Using Indonesian Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Asia | Indonesia | Indonesian Girls

Busty Indonesian GirlI guess you don’t come to Indonesia only to swim in the beautiful beaches and to eat spicy curries, but also to enjoy yourself with the local Indonesian ladies.

I’ve already covered all the different islands and cities to meet girls here in the Indonesia Section, but I’m mainly talking about the pay-for-play scene there (girly bars, massage spas, club freelancers, street girls etc).

And while it can certainly make sense to just pay for some fun every once in a while, you are probably getting bored of all the hookers sooner or later, want to save money or simply meet nice local girls with regular jobs who are genuinely interested in you instead of your wallet.

So if you want to meet non-pro girls in Indonesia, no matter whether in Bali, Jakarta or Bandung, you always have 2 options: offline or online.

Offline means in daily-life situations, like you talk to that cute waitress in your favorite restaurant or try to flirt with the ladies in the shopping malls and ask them for their Facebook contact, which can certainly work, but expect to get more rejections than successes as the girls here in Muslim Indonesia are generally much more conservative and reserved than in like Buddhist Thailand.

And that’s why the second option – online – is much easier to arrange meet-ups with the girls here.

There are several popular dating sites in Indonesia, but by far the largest one with more than 1 million active users is Indonesian Cupid.

Using the Site

After you’ve signed up on Cupid, you can browse through all of the girls. The great thing is that you can customize your search, means you can use certain filters (like age, city, last active, height, weight and even BMI) to narrow down the results according to your preferences.

Dating in Indonesia

Of course you will increase your chances of getting a reply from the ladies by uploading a nice picture of yourself and writing a few lines on your profile – and then it’s often the girls who contact you first. I just checked my inbox and I have 33 new messages from girls I’ve never even clicked on their profile.

What I did is I wrote in my profile that I will be going to Bali soon and looking for a friend to hang out with during the day and show me some nice non-touristic places. The Indonesian girls (and Asian girls in general) love the idea of showing foreign guys their favorite places, restaurants and bars.

Arranging the Date

But back to the site itself: If you click on one of the girls’ snippets in the search results, you will get to her profile page:

Meeting Girls in Indonesia

Here you will find more infos about her, and if you like what you see you can send her a message.

You can probably imagine that the more attractive girls receive a lot of messages, so I’d recommend you to not only put in a little effort with your own profile page (pictures, description, bio) but also to write something nice and specific to her profile – like if you see she works in a restaurant, you could ask her which one and you’ve got a nice place for a first meet-up.

Just avoid the standard “hi, how are you?” and show her that you took some time to read her profile instead of just looking at her sexy legs and cute boobies, and you’ll have good chances not only for a reply, but an actual date with her pretty soon.


While there’s certainly not a shortage of places to meet girls in Indonesia, it’s not that easy to sleep with girls here without having to pay for it. Even if you go to a bar or night club and start chatting, drinking and dancing with a girl, she can always turn out to be a freelancer going with men for money – after you have spent a couple of hours with her in the bar and paid for several drinks.

That’s why it’s not a big surprise really that more and more foreigners turn to the dating site to avoid the dependency on the hookers or all the effort it takes to approach girls in real life situations. And the great thing is that the site is free to sign up and use the basic functions, so you can just try it and see if it’s something for you or not: