Using Afro Introductions to Meet Girls in Kenya

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Africa | Kenya | Kenyan Girls

Kenyan Girl on Dating SiteIf you are visiting Kenya for the first time, things can get quite overwhelming at times. I’m obviously not talking about finding reliable tour agents for your lion safari (your hotel will most likely be able to assist you booking one, or you just go on a site like TripAdvisor and book it online), but about meeting nice Kenyan girls for some company during your trip.

I’ve already shed some light on the somewhat hard to navigate nightlife in Nairobi with a clear focus on where to meet girls in the capital – but the problem there is that you are most likely to run into some sort of prostitute when heading out to the bars and clubs.

So if you don’t really want to pay girls to spend some time with you, but meet ladies who are either into “adventures” with white guys or actually looking for a western boyfriend, then the dating site is by far the easiest place for that.

Afro Introductions is the biggest and most popular dating site in Kenya, it currently has more than 400,000 members – with tons of new girls signing up every day.

One of the reasons why it’s so popular is that they let you sign up for free, so you can check out all the girls and see if you like someone (you will) before you decide if you want to upgrade to a premium account.

Using the Site

After you have signed up (you’ll just need to fill in your name, gender, age, email and password) you will instantly be inside the site where you see lots of Kenyan ladies already:

Dating in Kenya

You can use the search function to filter the girls depending on characteristics like age, body type and city.

I know, the first thing we are always looking at is the pics – but there is also other useful information next to their pics: age, city and when they’ve last logged in. That’s quite important actually, because you shouldn’t really waste your time reaching out to a girl that’s been last active over a month ago. Even if she’s got some really nice melons.

If you’ve found someone you like (and she’s also recently been logged in), then you can check out her profile page, which looks like this:

Meeting Girls in Kenya

On that profile page you can see more details of her, her description and most importantly: more pictures (well depends, some girls only have one pic, while others upload quite a lot).

Arranging the Date

If you like what you see, you have 2 options: “Show Interest” and “Send Message”. I wouldn’t really bother with the first one, just write her a short but distinctive 2-3 sentence message. Tell her where you’re from, what you’re doing, that you come to visit Kenya (if it’s your first time here, mention it – the girls love first timers), how long you are here for, and that you are looking for someone to hang out and show you the city.

Say you contact like 10 girls (which takes you less than half an hour), you should easily get 2 responses that will later turn out to be nice dates. In that time you won’t even make it from your hotel room to find a good bar and order your first beer.


What’s so great about this dating site (and the Cupid sites in other countries) besides meeting really genuine and friendly girls is that you can start arranging your dates from home – before even having started your trip.

Another cool feature of Afro Introductions is that it has members not only from Kenya, but also from most neighbor countries. So if you are visiting Tanzania for example on your trip as well, you won’t have to sign up for another dating site – lots and lots of hot chicks on here as well.