Using Latin Cupid to Meet Argentina Girls

Last updated: July 28th, 2020 | in Argentina | Argentina Girls | Latin America

Argentina Girl on Dating SiteIf you’re heading down to Buenos Aires soon, you’re likely wondering about some of the best ways to meet up with any of the hot chicas down there. I’ll be the first to admit that the girls there can be a bit difficult, so some proper research beforehand can go a long way.

Going the cold approach route at clubs and bars isn’t really the best strategy, and it will likely take you at least a week to find your way into enough social circles to get the green light with any girl. It’s a long process, and it’s one that has a low success rate. The other option would be paying for Argentina hookers, but that’s relatively expensive – at least if you compare it to neighboring Brazil.

But there’s a third way to meet and sleep with “normal” girls in Argentina for free: The dating sites. If you do some prep work before landing in the city, you can create plenty of head starts, establishing a rapport with a long list of girls, while also lining up a good list of dates for when you are there. Anyone that’s been to Buenos Aires knows this is probably the best way to go about things – unless of course you want to visit the working girls.

Like other sites from the Cupid dating network, Latin American Cupid is the best site to use in meeting girls not only in Buenos Aires, but all over Argentina. Aside from some handy and convenient user features, the reason is obvious: it has by far the most users: It’s the largest latin dating site with over 3 million active members.

Another good thing is that the site is free to sign up for and check out the girls. Yes, you can do different levels of upgrades (which are always a good idea with this site), but you don’t need to pay to get started and browse around.

Dating in Argentina

Using the Site

The dating site is pretty basic in operation. You create a profile, put in some of the typical characteristics and preferences (smoking, income, etc.) upload a picture, and you’re ready to go. If you see find a girl you like, send her a message, and hope for her to respond and get the conversation moving in a positive direction.

Investing in upgrade options gives you more abilities on the site, and also shows the girls that you are serious about meeting them. The upgrades are not expensive, and significantly less than buying drinks on just one night out.

Speaking of the profile, spend some time on it. Use good pictures. Make your profile interesting and inviting. Say that you’d love a girl to teach you tango, or go to some classes with. Buenos Aires girls are a bit more sophisticated, so don’t be afraid to cater to that as well.

Before You Go

You should probably start reaching out to girls about a week or two before you arrive. As you get closer, start making some solid plans, and be sure to make plans with as many girls as you can, as the ladies here tend to be flaky on purpose. Give yourself a day after arriving to adjust to time zones and catch up on sleep too – you don’t want to be the one to flake. Rest up.

Meeting Girls in Argentina

Helpful Hints

  • You should probably have a good grasp on Spanish before coming, so as to not have the appearance of some generic gringo swooping into town on unsuspecting Argentine women who will throw themselves at him just for being foreign (this will not happen). It will make them take you seriously, and make communication better.
  • Even though you are laying groundwork, don’t expect things to be easy. Yeah, you may get lucky early on, but don’t plan on it. It may take a few dates, and you’ll sometimes need to meet her friends, too. Be cool about it. Enjoy the experience.
  • Offering the girl to come to your hotel is a good idea as well. If you’re having some bad luck with girls flaking, reach out to one of your potential girls and see if she’d like to come by and watch a movie, or just chat. You never know how things might end up, especially since you’ll have plenty of privacy, and her friends won’t know.


Buenos Aires girls require a lot of patience and work before you get the payoff. is by far the best tool you can utilize to give you a head start before landing. The site lets you be as discriminate as you want, all the way down to breast size even. Use your head, be cool, and be smart, and you’ll have a great time in the city.