Happy Ending Massage in Saigon

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Saigon Massage GirlsThere’s no doubt that Saigon is the best city in Vietnam to meet sexy local ladies, and the massage parlors are among the most popular types of places to do just that – no matter whether it’s 3pm in the afternoon and you don’t really know what to do or 10pm at night after a couple of beers in the bars on Bui Vien Street.

There are many reasons why the happy ending massages are so popular – they are discrete, means other people don’t see you in public like walking hand in hand with a hooker you just met in a bar, they offer a great value, means you can get an hour of relaxation, massage and happy ending for like 30 USD, and the girls working in these parlors are arguably among the hottest and thinnest you can imagine.

It’s just great to have the option of paying a certain amount of money and then get spoilt with a nice and young Vietnamese lady for some time, and after that just leave the place and go on with your day – without all the dramas that often occur when you bring a girl from the nightlife back to your hotel room.

In this guide I’ll give you the complete overview of happy ending massages in Saigon – there are 3 different types of places you can go to:

1. Hotel Massages

Saigon Hotel Massage

Probably the most popular type of happy ending massage in Ho Chi Minh City. The Dai Nam Hotel (left picture) for example, has a spa on the 4th floor (just ask the hotel staff and they will tell you where the elevator is) and once you reached the lobby, you can choose a service from the menu – a “Hot Stone Massage” for example costs 270k.

You then go to the dressing room, take off your clothes and put a towel around your body. You walk to the spa area where you can use the sauna, steam room and relaxation area. It’s all a little narrow and small (typical Vietnamese building), but still good enough to relax for a while before taking a shower and following the male staff to your private massage room.

One minute later your massage lady will come in – they have young, white skinned, thin, and mostly very attractive girls working in there. And even better: They are well trained in performing the massage. All massages end with a hand job (except the foot massage), and afterwards she will give you a piece of paper where you write down the amount of tip – 300-400k is what most people give. You then shower again, get dressed and pay your bill at the lobby.

  • There are a few other similar hotel massages that work exactly the same, such as Boss Palace Hotel (right picture), Vien Dong Hotel and Hai Son Hotel. Check out the map below for the exact locations.

2. Little Japan

Happy Ending Massage in Saigon

Next are the massages in “Little Japan”, a small area in District 1 full of Japanese restaurants, girly bars – and naughty massage salons. Unlike the hotel massages (see above) where you often wouldn’t even know that young Vietnamese girls are giving hand jobs to horny guys inside – here in Little Japan it’s much more obvious:

The ladies are actually standing or sitting in front of the salons, trying to attract customers. They’re pretty hot. So the clear advantage here is that you get to see the girls before choosing the massage. However, in case you really want to choose a particular girl, the price is slightly more expensive – 400k instead of 280k. And as usual, you will need to pay a tip for the happy ending (about 400-500k).

There are more than a dozen of these massage salons in Little Japan and also a few more outside on Le Thanh Ton Street (see map below).

3. Small Massage Shops

Saigon Massage

And then there are also the small massage salons spread all along Bui Vien Street (left picture) and Thi Sach Street and Dong Du Street (right picture) in District 1.

These places are very tourist oriented, and I don’t really recommend them. They may offer cheap massages (about 200k), but then it often turns out that they have no idea how to perform a decent massage, and after 20 minutes or so they start asking if you want “special service” and try to get as much tip from you as possible.

Maybe you are lucky and find a nice girl, but the places described above offer definitely a much better value for the money.

Map of Happy Ending Massages in Saigon

I have marked the Hotel Massages with the blue pin, the Little Japan Massages with the purple pin and the Small Massage Shops with the yellow pin.