5 Best Girl Friendly Hotels in Nairobi

Last updated: October 26th, 2023 | in Africa | Hotels | Kenya | Nairobi

Girl in Nairobi HotelIf you’re ever planning on visiting Kenya for a sex holiday, or just to hang out and possibly meet some girls in the process, your actual accommodations are going to be a key part of your trip. This is especially true in the capital of Nairobi, which should definitely be on your list of places to visit anyway.

We all know that the hotel room is where you’ll be spending the least amount of time on your trip, but it’s still crucial to book the right place.

This is about more than just location and amenities however. Like many non-western countries, hotels in Nairobi are not all that welcoming about letting their guests have guests of their own during their stay – and that’s even more true with solo male travelers.

Anyone that’s ever brought a girl back to their hotel to have sex with, only to be cockblocked by the doorman or front desk knows how stupid that situation can be. Fortunately, you can avoid those embarrassing scenarios by doing a little groundwork yourself.

Well, I’ve done the groundwork for you instead. Below are five of the best girl-friendly hotels in Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve included a wide range of types and prices, so there’s something for everyone.

How I Chose These Hotels

Nairobi is a mix of a lot of things, with a lot of western influence as well. Despite that, my criteria for choosing hotels remains largely the same, and very simple.

Girl-Friendly – This one is rather obvious. All five of these hotels are girl-friendly, and will not turn your guest away. However, I will advise you book a double bed room if possible, as this can erase any hassle when arriving, or if the girl is meeting you there. You may have to pay a fee as well, it really just depends on who’s working. Regardless, she’ll get in.

Location – Nairobi is a little spread out, but it’s still a typical big city with some condensed areas mostly around downtown that are more preferable than other areas. When looking for guest-friendly hotels here, you can’t really be all that picky, but most of these are in areas where there’s a lot going on, so that’s good.

Amenities – All of us appreciate having a room that offers more than just the basic necessities, but again, you can’t really be picky with this. With that said, all of these choices have everything you need, and some a lot more.

Value – Nairobi isn’t the cheapest place to visit in Africa, but it’s also not expensive by western standards. The hotels are actually one of the more expensive aspects to coming here, but you can still find good deals. The hotels I’ve included offer a lot for the money, regardless of their price.

Kenya Comfort

Nairobi Hotel for GirlsThe Kenya Comfort is very popular with single male travelers for a ton of reasons. It’s about midway in terms of quality, has a safe and accessible location, an onsite bar and restaurant, and is girl-friendly. Pretty much all you can ask for, right?

This hotel is located just outside of the city center area, but is a quick Uber or taxi ride back into it (about 5 or less minutes.) Despite being away from the city center, it’s still situated near some nightlife options, and plenty of shopping and essentials as well. It’s a great home base during your stay.

The rooms are updated, and have a minimalist chic design that gives them a pleasant and clean appearance. The restaurant onsite is very good, and you’ve got a bar inside, and a poolside bar as well, so if you feel like taking a chill day here, you’ll do quite well.

How much will all this cost you? Only about $60 a night for a double bedroom, and you have lots of options as far as that goes.

Sentrim 680

Nairobi Hotel for SexSentrim 680 is another place you’ll hear about a lot from guys who have been to Nairobi a lot. It’s a little more upscale than the Kenya Comfort, but not that much more. Its main aspect it has going for it is the actual location, which is one of the better ones on this list.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the business district, and is surrounded by other high rise buildings as well, so it has a good urban feel to it. You’re in close proximity to a lot of girls hotspots, restaurants, bars, and all that stuff. It’s not hard to get around at all.

Sentrim 680 has above average amenities in the rooms, and also a lot of stuff on the premises, such as a pool, a bar, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. There are guards all over the place as well, including one on each floor, so it’s one of the safest and secure hotels in the city.

An average nightly price at Sentrim 680 is about $85, but that can fluctuate just a little depending on the time of year. If you want to have a good central location to bring girls back to during your stay, this is a great option.

Hilton Nairobi

Nairobi Girl Friendly HotelI’m sure most every person reading this is very familiar with Hilton hotels, so it’s not surprising to see this on the list. The Hilton Nairobi is certainly a little upper-scale, but I think most guys will find the higher price worth it, especially since it’s kind of nice to be able to stay in a brand name hotel in another country without worrying about being hassled about ladies. Maybe it’s just me.

Hilton Nairobi is located right in the middle of downtown, so you are nearby pretty much everything, and have tons of options for getting anywhere that’s further away. Get a room on a higher floor, and you’ll get a great view of the city as well.

One thing you’ll notice about the Hilton is how nice the staff is, which isn’t surprising considering it’s a corporate owned hotel. The rooms are updated and very clean, and the other amenities are a nice touch as well. There’s also a pool, BBQ, a bar, a restaurant, and lots of hospitality services.

$94 is the average nightly price, so be prepared to pay up if you want to stay here.

Sarova Stanley

Nairobi Guest Friendly HotelFor those who really want to live it up during their Nairobi stay, the Sarova Stanley not only offers luxurious accommodations, but one without the hassle over girls visiting for sex. This is a legit five star hotel that has practically everything.

The Sarova Stanley is located in the heart of downtown in a high rise building that demands attention. Not only are you nearby to all the good nightlife, you can also impress prospective girls by letting them know where you’re staying, as it will most likely pique their interest.

It’s impossible to list all of the things the Svora Stanley offers, but I will say that you have everything from a minibar to house slippers provided to your room, along with free bottled water, a super nice shower, and lots of other stuff. The hotel also has a spa, fitness center, bar, pool, poolside bar, and all the other things you could ever want.

At $110 per night, it’s the most expensive on this list, but considering you’re getting five star accommodations at a guest-friendly hotel, that’s not bad at all.

Hotel Metro

Nairobi Good HotelAnd on the completely opposite end of things, we have the Hotel Metro. If you’re looking for a great location, adequate accommodations, and a very cheap price, this is the way to go right here, my friends.

The Hotel Metro is located smack dab in the middle of the business district, and is kind of hidden away in a nondescript area. You get the same advantageous locale as more expensive hotels, but at a fraction of the price. There’s a bar onsite too, if you need to do a little pregaming.

The rooms are nothing special, and a little outdated, but they are still nice, comfy, and clean. You even get a small desk and a few bottles of water thrown in, and the bathrooms work surprisingly well. This is really just a place to crash at night, but you won’t mind hanging out here if need be, and a lot of the rooms have a good view as well.

Wondering what all this will cost you per night? A whopping $40. You may not be getting the nicest hotel in Nairobi, but it certainly works more than well, and most guys reading this will find it just what they needed.