Guide to the Red Light District in Sao Paulo

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Brazil | Brazilian Girls | Latin America | Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo has the type of red light district that is very common in big cities around Latin America: women of various ages wearing small handbags and standing randomly around, partly alone, partly with their friend(s), and looking for a man to have sex with in exchange for some cash in one of the short time hotels in the same area.

In Sao Paulo you can find it around Luz Station (Estação da Luz). The sex workers are hanging out (or walking around) right inside the station, in Parque Jardim da Luz to the north as well as on Avenida Cásper Líbero to the south of the station.

Sao Paulo Prostitutes

Parque Jardim da Luz Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Red Light District

As you can imagine, the procedure is very simple: You approach a lady you like (sometimes they even come to you if they see you hanging out near them and sense you are in need for some company, and of course they are very good in that), say hi and maybe do a little small talk before asking how much she would like to have for a quick love session.

Two notes here:

First, the majority of the girls here (or rather women I should say as most of them are well over 30) are not super attractive, like most are in the 5-6 range. But, of course, if you spend some time here and don’t rush things, you can definitely find some hot chicks who will have fun with you for a price that’s unmatched with any other type of Brazilian hooker.

And second, these ladies usually don’t speak any much English at all. So you’d either learn some Portuguese before you come here, which I know isn’t very popular – even I prefer studying Spanish as it’s the spoken language in pretty much the rest of Latin America, or you simply use a translator app on your phone. That will certainly do the trick – it’s not like you are going to talk about high philosophy…

Oh, and third, you can also find some travestis (transgenders) here, if that is what you are looking for.

Okay, so the lady will sooner or later (rather sooner) tell you her price tag, and that’s somewhere between R$40 and R$100. Of course, the more attractive she is, the more she asks for. But the fact that it generally doesn’t go over R$100 for the hottest girls here, is pretty incredible.

After you have agreed on a price, you follow her to the short time hotel (she will have her go-to preference). These hotels are located on Avenida Cásper Líbero right opposite the southern entrance to Luz Station. The price for the room rental is R$10-15 for 1 hour (though most ladies will give you 30 minutes, additional time needs to be negotiated and paid for extra).

Sao Paulo Short Time Hotel

You pay the room fee at the reception, get handed the key and off you go to the room with attached bathroom where you can take a shower first if you want (it’s up to you).

You can probably imagine what comes next, so I’ll leave it at that.

How about Augusta Street?

Previously, Augusta Street (or Rua Augusta) was the main red light area of Sao Paulo.

There used to be countless of strip clubs, bars full of hookers and of course countless of sex workers right on the street available for pleasure not just for the local Brazilians, but also for Gringos.

Unfortunately, the city of Sao Paulo has made quite an effort to get rid of prostitution in most parts of the city, and the main effort went into Rua Augusta, which is the main business district of Brazil’s biggest city.

That is not to say that you can’t have fun here, however: Augusta Street is still the most popular nightlife area along with Vila Madalena, and even though the few strip clubs that survived (such as Casarão Augusta) are rather rip-offs similar to the hookers in the bars that mostly target the wealthy businessmen, you never know, anything can happen here late at night, so you might just want to check it out – especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

Map of the Red Light District in Sao Paulo

I have marked the red light district around Luz Station with the red flag pins, the short time hotel area with the purple hotel pins, and Augusta Street with the black flag pin.