5 Best Countries for Nightlife & Dating Girls in Africa

Last updated: December 12th, 2023 | in Africa | Kenya | Nightlife

African GirlWhen it comes to ideal destinations to meet and date girls while traveling abroad, I’m afraid that Africa gets overlooked frequently – and that’s a shame. I’d say a lot of that has to do with a lot of misconceptions about the continent as a whole, but also because there are in fact some very shitty places (not to say “shitholes”) that you should avoid currently.

Even so, there are plenty of perfectly fine countries where you can stay, have a great time enjoying the local scenery, and of course have an even better time with the local women.

Africa is diverse as hell, so each country is having its own thing going on, both in terms of vibe and destinations, and also how the women are in general.

Looking for a quick guide to give you a better idea of the best African countries to visit for dating girls and enjoying the nightlife? You’re in the right place.

Below, I’ve gone over the top five countries in Africa for guys to enjoy themselves when going out and looking for hot local African women. This is not a comprehensive guide by any means, but it will definitely point you in the right direction and help you decide on where to visit during your trip.

Let’s get started with the most popular country.

1. Kenya

The country of Kenya has steadily developed into one of the prime destinations in the region, and certainly one of the most friendly to Westerners. Tourism is a big industry here, so you can expect nice accommodations in most areas, and lots of choices for leisure, dining, all that stuff.

Nairobi is the best city to most guys, as it’s the most developed and the most urban. Mombasa is more of a getaway since it’s by the water. Either way, you’ll have an excellent time, while enjoying the enthusiastic company of some very hot Kenyan ladies. It’s also very economical to visit Kenya, so if you’re trying to save some cash and still get a first-rate mongering holiday, this is a good place to consider.

The Nightlife

The night scene in Kenya is pretty close to how it is in most places, at least in regards to where everyone goes. There are a lot of good bars in places like Nairobi and Mombasa, and you’re always sure to catch a big crowd when you’re in the downtown areas. A lot of the bars have working girls as well, and it’s not hard to spot them. You’ll find some decent nightclubs too, and they’ll be full on the weekends. Be prepared to hear an odd mix of Western and African music, and always try to make friends wherever you are, as you’ll find the guys very sociable and willing to help you out a bit. If you really want to turn things up, head to a hooker bar, such as Sabina Joy.

The Girls

Kenyan women are some of the best around, both in terms of looks, and attitudes. They are fun, flirty, and confident, often without appearing desperate or pushy if they are a working girl or semi-pro. They also tend to love foreign white dudes. Many of the girls work during the day in offices and such, and also pursue higher education. Despite this, they are still down for one night stands or serious dating (you’ll find thousands of those women on the popular dating site), don’t rely on social groups, and take pride in their joy of life and optimism. It’s quite the combination, and one of the worst kept secrets now that more guys are figuring out.

2. Tanzania

Tanzania is a unique spot, and very diverse depending on where you are. This country has it all when it comes to nature and scenery, ranging from beaches on the ocean, to massive lakes, to Mt. Kilimanjaro itself.

The two main places you need to know about are Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar. Dar es Salaam is basically the NYC of East Africa, with lots of high rise buildings, a busy port, and the most culture. Zanzibar is an island that has more of an Arab feel, but still a lot of good nightlife and women. This is one of the most established and safe countries in Africa, and it thrives on tourism, so you’re very welcomed while there.

The Nightlife

The bar and club scene in Dar es Salaam is a little underwhelming for an urban area this big, but there are still plenty of good places to hit up when you’re out. Expect to find more action on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, especially at places like High Spirit Lounge, one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. The people here are laid back and love to cut loose when they go out, so you’ll make friends at bars and clubs with no problem. As with most African cities, you’ll hear a lot of strange music mixes, but if you know how to dance at all, you’ll be fine. If you head over to Zanzibar, don’t go unless it’s on the weekend, when the Nungwi district (northern tip of the island) really gets going in places like Cholo’s Bar and Gerry’s Bar.

The Girls

The girls of Tanzania are awesome, and very easy to ask out for a date. You’ll likely get approached a lot when out, especially if you look foreign. Most girls speak perfect English and love to dance, so you’ll have no trouble getting close right off the bat. Do be aware that there will always be working girls around, and you may not even realize it until after you take her back to your place. Always be ready to throw some money their way, or have some small gifts on hand to give them. When in Zanzibar, you’ll meet more white and Arab women, and they’ll be a little more reserved, but still fun and mostly easy to take home. As far as looks of the Africans go, the women are quite similar to Kenyans – you probably wouldn’t notice the difference on your first trip.

3. Gambia

Gambia is vastly different from many of the other popular African destinations. It does require a little more travel savvy than other places, but if you figure out how things go, you’ll reap the rewards of some hot ethnic Gambian women while enjoying the scenery and beaches.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the abundance of older white ladies hanging out with younger Gambian dudes. Well, that’s because Gambia is a huge spot for female sex tourism. Fortunately, there are plenty of hot Gambian girls to go around, and it’s not hard to find them.

