Overview to Sex Massages in Indonesia

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Indonesia | Indonesian Girls

Sex Massage in IndonesiaThe massage industry in Indonesia is huge, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Sure, like everywhere else, it’s always tempting to try out a discrete massage while no one sees what actually happens inside – not everyone likes to walk hand in hand with a prostitute on the street to their hotel, or is willing to pay the outrageous prices most escorts ask for.

The massage parlors (or more suitable called “one stop entertainment”) not only offer a great value for money, but they are also the safest and cleanest type of place to get sex in this country.

But the main reason why these parlors are so popular is because there are very limited other options to meet hookers in Indonesia – this is not Thailand, but a muslim country and the authorities constantly crack down on red light venues/areas and do their best to prevent the public regard it as a sex destination.

Sure, every now and then you’ll hear news about another sex club closed by the government, but just in Jakarta alone you have countless of these places, as well as in other major cities in Indonesia, like Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and, of course, Bali.

The interesting thing is that each city has its own type of massage parlors, so I thought I give you a quick overview today on what to expect there as well as how much they usually charge for the happy endings (though not every place offers sex):

Types of Massage Parlors in Indonesia by City

Jakarta (picture above)

Jakarta has the biggest and highest number of massage parlors in all of Indonesia. Most of these places are referred to as “One Stop Entertainment”, because they are big buildings with several types of entertainment: A spa including swimming pool, sauna and steam room, strip club, KTV and rooms to have sex with the girls.

Malio Club is such a place. When you walk in, the receptionist will give you a wristband with key for your locker. Everything you buy during your stay (including sex) will be stored on that wristband and you pay your bill as you leave. You can first relax in the spa area (put your stuff in the locker) and afterwards you can walk up to the 2nd floor where you will find more than 100 ladies on the various sofas and seating niches – mostly Indonesian, but also several Chinese, Vietnamese and Uzbekistan women, to have sex with. It’s quite expensive here though, between 1-2 million – similar like in Emporium that is run by the same people.

Of course you can also take it easy and just buy a beer in the strip club, watch the girls, buy them drinks (50k per shot), play with their tits and slowly make up your mind.

Other massage parlors in Jakarta which offer a much better value are Hotel Travel, Classic Hotel, Star Moon Bar, Aquarius Massage and Kings Cross – one girl costs 300-400k (one shot), two girls 450-600k (two shots). Those places don’t have other type of “entertainment” though – you just pick a girl, pay the full amount upfront, follow her to the room, take a shower together, have sex, take a shower again, and leave.

Bandung (right picture)

Brothels in Indonesia

The massage parlors in Bandung aren’t as big as those in Jakarta, but their procedure is similar: You get a wristband with locker key so you can use the spa area (it’s included in the price). Of course you can also skip that part and go for the massage right away.

Unlike in Jakarta, you usually don’t get to choose a girl, but you can make a request what type of girl you like (big boobs, young, skinny, big ass, no children, whatever) and when they are ready the manager will bring you to the room where your lady is already preparing the session.

Every place has its own standard and fixed price, usually around 250k which includes a hand job happy ending. If you want sex, you can negotiate with your girl – not everyone offers full service, but if they do, they usually charge another 300-400k for sex (or 100-200k for a blow job), which isn’t that much of a good value compared to places like Hotel Travel in Jakarta. But you get a decent massage and nice hand job for a good price.

Pandora and Kumi Kumi are two of the most popular “Massage Plus Plus” locations in Bandung.

Yogyakarta (similar to the right picture)

The scene in Yogyakarta is very similar to Bandung – there are several small massage spas which offer happy ending massages for a fixed price, 250-300k. Mansion really stands out here, it’s a big building with a nice spa area downstairs and plenty of hot girls and rooms upstairs.

The good thing about these places is that the girls are actually quite skilled in performing the massage – it does feel great and they even have iron rods on the ceiling for the part when they walk with their feet on your back.

Other, smaller happy ending locations in Jogja are Yellow River and Amanda.

Bali (left picture)

Bali is somewhat complicated, like with so many things. You might think that it’s probably the most open and unregulated place in Indonesia, but in regards to massages it’s somewhat confusing.

There are several massage parlors in Bali – but the type of happy ending is not always the same. Delta Spa for example looks like a typical, big and naughty sex club like you know it from Jakarta. But when you walk in there and inquire you will be disenchanted when they tell you that their packages only include hand jobs – strictly no sex. And for a ridiculous price of around 1 million. Worth it? I don’t think so.

Because if you go to Riverview Spa (photo), you’ll get a full-service 1.5 hour program for around 1.2 million including jacuzzi and body to body massage (I noticed that they always charge random prices, like when I went there last week the manager said today the price is 1,155,032 Rupiah for the Luxury Room – weird). Yes, that’s still quite expensive compared to the brothels in Jakarta – but this is Bali and like most things, it’s more expensive than elsewhere. Even most of the freelancers from Sky Garden wouldn’t go for short time for less than 1 million anymore, some say it’s because of the Australians who drove up the prices – I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Star Bugar Jaya and Maharani Spa have small fishbowls and massage plus hand job packages (about 300-500k depending on the type of room), and you can talk with the girl how much she wants for full sex service, while smaller places like Re’Frezz Spa do naked body to body massages with nuru gel and hand job happy ending, but no sex. It’s really random and depends on the place, so just ask when you arrive, or simply check out my guide:


Happy Ending Massage in IndonesiaThere are no such all-inclusive “Massage Plus Plus” locations in Lombok (yet), but instead you can find plenty of small massage salons where you just take a regular body massage for about 100-150k and then offer your masseuse a tip of 200-300k for a hand job finishing.

It’s usually quite obvious which salons in Senggigi (the main tourist town of Lombok) do happy endings if you just look at how the girls are dressed and wave at you, but to make things easier for you I have also created a full guide on just that topic.

I hope you now have a good overview of the different types of happy ending and sex massages in Indonesia, now you can take a look at each guide for detailed information on each city.