5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Cartagena

Last updated: November 8th, 2023 | in Cartagena | Colombia | Hotels | Latin America

Cartagena Sexy GirlIf you’ve decided to go on a trip to Cartagena, you basically only need to figure out 2 things:

First thing, you need to get a rough idea on the different places to meet girls in Cartagena, so you can plan ahead in terms of how much budget you need as well as don’t waste your time sitting in your hotel room and desperately searching for a happy ending massage salon or the best bar to go at night to pick up a hot Colombian lady.

I’ve already covered this topic in great detail, so just click on the link above to get to that guide if you haven’t already read it.

And the second thing, you obviously need to book a hotel for your stay in Cartagena. Here you should be aware of the best parts of the city to stay in, find a hotel that offers a great value for money, and, often completely neglected, make sure that your hotel is guest-friendly, means you can bring Colombian girls to your room to hang out and have sex with.

This guide will be about girl-friendly hotels in Cartagena that all offer great value. Just one comment on the best areas to stay in:

There are two main tourist areas in Cartagena: the Walled City (Old Town) and Bocagrande (New Town). The Walled City is the most famous part, it’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage site with its beautiful colonial buildings and atmospheric streets, and here you will also find the best nightlife in town (lots of bars and countless of street hookers).

However, I would recommend you to rather stay by the beach in Bocagrande, because the hotels are newer, cleaner and it’s less noisy at night so you can actually sleep well. And it’s just a 10-15 minute Uber ride from here to the Old Town (8,000-15,000 COP one way, depending on the time of day). Check out the first listing below, this is where I personally stayed at last month:

Oz Hotel Luxury

Cartagena Girl Friendly Hotel

If you are able to get a room here (they are often fully booked), I’d highly recommend you to stay at Oz Hotel Luxury in Bocagrande like I did. For only about 60 USD per night, you can get a room in this new and super modern hotel, which is located only 100m from the beach.

I took a short overview video of the hotel, you can watch it below. Just one note, if you think the window seems small, that’s the most basic room they have. Take a look on Agoda (link below), there are various other room types with bigger windows, I also saw one myself while housekeeping kept the door wide open with a huge glass front that covered one full side of the room.

There’s a fine buffet breakfast included in the room price, and they’ve got an atmospheric outdoor restaurant overlooking the street life. Again very cosy and modern setup, and they serve some of the best food in Bocagrande. Oh, and one more thing: The rooftop bar. You can take the elevator to the upper floor and hang out at this amazing rooftop terrace with comfortable couches and 360 degree views all around, including the beach. I also show that to you in my video right at the end.

Hotel Almirante Cartagena

Cartagena Guest Friendly HotelOne of the most popular hotels in Bocagrande, Almirante Cartagena is located right by the beach. They have more than 4,000 reviews on Google, most of them extremely satisfied with what they got. It’s kind of a big resort hotel, with all the amenities you could possibly want, including a big swimming pool overlooking the beach. This is actually a 5 star hotel, but already “well aged”, that’s why you get really good deals: The room rates here start at around 80 USD per night, and if you pay 20 USD more than that, you can get an even better room type with sea views. All in all, a great guest friendly hotel that’s big enough for you to go more or less unnoticed among the crowd when taking in girls to your room.

Hotel G Cartagena

Cartagena Hotel for SexIf you’re looking for the best possible budget hotel in Bocagrande, you might want to pick Hotel G. For just about 30 USD per night, you can get a basic but totally fine and tidy Standard Double Room like you can see in the picture. This is kind of that place where you just come to sleep (or to take a girl of course), while the rest of the time you are outside, checking out what Cartagena has to offer both during the daytime and nighttime. Perfect for a 3 night stay, nothing more, and nothing less than that. And the money you save you can instead spend on other things.

Soy Local Centro Historico

Cartagena Walled City HotelAlright, if you insist on staying right in the center of all the nightlife action of Cartagena, this is it. Soy Local in the Walled City (Centro Historico) has the perfect location on Calle 35, just 1 minute walk to both the Clock Tower (lots of street hookers) and Space Club (lots of freelancers). Well, you won’t even have to go to any specific place in Cartagena’s Old Town, you can just walk outside the hotel entrance and find yourself in the labyrinth of the historic and narrow streets with all its beautiful colonial buildings – and beautiful Colombian women wherever you look. The room rates here are about 70 USD and there’s even a cosy rooftop with fine views of the area.

Hotel Gallery

Cartagena Centro Historico HotelHotel rooms in Centro Historico are generally more expensive than in Bocagrande, because most tourists prefer to stay here (= more demand) and the area itself is naturally limited by the old city walls (= less supply of hotels). That’s why you have to do a lot of research to actually find great value hotels in this area, and the Hotel Gallery is one of these “rare finds” for sure. They have rooms at similar rates like the Soy Local (see the listing above) for 70 USD per night for a double room and 85 USD for a balcony room. Still, if you can, try to go with Soy Local as it’s newer and also has that nice rooftop terrace, but if they are fully booked, Hotel Gallery is a great alternative.