The Nightlife

Technically, Gambia is a very Muslim country, and things are not as party-centric as other African nations. This is definitely true, but the nightlife still has a lot going for it. Many of the hotels have bars attached to them, and there are some good clubs around too, particularly in Serrekunda. Expect to see a shit ton of weed being smoked in some clubs, and probably get hassled a bit by bumsters and rastas out trying to earn some business themselves, be it pimping or selling weed. Wow and Time Inn are usually good spots to check out, but you’ll have to work hard to find girls who aren’t expecting a payment of some sort. Even so, you’ll have a good time, dance a lot, meet a few tourists and expats, and hopefully bring someone home.

The Girls

Gambian girls take a few days to fully figure out. Some of them can be pretty hardcore about getting some sort of compensation from you, so be prepared. There are both light skin and darker Gambian girls, each with unique features – it’s really a matter of preference. Many working girls come from neighboring countries. Every now and then you’ll encounter a very chill girl who has the same motivations as you and has little to no drama. Be sure to hit on girls working as waitresses or hotel help, you’ll be surprised as to how many you can pull for an easy dinner date. Either way, you’ll have a lot of unique experiences trying to feel out Gambian girls, so enjoy.

4. South Africa

South Africa is a complicated place, and definitely much different than other, black African countries. Without giving you a full history lesson, it’s the whitest African country, and still has some segregation and racial issues lingering.

With that said, it’s by far one of the best countries in the world to experience a wide range of women that are unlike anywhere else. You’re likely to encounter a lot of tourists as well. Most guys will want to visit either Cape Town or Johannesburg.

The Nightlife

You’ll find some amazing spots in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. There are a ton of bars and clubs, all of them full of people every night. Depending on where you go, you may encounter some clubs with certain crowds, some mostly white, some black, some Indian, etc. It’s interesting for sure, but go about yourself as you would anywhere else and you’ll make some new friends, dance, and get as drunk as you want. You’re bound to meet some cool people who are there for the same reasons as you, especially at hostels, which are among the best places to make friends and meet girls, as most of them have bars. It’s awesome. There’s far too many places to highlight, just ask your Uber driver, hostel pals, or hotel staff where to go that night.

The Girls

In South Africa, you’ll find three main groups of women: white Anglo girls, Afrikaan girls (white native South African girls of Dutch descent) and black girls. All of them are incredibly hot, but the Afrikaan girls are sometimes harder to date, but very well worth the effort. You’ll find most of them to be open to conversation and getting to know you, but it’s also incredibly easy to get a girl to go home with you. In fact, South Africa may very well be the easiest. If you’re a white guy looking for black girls, this is a great place to do it. There really isn’t a lot of desperate girls needing money or gifts either, as most of the country is well off, developed, and thriving, so don’t expect to sort through prostitutes and non-working girls at bars and clubs.

5. Uganda

Looking for an African destination that’s a little more adventurous? Uganda is probably your best bet. This place is a little more unrefined when compared to the other countries on this list, but that’s why it’s an ideal spot. This is one of those places where you can take a taxi 10 minutes away from town and encounter a pride of lions walking down a dirt road.

With that said, the capital Kampala is a good town to set up shop at. It’s urban, and still developing in some ways, but there is plenty to do, lots of nice places to stay, a good selection of bars, and a ton of Ugandan women who will basically worship you.

The Nightlife

Nothing special here, at least not in terms of cutting edge clubs and famous DJ’s and such. You have a lot of good bars and some fun clubs, where you’ll have some experiences unlike anywhere else. The local guys are very cool and always want to be your friend, and may even have leads on women you can hook up with. Drinks are cheap, and if you like to smoke weed, you’ll be offered it often. This is definitely one of those places where being a white dude is a huge advantage, so you’ll make friends easily, and be treated well. Guvnor Uganda and Club Ambiance Kampala are two places you have to stop by.

The Girls

Ugandan women are very ethnic looking, and have some of the most curvy bodies on earth. They are smart, polite, outgoing, and as I mentioned earlier, love Western dudes. Seriously, you will have zero trouble landing a girl here, and will often be overwhelmed with choices when you go out. As with most poorer countries, have some small gifts on hand to give her, and expect to pay for her transportation, and maybe a little more. Still, if you are looking for pleasant, hot, and extremely open-minded girls, this is where you want to be. You can thank the local Ugandan men for mostly being pieces of shit to the women here, which in turn causes them to be on the prowl for white and western men. It works out very well.

Africa is an adventure in every way, and it doesn’t really matter where you go. One visit to any of these countries and you’ll see why so many guys are making return trips.