Using Colombian Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Colombia | Colombian Girls | Latin America

Colombian Girl on Dating SiteIf you’re planning a trip to Colombia, it’s likely that you’ve done some research on my site on how to meet and have sex with Colombian girls, and it’s likely that’s why you’re going. There are lots of ways to go about hooking up with girls there, but if you’re trying to do it without paying for it, there’s going to be some strategy involved.

I have found that the dating sites are the easiest way to meet young and “open-minded” girls virtually everywhere in Colombia, without paying for more than a few drinks, or maybe dinner (if at all).

Colombian Cupid is by far the best site to use, as it’s the one most used in Colombia. The reason is simple: more girls. The best part? It’s free to sign up and check out all the girls. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

Using the Site

Things are simple enough. You create a profile, enter in your info, (smoking or non-smoking, your job, girl preferences, etc.) upload your best profile picture, and you’re set for browsing other profiles. Once you find a girl you like, you can send her a message, and take things from there.

Dating in Colombia

Although the site is free, buying the upgrade options opens up the site more, and gives you more features and convenience. The upgrades are cheap, and you won’t need them after your trip, so you can just cancel.

Before You Go

Start messaging out girls about a month before you are set to visit. When you’re about a week out, you should be trying to make solid plans with the girls for when you get there. Be sure to set up as any dates as you can, as some girls might flake out last minute. Plus, you’re upping your chances regardless.

However, try to avoid doing anything for the day you arrive, you’ll need a 24 hour adjustment period. Believe me, I can tell from experience, it’s a different world here, and so is the climate and altitude.

Some more Tips

Again, contact as many girls as you can. Be fun, flirty, and firm with your conversations and plan-making. Oh, and you should probably get up to speed on at least some basic Spanish before you go. A little can go a long way.

Don’t expect everything to go easily. Some girls may be shy at first, and some will cancel on you. Although some girls may be looking for discreet sex, others will make you work for it for awhile, and you’ll probably have to go out with her friend group – which will include guys.

One of the best ways to bypass all the bullshit is to straight up ask a girl if she’d like to come over to your place and see a movie. If you’re at a nicer hotel (that’s girl-friendly), you will have a much better chance of her saying: “Por qué no?”

Meeting Girls in Colombia


The internet is a wonderful thing, and it’s your biggest ally when trying to meet and sleep with girls in Colombia for free. Social media is widespread everywhere now, so sites like are totally normal to everyone. You can find plenty of hot Colombian girls on there.

Just be patient, follow the rules above, and contact as many girls as you can, and you’ll surely have some success on your trip.