5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Buenos Aires

Last updated: November 8th, 2023 | in Argentina | Buenos Aires | Hotels | Latin America

Buenos Aires Girl in HotelI’ve already gone over the many places you can meet girls in Buenos Aires, so now it’s time to talk about finding the right accommodations that will be more conducive to your quest when visiting the city.

While Buenos Aires may be a little tougher when it comes to pulling the local girls, at least you aren’t faced with the inconvenient hotel rules in nearby Rio, where you have limited options for hotels that will actually allow you to bring a guest to your room. In Buenos Aires, this is rarely an issue, as you can bring a lady to your room as long as she checks in at the front desk with an ID.

This gives you a much easier time in finding a hotel for your stay. There are tons of great hotels in this city, and often for some decent prices.

Yes, there are love motels (called telos here,) and those are an option, but you might prefer the more convenient choice of getting to stay the night with your girl in your own room.

So, which areas should you stay in? Buenos Aires is a massive city, with a wide range of different districts that have much to offer in terms of nightlife, culture, and lots of other things.  If you’re trying to stay close to the bars and clubs (you should,) Palermo and Recoleta are going to be your best bets. Lots of places are within walking distance from one another, and you are able to walk to and from your hotel.

The hotels on this list are all either in Recoleta or Palermo, so you’ll be in a good area no matter which one you choose. Palermo is considered less touristy, with plenty of things to do and see, including some of the city’s best clubs. Recoleta is a little more party-oriented, with an equal amount of happening night spots. It’s hard to go wrong either way, honestly.

So, why these five hotels? Their inclusion is based off of 3 main factors:

  • Guest friendly – You’re going to want to bring your girl back to your place, so you obviously need a hotel that won’t have an issue with such things.
  • Value for money – While you probably don’t want some shitty hole in the wall hotel (those are actually quite rare here) you definitely want to get the most for your money.
  • Location – You don’t want to end up in some hotel that’s half an hour away from all of the best spots, so you need to choose one that’s situated in the midst of where the nightlife is. These locations are either within walking distance of clubs and bars, or a very quick cab or bus ride away.

Best Hotels in Palermo

Mine Hotel Boutique

Best Hotel for Sex in Buenos AiresThe hotel I usually recommend my friends visiting Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo Soho, the Mine Hotel Boutique is one of the more modern and aesthetically-pleasing hotels you’ll find in the city. Everything from the lobby to the rooms are incredibly stylish and contemporary, making this hotel boutique in every sense. Mine Hotel Boutique is undeniably catered to the more trendy traveler, and the hotel itself only has 20 rooms, so it feels rather homey and cozy in many ways. Amenities include a 24-hour concierge service, a very nice outdoor pool, a DVD library, and a free Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel. There’s also a pretty good bistro on the premises that is in a relaxing garden setting.

Basically, Mine Hotel Boutique is just a real nice place to hang out when you aren’t out in the town. It will certainly impress any girl you bring back to it. Speaking of that, this hotel is in the middle of Palermo’s Soho area, and you’re within walking distance of a wide range of bars, restaurants, and also a few sex massages. La Boca, San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, and the main football stadium are close by as well. Bar Isabel is about a 15 minute walk away, and a great place to meet some locals. A standard room will cost you around $120 USD per night, but the proximity and overall luxury of this hotel are well worth it.

Own Palermo Hollywood Hotel

Guest Friendly Hotel in Buenos AiresThe Own Palermo Hollywood Hotel is another great boutique hotel located in a vibrant part of Palermo. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by a very welcoming staff and shown to your room, which will be just as stylish and comfortable as the lobby. Many of the rooms have great views of the city, and the room itself is spacious and welcoming – a great place to relax when you are not out roaming.

Like most hotels of this quality, you get free Wi-Fi anywhere in the building, and the concierge is always willing to help you with anything you need, including some local recommendations that will be very spot on. You are pretty much surrounded by things to do around this hotel, so you can do everything from day gaming to hitting up the local establishments at night. Makena Cantina Club is a popular nightclub about a block away that opens at 9:00pm that you should definitely check out (many nice local girls).

Best Hotels in Recoleta


Hotel for Girls in Buenos AiresAnother great hotel in the downtown area that also happens to be very elegant and modern. The O’Baires is quite chic, and makes good use of modern furniture. All the rooms include air conditioning, cable TV, and soundproof walls, which can actually be a luxury in some of these places. The bathrooms are well-stocked and spacious, and the incredibly friendly and accommodating staff is available 24-hours for a variety of needs. There’s even a beautiful garden and a sun terrace to hang out at when you feel like sticking around for a bit. Breakfast is included with the room. The hotel is only 1 km from Corrientes Avenue, and 2 km from Recoleta Cemetery and from Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.

O’Baires lies very close to the border of Recoleta, but you are nearby to all the action, making the walk a short one in most cases. Plenty of available taxis around at all times as well. It’s centrally located for plenty of places to scope out. Perhaps the best part about O’Baires? The price. A standard twin room is only $50 USD most of the time. That’s a great price for the location and the quality of the room.

Hotel Prince

Buenos Aires Love HotelThe Hotel Prince is a colonial-style hotel located in Recoleta, providing a more traditional and historic aesthetic that is very appealing, and kind of makes you really feel like you’re in Buenos Aires, if that makes sense. The hotel comes with all the standard features: Wi-Fi, television, air conditioning, concierge, etc. A daily continental breakfast is offered, and there’s also a bar you can relax and drink at, and maybe meet a lady or two if you’re lucky.

As with the other hotels on this list, the Hotel Prince has a great location that allows you to walk to any number of bars and restaurants. Thelonious Club is a nearby jazz club that’s very well known, and could possibly provide the start to an interesting night. Liquid Bar is nearby as well. Rooms are rather cheap here, about $58 USD for a standard room per night. Not bad at all.

Hotel Arenales

Buenos Aires Hotel no Joiner FeeThe Hotel Arenales is in Recoleta, and just two blocks from Aguero Metro Station. This hotel has a very unique take on modern, as you’ll notice upon seeing the wooden tree planks in the lobby when entering. The hotel provides a very luxurious experience, which is further enhanced if you end up with a balcony room. All rooms include air conditioning, a private bathroom with free toiletries, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, and a well-stocked minibar. Maid service is daily, and the front desk is always available to help with most needs.

The on-site restaurant is worth checking out, along with the pub, which locals are known to stop in and meander at. Massage services are available for an extra fee. You can also rent a bicycle to get around if you’d like, which can be pretty convenient once you learn your way around the district. About $75 USD per night gets you a double room at Hotel Arenales – one of the better values in Recoleta.