Top 3 Best Girly Bars in Saigon

Last updated: December 14th, 2023 | in Asia | Saigon | Vietnam | Vietnamese Girls

Saigon Bar GirlsThere’s something for everyone in Saigon’s nightlife, and the girly bars are among the more popular places to sit down, enjoy a cool Saigon beer and be surrounded by lots of young and attractive Vietnamese ladies.

The good thing about these kind of bars is that you don’t have to commit to anything:

Unlike in the massage salons where you have to take a service, or with the street freelancers where you have to agree on a price to get going – the girly bars can even be fun to just sit, watch and talk. So if you don’t feel like you want to take one of the ladies with you, at least you have a good time drinking and chatting (potentially also with other tourists and expats), playing pool or watching some live sport on the TV.

But then of course, the girls in most of these bars are working there not only to sell “lady drinks” (where they get a commission of around 50k per drink), but to find a foreign guy either as their new boyfriend or, more commonly, to spend the night with him in exchange for some cash.

90% of all girly bars in Saigon are located either on Bui Vien Street or District 1, and here are the 3 best ones in my opinion:

Crazy Girls (Bui Vien Street)

Saigon Girly Bar

Crazy Girls is probably the most famous girly bar in Ho Chi Minh City – and that’s because it’s located on Bui Vien Street, the popular nightlife strip where most of the tourists hang out at night.

It has about 10-15 girls working on any given night, and while I think the bar is just good for watching the street life and live sports rather than having fun with the girls (they are not allowed to go home with you, if anything you’ll have to wait until the bar closes, and if you buy them a lady drink they often finish it quickly or walk away to their friends), you should probably stop by for at least one Saigon beer – it’s just 40k in there.

Right opposite Crazy Girls are the two other hostess bars of Bui Vien: Blue Sky & 159 Bar. They have hotter girls, but no pool tables and less atmosphere.

Bar Nana (District 1)

Bar Nana Saigon

There are several girly bars in Little Japan, the infamous red light area in District 1, and Bar Nana is one of the most popular among them.

The bar offers more privacy as people on the street cannot see what’s going on inside: You can pick one (or two) of the many sexy ladies to sit and drink together on the comfortable couches. And yes, if you really like her, you can talk to the manager and see if she’s available for take out. In that case, you’ll need to pay a bar fine, plus the price for the girl (see info below).

Apocalypse Now (District 1)

Apocalypse Now Saigon

If you are looking for a typical freelancer bar, check out Apocalypse Now. 80% of the girls in there are hookers who will go home with you for a certain price.

However, be aware that these women have quite high price expectations – most of them wouldn’t do short time for less than a million, and often it’s more than that. Well, it’s all about negotiating here, these ladies are pretty hot, but if you feel that is too much for a Vietnamese prostitute, then check out Lush nightclub which is also full of freelancers – but much more reasonable prices.

Map of the Best Girly Bars in Saigon

How Much for Girls & Drinks in Saigon’s Girly Bars?

Okay, first things first. I guess you are mostly interested in how much the girls ask for (and how much you should pay them) for having sex with you in your room. It’s important to be aware that the hostess bars additionally charge a bar fine when you take out one of their ladies.

  • Bar Fine: 300-500k (depending on the bar, not negotiable)
  • Short Time: 500-1,000k (negotiable)
  • Long Time: 800-1,500k (negotiable)

And regarding the drinks, you can expect to pay 40-60k for most beers, 100-120k for whiskey, and similar 110-120k for a lady drink.

Here is the drink menu of Crazy Girls:

Saigon Girly Bar Prices

Video of Girly Bar in Saigon