Using Brazil Cupid to Meet Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Brazil | Brazilian Girls | Latin America

Girl on Brazil CupidIf a trip to Brazil is in your near future, it’s likely that you’ve spent some time researching how to meet some of the girls down there. While doing the usual bar and club thing is a popular and often effective method for some mongering, the internet is just as viable.

Now, there is certainly no shortage of websites and apps geared towards meeting or dating someone, but the key is to look for the ones that are the most popular. A dating site can have all the best features you can think of, but if the user amount is low, well, so are the prospects. Go where there are numbers.

Brazil Cupid is hugely popular, with hundreds of thousands of Brazilian girls on at any given time.

Many of them are looking for longer term relationships, and some aren’t. The thing is, it doesn’t really matter either way. If you play your cards right, you can find numerous Brazilian girls to spend the night with, all from the comfort of a computer or your phone – at home, or from your accommodations while in the country.

The best part is you can meet the girls for free. If you’re weary of paying for brothels, escorts or other types of hookers, or want to avoid the gamble of going out each night while paying cover fees and buying multiple drinks for whoever, there is plenty of free sex to be had via Brazil Cupid. You’ve just got to know what you’re doing. It’s truly a means to an end.

Using the Site

Dating in Brazil

The Brazil Cupid site is pretty standard, there’s really no wild features or advantages that you’ll encounter. Just typical profile stuff like physical features, if you drink or smoke, income, etc etc etc. Create your profile, and start browsing other girl’s pages. If you see someone you like, shoot them a message, and the lines of communication have been opened.

There are a few upgrade options, each with their own advantages that provide better ways to message and chat. If you spend more than just a weekend in Brazil – go for the upgrade, it’s well worth it. Besides, the upgrade costs equal out to a drink or two at a bar, which you would be buying plenty of if you were scouring clubs, so why not.

When creating your profile, use common sense. Post good pictures of yourself. Try to aim towards the girls you want to attract, even if that means embellishes a few things or pretending to be into certain things (“I’d love to Samba, just need someone to teach me.”) Humor goes a long way too, so be sure to keep your answers to the profile questions open, funny, and accessible.

Before You Visit

Having a successful trip overseas sex-wise all relies on the groundwork you lay before heading over. Take the time a month or two out to message plenty of girls, and get some playful back and forths going. It will build anticipation.

As the time gets closer, get some commitments from the girls as far as certain dates are concerned. If things end up going well with someone else, or if you simply change plans, you’ll have plenty of backups. In some cases, the girl won’t even care, and just opt to meet you a different day.

Helpful Tips

Meeting Girls in Brazil

There are a few important things to remember before you start using the dating site. Many Brazilian girls are well aware of the stigma the rest of the world gives girls in the country, so they will be on guard a bit. They don’t want to be seen as easy, or some guaranteed conquest to a visiting gringo.

But here’s the thing: They are. Especially if you know how to act aloof about it.

  • There are several things you can do. You can lie about how long you will be there, why you’re there, what you do, whatever it takes. It’s a game in a lot of ways, so play it. Shower them with compliments. Joke around. Ask for suggestions on what to do. Make them commit to taking you out and showing you around at night. This is one of the best ways to show them you are in it for the long haul. (Well, the long haul as in the duration of your trip.)
  • The first night of a date usually has a low success rate for sex, but the second night is almost guaranteed, so go into it knowing the ground rules. Enjoy the first night, and ask if you can see them again tomorrow.
  • Also, if you know Portuguese, you’ll have better success in cities like Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. English speaking will be more appealing in cities like Sao Paulo. Regardless, the good thing about sites like this is the fact that you can take your time messaging back and forth, carefully choosing the right words. Oh, and the messenger has a decent translation feature too, so that helps.
  • In some cases, you may even be able to get the girl to commit to coming over to your place, straight up. This will require plenty of video chat time, or at least a few dozen messages back and forth prior to your arrival. This is actually more common than you’d think. There are plenty of lines you can use. (“I’m a little tired from traveling, and probably just need to stay in today. You can come hang out and watch a movie in my room if you’d like.”)


Brazil Cupid is full of women looking to meet not only native Brazilians but especially traveling gringos. The search features are beneficial to both you and the girls, as you can really zero in on a number of aspects, right down to breast size.

The small fees for profile upgrades are more than worth it, as they not only make your chatting better, they show the other girls that you’re serious. As long as you remember to start laying the groundwork before you go, and follow all the standard pointers by appearing humorous, fun, and sociable, you’ll have plenty of prospects to meet up with while you’re down there.

There is no question that you should take advantage of the massive resource of hot and “open-minded” girls on, even if you are planning on spending most of your time out and about on your mongering journey.