Using Vietnam Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Asia | Vietnam | Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese Girl on Dating SiteIf you come to Vietnam with the goal to meet a nice local lady, you have a few different options to go about this: You could either go to a night club like Lush in Saigon or Hangover Bar in Hanoi – problem here: you might end up talking to a hooker who won’t go home with you without you paying her money.

Similar for the most obvious option which is of course paying for love and sex, means you just go to a erotic massage parlor, blow job salon or simply call an escort to your hotel room – problem here: it costs money as well, and most guys here obviously don’t like the idea of paying for playing.

So the only way to meet “good” Vietnamese girls is either talking to them in everyday situations like in the restaurants (which can be quite time consuming though and you don’t really know if she’s already got a boyfriend or not) or to simply use an online dating site.

Vietnam Cupid has more than 800,000 members, which makes it to the largest Vietnamese dating site.

It’s the most reliable (you know these girls are single and actively looking for guys), most convenient (you can arrange the dates from your phone in your hotel room, or even at home before starting your trip) and cheapest way (most girls won’t ask you for money, you’d just take them for dinner, coffee or a movie) to find a temporary or permanent girlfriend in Vietnam.

Using the Site

It’s free to sign up on Cupid, all you need to do is to fill in your name, email, age and gender and click “View Singles Now”. That takes you straight inside the site and you’ll already see a list of nice Vietnamese ladies who can all be contacted.

Dating in Vietnam

Of course with hundreds of thousands of women on the site it makes sense to use the search filter on the left side – you can for example choose to show only users from Saigon, aged between 19 and 28 and recently been active (which increases your chances for a reply).

And even with a customized search like this one, you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands of users to check out – which is really easy to do as you’ll get to see their profile pics along with the most important information (age, tagline, seeking and last login). What I like to do is to right click on a girl that looks nice, click “open in a new tab” and then look for more girls.

After I’ve opened the profiles of about 10 girls, I take a look at them individually – you will find more information about them and, most importantly, more pictures:

Meeting Girls in Vietnam

Arranging the Date

Well, that’s pretty easy: Just click on “Send Message” and tell the girl that you come to Vietnam for a holiday and since you are alone it would be great to have a friend who would like to spend some time with you and show you her favorite cafes in Saigon. Something like that. Don’t just write standardized introductions like “Hi, how are you? You are really cute”, as every guy and his dogs do. Be a little more precise in what you do and what you’re looking for.

It makes also sense to download the Vietnam Cupid app for your smartphone, so you can contact each other in case one of you runs late for the date (remember that traffic in Vietnamese cities can be terrible, especially in Saigon and Hanoi). Of course you can also exchange phone numbers and chat on WhatsApp, that’ll work just as well.


Vietnam with its 93 million people is one of the best countries in Asia to meet some really hot ladies. At the same time, things can get pretty chaotic, not just in terms of finding (and getting to) bars and clubs to meet girls, but also because of the fact that these places are often filled with prostitutes or girls who are simply not interested in foreigners.

There are countless of nice Vietnamese women that you’ll never meet in the nightlife spots, partly because they are too shy, partly because they don’t drink alcohol, and partly because they don’t want to mess with the much more confident hookers. That’s why the dating site is such a great tool to meet these “normal” girls who would be otherwise pretty much unapproachable in “real life”.