Using Mexican Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Latin America | Mexican Girls | Mexico

Mexican Girl on Dating SiteI wrote about all sorts of different cities and places to meet girls on your trip to Mexico. However, they usually all have one thing in common: They involve paying for it.

Whether that’s the massage lady you give that extra “tip” for the oily hand job at the end of the session, the freelancer you meet in the club and can’t resist to say no to after dancing passionately together, or the escort lady you just book online on some night when you don’t feel like going out and actively looking for girls – I’m mostly writing about the different types of hookers in Mexico.

And while there’s nothing wrong about availing the services of the working ladies here and then on your trip – you obviously don’t have that much time to make lots of new friends in the “real” life, so it would be much easier to just pay for sex – these expenses will also add up quickly and sooner or later you will ask yourself:

Isn’t there another way to have sex with girls in Mexico, without paying for it?

There is:

Mexican Cupid. This is the hugely popular dating site with currently more than 700,000 members, and it’s the easiest place to meet a nice Mexican girl who isn’t interested in your money. Lots of girls who are interested in easy adventures with gringos, as well as sophisticated ladies with great jobs who are looking for a serious relationship with a foreigner.

Using the Site

It’s really self explaining, you just go on the site, fill in your name, gender, age, email and password, and click on the sign up button (it’s free). That’s it, then you can start browsing through the thousands of girls.

Dating in Mexico

Of course it makes sense to put in a little effort into your own profile, even if it’s just uploading one or two decent pictures of yourself and writing 2-3 sentences of introduction for your profile. For example, you can say that you are visiting Mexico for the first time (the girls here love to meet first timers, believe me), and you are looking for someone who shows you around.

Just by uploading your picture and writing about yourself, you will surely get a couple of messages from the ladies every day without even outreaching to them.

Arranging the Date

Meeting Girls in Mexico

So if someone has contacted you, just keep the ball rolling, do some small talk, ask them what they are doing, compliment them about their nice pictures or places they have been to, or about their English (“wow, you speak English so well, have you been traveling to other countries?”).

But of course, it’s also easy to contact the girls yourself first, so if you like a profile then ask them a specific question – for example, if you see that she is a waitress in a restaurant, ask her what is the name of the restaurant, and there you have a great place for a first meet-up. Or if she is a teacher, tell her that’s awesome, and if you can book some private Spanish classes with her. Or if she is a student, ask her what she’s studying.

Be funny, flirty, and polite, and you’ll surely have a few dates arranged before you know it.


The best thing about Mexican Cupid is that it’s so efficient. What I mean by that is you don’t even need to go out to the bars, restaurants or wherever and try talking to the girls – you get presented them on that site on the silver tablet. And they are all there for one reason anyway – to meet a guy. That makes it really easy.

Plus, you can arrange your dates before you have even started your trip from home – just tell them you are currently planning your trip, and you’ll have no problems to find someone who happily shows you around once you arrive, who knows, maybe she’ll even pick you up from the airport.

I think you get an idea why more and more foreigners use this site to meet girls in Mexico, here is the link again: