Using Dominican Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Caribbean | Dominican Girls | Dominican Republic | North America

Dominican Girl on Dating SiteIf you want to meet girls here in the Dominican Republic you have all sorts of different options, but they usually have one thing in common:

The girls will expect you to pay for the sex. Or at least give them some sort of “gift” which is more or less the same thing.

So no matter if you are going to the bars, nightclubs or even strolling along the streets of Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo or Pedro Clisante in Sosua – in 90% of the cases a lady who smiles (or smiles back) at you will turn out to be a freelancer.

That can be pretty frustrating if you don’t really like to pay for sex – at least not every single time.

The reason why you are only meeting hookers in most of the places you go to is because those are usually tourist spots and the prime domain for sex workers – the “normal” ladies would stay away from there as they don’t want to mix with prostitutes. They will be usually hanging out in bars, cafes or restaurants well off the tourist areas, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in meeting a nice gringo – they just don’t want to be regarded as a cheap hooker if they go to the tourist hotspots.

So what’s the best place to find these normal and “gringo-friendly” girls in the Dom Rep?

The hugely popular dating site:

Dominican Cupid. There are hundreds of thousands nice and friendly local ladies from all over the Dominican Republic, and obviously the majority of them live in the bigger cities like Santo Domingo, Boca Chica and Sosua.

Not only the expats use this site to regularly pull girls for fun and open dating (and sometimes they even find their future partner on there, check out the success stories at the bottom of the page), but also more and more tourists realize that this is the easiest way to get in touch and meet up with Dominican girls who aren’t interested in your money.

Using the Site

It’s quite easy to set up your account there – you just need to fill in your name, gender, age, email and password. Then they’ll send you an email where you’ll need to click on the verification link, and then you’re all set up and can start browsing through the ladies (but of course you might want to put some more details on your profile and upload a nice picture of yourself before you send out messages).

Dating in Dominican Republic

The search function works extremely well, you can use several filters such as age, location, weight, height, education and so on.

Oh, and they even have girls from other countries in the Caribbean as well, such as Cuba, Jamaica and Haiti, so if you are visiting one of these places on your trip as well, then that’s even better as you don’t need to sign up for another dating site (Cupid is the largest dating site network in the world anyway, with the biggest amount of users pretty much everywhere).

Arranging the Date

Meeting Girls in Dominican Republic

If you like one of the girls when browsing through the list, you can click on her snippet and will get to her profile page (picture above). Here you can find several more pictures of her (if she has uploaded more), as well as her profile description (usually explaining what she does and/or what she is looking for) and even more bio further down the page.

Now you can just send her a message, saying like you’ll be visiting Santo Domingo next week and it would be great to have a friend to show you her favorite spots, cafes and restaurants. That’s probably the best introduction message you could write, as the girls here always find it exciting to show a gringo their hometown – especially if he’s a newbie, means a first time visitor.


I always have to smile when I hear some of the older generation of guys in the bars complaining that “the girls here are just out for your money”. Just like in Thailand or the Philippines, they claim. Well, it’s no wonder that they only meet these kind of girls if they only hang out in the tourist bars which are full of hookers every night.

While I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying for some company on some nights during your trip to the Dom Rep, I’m sure if you check out the dating site you will find it so much easier and also more fun to hang out with normal girls instead of prostitutes here.