and especially not in the Hotel Zone. Like I said, the majority of the gay scene is in El Centro. There is one place you should check out for sure:

Laser Hot Bar

Formerly the ultra-popular Picante Bar, Laser Hot Bar (photo) carries on all of its traditions, which includes go-go dances, drag shows, and also plenty of ladyboys. These nights do change, so you should just show up and check out when the next show is. Regardless, there is always a lively crowd, lots of dancing, and some stiff drinks. You’ll have a good time.

Laser Hot Bar opens relatively late at around 10-10:30pm. No entrance fee.

Take a look at my video below for a quick overview of that place.

  • Location: Av Tulum 45, 22, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.

Shemales in Cancun Nightclubs

Cancun Ladyboy Club

As with the bars here, you don’t have any options for nightclubs in the Hotel Zone. Fortunately, El Centro has got you covered. There’s always at least two places you can wander into on any given night, with higher chances you’ll see some travestis.

11:11 Club

11:11 (photo) is very established, and viewed more of an upper scale locale. You get the usual dance floor and drinks, and trannys are known to hang out there, especially on the weekends.

Plus, they have daily live performances from 2-3 sexy travestis (2nd part of the video below), starting at 12:15am (yes, that late). Because of that, there’s a 200 Pesos entrance fee, and they charge 70 Pesos for a Corona (served with lime and salt, which is nice), with no hassles whatsoever from the waiters.

  • Location: Av Tulum Smz 22 Mz 5 Lote 33, Centro, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.

ROMA Viernes

ROMA Viernes is the new kid on the block, but it’s already established a pretty good reputation. As the name suggests, Fridays are memorable for sure. This place gets pretty hopping on Friday nights, and you can enjoy a massive dance floor, gogo dancers, flowing drinks, and whatever else. Since Friday is the night to come, most of the LGBTs stop by at some point, which makes it a great place to try and meet a shemale cruising for fun.

  • Location: Avenida Coba, 36, 77505 Cancún, Q.R.

Shemale Street Prostitutes in Cancun

I already know that street prostitution is something most like to avoid these days as much better options surface, but you probably know that this is usually the best way to get a shemale quickly if you’re impatient. That is very much true, but I don’t really recommend it in downtown Cancun.

Yes, there are some areas where you’ll encounter street walkers, and if you happen to see some and think you aren’t in any kind of risk, by all means check them out. Still, it’s probably not something you should mess with unless you are very savvy, know the area, and speak decent Spanish. Otherwise you’re probably setting yourself up for a bad situation that may or may not involve dealing with cartels. Steer clear if you can.

Prices: No more than 500 Pesos for a short time.

Shemale Escorts in Cancun

I always preach the virtues of escorts in Mexican cities, and the advantages are on full display in Cancun if you’re looking for shemales. They are hard to come by at times, so contacting one via an escort service is a much better way to go about things.

If you’re staying in a hotel that allows guests, or if you know a way around it, you can have yourself a great time with a hot ladyboy by using any of these sites below to find one.

Prices: The common price range for ladyboy escorts in Cancun is between 1,000 and 2,000 Pesos for 2 hours.

Cancun Shemales on Dating Sites

Cancun Shemale on Dating SiteThe problem with the escorts is that they are really expensive, so the dating sites are probably the best way to meet nice shemales in Cancun, especially if you don’t feel like spending your time at clubs and bars, or paying the money for an escort.

My Ladyboy Date is an excellent resource you can use to meet shemales in the Cancun area, and beyond. Setting up a profile takes only a few minutes, or you can just use your Facebook login instead. After that, you can complete your profile and begin searching using a number of criteria. You’ll encounter some “money ladies” on here too, but they are easy to spot.


Cancun, for all its scenery and splendor, can certainly be a bit difficult when trying to score with a shemale. Hopefully this guide gives you some better insight on how to do just that. With some patience and common sense, you should still be able to have a great time, whether you’re there for the beaches or not.

Map of Places to Meet Shemales in Cancun

Video of Shemales in Cancun