5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Saigon

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Hotels | Saigon | Vietnam

Girl in Saigon HotelI’ve already gone through all the different places to meet girls in Saigon, so today I’ll cover a very important topic that is very closely related to bringing girls back to your room: finding a guest friendly hotel.

If you’ve ever been to Asia before, you probably know how important the “guest friendliness” aspect of a hotel is when you’re traveling alone and keen on having sex with local girls.

Sure, you could always go to a happy ending massage parlor, but most places in Saigon offer strictly hand jobs only and no full service, so you’re more likely to meet girls in the nightlife or on the dating site, and then you will have no option other than inviting her to “watch a movie” in your hotel room (chances that you can go to her place are close to zero as most girls are living with their families if they are locals, and if not usually sharing a room with their friend to save money).

Unfortunately, not all hotels in Saigon allow Vietnamese girls in their rooms (those accompanying foreigners of course), and there’s also no information about this on the booking sites like Agoda.com or Booking.com that says “Guest Friendly: yes/no”. That’s why I’ve done the research for you – partly based on my own experiences by staying at these hotels, and partly by reaching out to them and simply inquiring if it is okay to bring in ladies.

So all the 5 hotels on this list are not only girl friendly (sometimes they may just require her to register or leave her ID card at the reception while she’s in your room), but also offer a great value for money (no matter whether it’s a 2 star or 4 star hotel), great reviews on Agoda (at least 8 out of 10), and a strategically good location with quick access to the main nightlife spots.

Maison De Camille Boutique Hotel

Best Hotel for Girls in Saigon

That’s where I stayed myself on my recent visit to Saigon, and I love everything about it: The newly built Maison De Camille is a fantastic boutique hotel with several different room styles (I took the Artist Studio for 60 USD per night, picture, but there are also Signature King and Balcony Suite rooms). The buffet breakfast is the best I’ve ever had in Asia – no joke, they’ve got real Swiss cheese, fine wholewheat bread, homemade yoghurt and so much more, and you can choose whatever coffee you like (fresh from the machine).

It’s not too big so there’s a very friendly and calm atmosphere, especially in the lobby that makes a great relaxation area – as well as the rooftop with common area and great views over the city. Maison de Camille is located up in Binh Thanh district – if it was very central it would be much more expensive. No problem though, just use Grab bike or car, it’s very cheap to get around here.

Liberty Central Saigon Centre Hotel

Saigon Hotel for SexIf you are looking for a 4 star hotel with rooms for less than 100 USD per night, the Liberty Central might be a great choice. It has a nice location in District 1, which is the most modern part of Saigon with most tourist attractions (such as the Cathedral and City Hall), the best restaurants, and of course lots of bars and clubs to meet nice local girls (check out Lush or Apocalypse Now, these clubs are full of freelancers every night). It’s also one of the few hotels with a swimming pool in Ho Chi Minh City, which is always a plus.

Tan Hoang Long Hotel

Saigon Guest Friendly HotelThe Tan Hoang Long is one of the hotels with the best value for money in all of Saigon – you can get a standard double room for less than 40 USD per night – including breakfast for you and your girl. One of the nicest features of this hotel are the hot tubs in the bathrooms – great for some foreplay before you move over to the comfy mattress for the sex. The Tan Hoang Long has a prime location in the heart of District 1, with the popular Ho Chi Minh Square just 260m away, and lots of bars and massage salons nearby as well.

Duc Vong Hotel

Saigon Girl Friendly HotelProbably the most popular hotel in the Bui Vien area (more than 3,200 reviews on Agoda and average rating of 8.2), the Duc Vong Hotel is one of the best girl friendly hotels in all of Saigon. In case you don’t know Bui Vien Street: It’s the most famous nightlife strip in town, with countless of bars, clubs and restaurants all over the place. Plus lots and lots of sexy Vietnamese girls – not only in the bars, but also right on the street offering “massages” and such. Make sure to visit The View Rooftop Bar on the top of Duc Vong Hotel, it’s fantastic. It’s a typical Vietnamese style hotel, and offers incredible room rates starting from just 30 USD for their standard double rooms.

Zoolut Stay 271

Saigon Hotel without Joiner FeeAnother great value hotel is the new and modern Zoolut Stay 271 in District 1. The rooms are bright, colorful and well equipped (new air cons), and the mattresses are super comfortable – not just your girl will love it. Of course they are guest friendly as well (no joiner fee) and the room price includes free breakfast for 2. The standard double room (picture) costs around 38 USD per night, and if you don’t really like the air con blowing directly towards you, you can get a deluxe suite for only 45 USD per night. Since their prices are more than reasonable they are often fully booked, so make sure you check their availability well in advance (link below).

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