Guide to Brothels & Happy Ending Massages in Nairobi

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Nairobi Happy Ending Massage

Nairobi has been a hidden gem in the mongering world for years, but it seems that many guys have really been catching on as of late. Anyone visiting this city will quickly realize the abundance of choices you have with girls, whether you’re paying or not.

The nightlife and girls scene in Nairobi has been going strong for a long time, which is certainly a good thing – it’s not hard at all to have a good time here.

All that to say, there are working girls all over the place, and two of those places are the brothels and erotic massage parlors. Like most countries, it can be a little hard to find listings online, but once you’re here on the ground, you’ll have no trouble bumping into more than a few.

Still, there are a number of spots you can be aware of before arriving in the city, as well as how the process tends to go here in the first place.

So with that said, here is a quick guide to happy ending massages in Nairobi, including some helpful background information to be aware of before you touch down.

What to Know Beforehand

In Nairobi, the massage scene is kind of all over the place. You’ve got the more traditional spots that are fairly blatant about what they offer, massage parlors that are basically brothels, bars and strip clubs that are basically brothels, the massage spots that offer real massages with some extra services on the side, and then a whole bunch of escorts that can come to where you are.

You can always explore places on foot, popping in and out of massage spots in areas of town like Westlands, and of course the city center. Massage shops that have any kind of red lighting almost always offer some extra services.

If you’re in a particular spot and unsure about whether or not they offer happy endings and more (sex), the usual rules are in effect. The masseuse will usually give you some signals towards the end of the massage, and of course you can always give a few of your own.

Brothels in Nairobi

Nairobi Brothel

Before I start listing the various erotic massage locations in Kenya’s capital, let’s start off with the brothels.

Sabina Joy Pub is the biggest and most famous brothel in Nairobi. It’s actually a big bar where you can sit down, order a beer and watch up to 100 hot black ladies all around you – each of them absolutely ready to escape with you to one of the private rooms in the back part of the bar for romance and sex.

Other brothels that work in a similar way are Ricoz Pub, Liddos, Gabeez and Club Bavon. It’s almost impossible to visit Nairobi as a single guy and not be tempted to visit at least one of these adult entertainment places during your stay, especially when you look at the prices:

You’ll only need to pay between around 800 and 1,500 KSh for sex with a girl in these establishments, plus about 500 KSh for the rental of the short time room. It’s all very much negotiable of course, so do order a drink first, take it all in and don’t rush too much – there’s so much choice, so much amazing choice.

Elite Beauty Spa

Elite Beauty Spa Nairobi

Elite Beauty Spa is easily one of the most well known places in the city, and also one of the most full service locations as well. You get the full treatment at this place. When you visit, the process usually begins with being taken to a VIP area where girls will come in one by one and basically audition for you. You’ll inform the manager who you’ve chosen, and then be allowed to take a shower in preparation.

Once you’re all cleaned up, the girl will come in and perform whatever massage you’ve chosen, followed by whatever services you’ve agreed to. You’ll then take another shower after, and usually be joined by the girl. Not bad, huh? A full session will usually cost about KSh 8,000. Elite Beauty Spa offers a lot of other services too, including outcalls, and even bachelor party stuff.

  • Location: Kabarnet Road off Ngong Road

Uptown Spa, Kilimani

Kilimani Massage sometimes goes by Chaka Place Divas, so if you’re asking around about it, be sure to use both names just in case. You can always just check out their website as well, which is basically a giant escort service with a ton of different women and body types.

Kilimani Massage does have a physical location, but you’ll never know which girls are working when you go in. Still, the selection is always good, and sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere else for something like this, do your thing, and be able to head back to where you’re staying afterwards.

It’s hard to put a gauge on the price (between KSh 6,000 and 10,000), as it all depends on the girl, and will cost more if it’s an outcall. You’re still getting great service for a relatively low price however, so no worries there. This place is full service in every way, and the actual location is secure, clean and modern.

  • Location: Woodlands Road off Lenana Road

Nairobi Raha

Nairobi Raha is more or less an escort service, with a very nice selection of girls ranging from native Africans, to other girls from around the world. Most of their services are outcalls, but a few girls do have locations you can go to instead. You won’t know until you ask one though.

The site is pretty simple, just scroll around, find a girl you like, and then message her. If you’ve looked at other Nairobi sites, you might recognize a few girls on here too, as they advertise on multiple sites.

Massage Spa Hurlingham

Hurlingham is one of the most popular happy ending massage salons in the city. They are one of those places that actually perform a decent massage before any sexual services, so if you are looking for some relaxation before sex, this is a good spot to go visit.

  • Location: Marcus Garvey Rd

Escorts in Nairobi

If you’re having trouble finding a good happy ending massage in Nairobi, or you’re just really intent on getting a massage from a working girl before sex, you can always go with the many different escort services that are available in the city.

This is always great if you’re hanging out at your hotel, and really don’t feel like getting out or anything. Just look up an escort, let her know that you want a massage as part of the service, and you’ll usually be able to negotiate a good price for it. Some girls will offer different types of massages, such as the body-to-body oil massage. You should go for that if she does, trust me.

Some good places to start:


As you can probably see, “special” massages in Nairobi are like most other mongering-friendly cities.

You might need to do a little due diligence before coming, but you can always scope things out for yourself. Just remember to be safe, nice and have a good attitude, and you’ll always find a few worthwhile spots that you can depend on for a great time.

Whether you’re only stopping in for a visit or two, or want to take full advantage of all that Nairobi has to offer in regards to sex massages and brothels, you’ll quickly learn the ins and outs of how it goes here, and feel fully confident each time, all while having some awesome experiences.

Map of Brothels & Massages in Nairobi